Bathing Nude, Mom and I

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Camping with my parents this summer, the three of us arrived at the camping site after a long drive. Mom and I decided to go visit the nearby lake while my dad stays back to set up tent. A 30 minutes walk to the lake in the hot scorching sun through a rocky path.

Finally made it to the lake. Mom wants to go swimming in it to cool down but neither of us brought swimming clothes or towel as it wasn’t scheduled for today. Mom says it’s not a big deal and starts stripping down to go swim in the lake. Doesn’t even bother covering up her tits or pussy, I can see her perfectly trimmed bush. My dick is getting hard looking at her. In her early forties, she recently made efforts to tone herself up.

She tells me to get in with her but it feels too awkward to go into the lake with my naked mom so I just tell her I’ll sit in the shade and the light breeze coming from the lake. A few minutes passes, the heat is almost unbearable. Mom keeps pestering me to get in with her while I’m getting roasted alive sitting on the sand. I cave in and start awkwardly stripping down sporting a noticeable erection between my legs.

I quickly bolt into the lake hoping mom doesn’t see it. I feel an instant relief from the sun as my body hits the water. I’m randomly swimming around while trying to keep my distance from mom, still hard as diamonds while her breasts hits the surface rhythmically. I can’t stop myself from sneaking peaks at her, keep thinking of vile thoughts about doing nasty things with her body.

What seems like an hour passes, mom wants to head back. She decide to walk towards the beach, I can see her thick booty bouncing as she’s emerging from the waters, glistening under the sun. My cock is still as stiff as ever. She’s just standing out in the open as not to get sand on her, turning randomly looking at the scene waiting to dry off before putting her clothes back on. She tells me to get out too so we can go. Desperately trying to calm my erection down, nothing’s working, the impending show off making it harder. I awkwardly walk out of the water and join my mom on the beach, praying that she doesn’t look down between my legs. We’re standing quietly naked next to each other waiting to dry off. I get the feeling that she knows based on the awkward silence. Erection is still at full mast. Mom finally speaks up about the elephant in the room, awkwardly trying to break the silence with a joke.

“I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or disturbed right now hahah…” She knows why I’m hard. My face turns instantly red and not from the sun. I mumble out I’m sorry. She is trying to ease the awkwardness Kıbrıs Escort between us with her talking but it’s not helping. She’s trying to explain how it’s a totally normal reaction and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Trying to cover my boner with my hands, flattening it toward my hip but it’s still poking out, the contact with my hand making it stupidly excited, which I hate and love at the same time.

She’s trying to help now by complimenting on how big I’ve grown down there. I can’t help but feel more ashamed by it now, thanks mom. Face as red as a tomato seeing the farmer watering it naked. Mom notices my growing embarrassment. I know she’s trying her best to lighten the mood but it’s not working. Tells me she’s embarrassed too and says I’m not alone in this. Don’t really get what she’s saying. She openly admits to me that she’s a bit aroused right now.

My heart stops for a few seconds hearing that. She starts talking about how she’s wet down there and is also embarrassed too, trying to relate with me so I don’t feel embarrassed by myself. She’s just making the situation even worse. We’re finally dried off but still standing completely naked, both waiting for my erection to go away to walk back comfortably. Mom tells me that maybe I should take care of it, 100% agree at this point, I just want my erection to go away. I can’t be hard for my mom come on.

Tell her I’m going to go behind the nearby trees to quickly take care of it so we can go. She gives me the okay and tells me she’s also going to go take care of her business too. Not sure what she means by that but I don’t really care. Quickly sprint to grab my phone in my pants and head behind the trees away from my mom’s gaze. I open up my porn album on my phone and lean my back against a trunk. I’m wanking it out as fast as I can to a picture of my girlfriend back home trying to purge all thoughts about my mom from my mind. Things are going well so far.

Suddenly start to hear quiet moaning. I check my phone to see if I accidentally played a video in the background, volume is off. Strange… Can hear the undeniable faintest of moaning coming from somewhere nearby. But from where? It’s just me and my mom though.

Suddenly it dawns on me. I let go of my cock for a second, scared to look but I needed to know. Slowly turn my head around to see where my mom was. See her still in the same spot as before, still completely naked but laying on the sand now playing with herself in the open. She has one hand between her wide open legs and her other hand wrapped around her neck choking herself. Lefkoşa Escort I can’t believe what I’m witnessing, my heart is about to give out.

