Babysitter Ch. 3

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Self Shot

After the exquisite night with Francine and Mary, I was floating on cloud nine for days, full of little secret smiles and occasional wide grins that had mom and dad totally puzzled, but they were glad that I was so happy, and fortunately didn’t ask too many questions.

But when I went back to school on the Monday, it was a different matter, my best friend Meredith took one look at the sparkle in my eyes and demanded to know who the new boyfriend was. Of course I denied there was a boy and tried to change the subject, but Meredith kept honing in on it and just wouldn’t let go. Eventually I blurted out that I’d done some fashion modeling on Friday night and absolutely loved it, and Meredith’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she knew exactly how conservative and protective my parents were, and at first she wouldn’t believe me, but when I described all the dresses and how I had to parade them she started to believe me, and when I admitted that it was with the people I did babysitting for and that’s what mom and dad thought I was doing, she grinned widely.

“Mmmm, now I get it” she grinned “ you lied to your parents”

“No I didn’t” I gasped “I really was asked to baby sit, the modeling was only a last minute idea because Francine couldn’t get a model so late when she found out the store buyer was coming, I mean I was only doing her a favor really” I said.

Meredith grinned, “But you did enjoy it, all that parading around?” she said.

“Oh yeah” I sighed “it was like being on the stage for a while, with all those amazing clothes”

“Mmmm tell me about the outfits again, were they really sexy?”

I blushed slightly, “Well, some of them were sort of body hugging, and a couple were so tight I wasn’t able to wear a bra” I murmured, hoping no one else was overhearing this conversation.

“Wow” Meredith said, “ and how did you feel about that? Was Francine’s husband there? did he stare at your breasts? did he give you the eye?” she giggled.

“No!” I almost snorted, “There weren’t any men there at all, just Francine and the buyer, Mary”

“Aw” said Meredith, “That was no fun, imagine what it would have been like if there was a row of men there all staring at you, all salivating over your horny breasts”

I blushed furiously, a momentary flash coming into my head of a row of men seeing me in some of the more sexy items I hadn’t dare mention to Meredith, and I felt my nipples harden. They hardened even more when I saw Meredith staring at them and running her tongue over her lips, and her words hammered into my head…’horny breasts’ she’d said, god did she really think I had…I felt the flush really start to take hold and I quickly grabbed my books and rushed off to my next class, arriving way too early and having to walk around the block and back before the doors were opened and we filed inside. The walk calmed me down quite a bit, but all afternoon Meredith’s words and the way she’d stared at me kept coming back into my head, and I felt the same heat flooding through me I’d felt with Francine and Mary.

I avoided Meredith at the end of school and hurried home, needing time to think, time to sort out these crazy feelings that were whirling around inside me. I knew very well that Meredith hadn’t meant things to sound the way they did, I mean I knew she was absolutely boy mad, in fact she had more boyfriends than anyone else I knew at school or outside. This was because she was absolutely gorgeous looking, with her waist length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, her firm shapely body, with her really tight sexy bum. Even as I thought about her and described her in my mind I could feel the juices starting to pump in my pussy, and before long I was lying on my bed moaning and groaning as my fingers stroked my pussy, and my mind created visions of her slipping out of her clothes and leaning over and kissing me. As soon as I imagined the touch of her lips on mine I was cumming…furiously!

The next day I couldn’t face Meredith without blushing, but at the very end of the day she caught up with me and insisted on walking home with me, and all the way she talked of the modeling and how much she would have loved to have been there modeling too, getting me to describe the outfits over and over again. As we arrived at my house and started to part, she sighed and looked at me, “ gee I wish there was some way I could…guess you’ll never be doing it again though.” She murmured. For a moment her words just washed over me, then it was like a light flashing on in my head.

“Well” I said quietly, trying to contain my growing excitement, “There may not be another show like that, for a buyer or anything, but whenever I go over to baby sit, they get me to try on some of their latest creations, so they can see if it works on people my age, which is the market they’re aiming for. Perhaps, well, perhaps one time I can ask if I can bring you along too, and…..”

I didn’t even get to finish, she had leapt forward and was hugging me furiously, Bostancı Escort “Oh Felicity, would you?, would you really?, oh I’d be so grateful, honest I would, and I wouldn’t let you down, I mean I’d do everything they wanted me to do, I’d try to be real good for them” she cried loudly, and I looked around to make sure mom or dad wasn’t within hearing distance.

“Shhh, not so loud” I said, trying to drag her arms from around my neck “I don’t want any one else to know, you mustn’t tell, promise me”

“Yes. Yes, I promise” she said more quietly , still hugging me tightly. I let the hands that had been trying to remove her arms from around my neck drop and they somehow came to rest on her hips, spreading around to slightly cup the thrust of her buttocks, and a shiver ran through me. Without even thinking I pulled her closer, feeling her breasts and mine squash together slightly, and heat exploded throughout my body.

“Gulp, I can’t promise” I whispered, “I can only ask Francine and see what she says, and I don’t even know yet when they’ll want me again”

She squealed, “Oh that’s alright, I know you’ll do it, I just know” and to my astonishment she plastered a kiss right on my lips, before letting go and rushing off down the street, leaving me feeling flushed and aroused. I rushed inside and made a beeline for the shower and stood under it for an absolute age letting cold water pour all over me, but the fire was inside, and when I stepped from the shower and stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself, my nipples were still as hard and swollen as could be, god, what was happening to me?

The next few days dragged by with infinite slowness. Each day I’d arrive at School and Meredith would be there smiling at me, a question mark in her eyes, and each day I’d shake my head and see the disappointment wash over her, but every day I became more and more conscious of her. I’d watch her walk towards me, noticing the slight bounce of her high, firm breasts, seeing the slightly puffed lips wreath into a warm smile, or I’d watch her walk away from me and notice the sway of her exquisite, tight bum, the toss of her long blonde hair, and I’d find myself getting as hot as any of the boys that were staring at her too.

It was early the following week, however, before a call came from Francine. Normally she rang mid evening and either mom and dad would take the call and make the arrangements after briefly checking that I was available, but this time she rang just after I arrived home from school, and I took the call. As soon as I heard her voice I felt the excitement explode inside me and had to make the conscious effort not to let it show to mom who had walked out to answer the phone. “It’s Francine, mom” I said, “I’ll handle it”

She nodded and smiled and retreated to the lounge room, and I pressed the phone close to my face as I whispered the usual greetings “Hello, Francine, how are you?”

Francine’s light tingling laugh sent shivers through me, “Oh I’m fine, but if you knew how difficult it’s been not phoning you every day” she said, and the heat became intense “last week was so special, so very special” she murmured softly.

“For me too” I whispered, “I’ve hardly thought about anything else since”

I could almost hear the smile on her face, “Then you wont mind coming over on Friday night and sit for us?” she asked. Then her tinkling laugh came again, “Actually we do have to go out this week, but not for a very long time, so if you don’t want to stay the night….”

“Oh I do, I do” I blurted out, feeling my nipples swell and harden.

“Oh that’s fantastic” Francine said, and I was sure I heard a note of relief in her voice, “Oh and we do have some wonderful new outfits that we’d love you to try on and parade for us…just to check that they’re suitable for the age group, you understand” she giggled.

“Mmmm, I’d