Hear her moaning as she’s rubbing her pussy. My dick is surging to new levels of hardness with blood. Feel my hand start to move again on its own, fingers wrap around my shaft once more, can feel my cock being squeezed in the palm of my hand as I secretly gaze on my mom. Furiously jerking myself off while watching her like a peeping tom. Looks like she’s going hard on herself too, can hear her moaning louder. Feel so ashamed but can’t help myself, body is on complete autopilot. Never been this turned on before in my life.

A few minutes passes by, I haven’t taken my eye off of my mom for a second, cum is slowly starting to ooze out my dick and feel my balls tensing up. I’m at the home stretch now. Want to cum on her so badly. Shift my body out towards the open at my mom a bit so it feels like I’m jerking towards her, my hips moving to her direction. She hears me moving though. Her head quickly turns and we make eye contact for a second. My entire body freezes like I’ve been caught red handed in the middle of a murder.

She doesn’t stop playing with herself though, she takes a long look at me and my cock. Finally turns her head away and pretends like we never saw each other. Not sure if I should hide myself again or continue to jerk out in the open where she can see me. Suddenly hear her moaning out my name.

“Mhmmm Thomas…”. Think I’m imagining it but then I hear it again. She’s purposefully messing with me, practically calling out for me. I’m scared as fuck but slowly start walking towards her. She hears my footsteps in the sand and looks over again. She still doesn’t stop playing with herself, closes her eyes and acts like I’m not even here. I’m standing right in front of her now, she has her legs wide open for me, I can see her fingers rubbing her soaking pussy as she moans out my name. She knows I’m right in front of her watching but doesn’t stop. I’m choking the life out of my cock right in front of her. See her open one eye to take a peak, unmistakable grin on her face.

“Mhmmmm Thomaaaassss!!” I’m at my limit, I want to put it in her so badly but I know I’m about to cum, feel my knees buckling and the pressure in my shaft building to unknown limits. Trying my best to be quiet but can’t help myself from groaning too. Holding back for as long as I can but can’t hold it in anymore.

I’m cumming. I feel my cock erupting with cum, deep from inside of me, aiming directly at her face under me. Girne Escort I watch in awe as the first rope of cum splatters just short of her face and onto her chin and neck. Mom opens her eyes in surprise, she’s looking right at my cock as I’m spewing cum all over her and for her body. I can hear her moaning and playing even harder as she watches me cum.

Another wave of cum splatters across her chest. Trying to shoot my load on her face but they’re just a bit shy off target, not complaining though since it’s still landing on her tit. Can barely control myself as my entire body is spasming in ecstasy on the verge of blacking out in pleasure. Wave after wave of thick cum continues to erupt from my cock and onto my demanding mom. Feels like an eternity just standing over her while shooting my shots onto her body, squeezing out ever single drop of cum I can.

Finally depleted, nothing left but a small oozing strand of cum leaking from my cock onto the sand. Looking down at my handiwork, completely missed her face but her entire chest is plastered in my shimmering cum. I can see her cum covered chest beating up and down as she looks at me in shock, looks like she wasn’t expecting this much cum. She hasn’t taken her eyes away from my cock for a second. Finally breaks her gaze and looks down at herself, can hear her quietly cursing underneath her breath.

“Shit that’s a lot…” Not too sure what to say to her. She slowly stands on her elbows seeing as the cum slides down her body, the chin drops going downward between her breasts, joining the rest to her pubic hair. She doesn’t say a single word to me and heads back into the lake. I watch her clean herself up and head back towards me, tells me I should clean my cock up too. My knees are still weak but I oblige anyways and head back into the lake to clean my still engorged cock.

A few minutes later that felt shorter without the previous tension, we’re both dried off and put our clothes back on. We head back to our camp site without saying a single word. During our days at the camping site, nothing else happened despite trying to catch her changing, even not subtlety watching her body every chance I got.

Weeks later, after the camping trip, I caught her masturbating in the kitchen again while it was just us home together. We practically did the same thing with me watching her while jerking off. We kept doing this for a few months and every time it was done she acted like it never happened. Finally we took it a step further and she started playing back with me. She eventually opened up to me about how her relationship with my dad in bed was dead and that she contemplated about cheating on him a lot. Things got kind of dark between us and also escalated over the year. She finally went all the way with me as a Christmas present a few years ago. Fast forward to today and I’m still in an on/off sexual relationship with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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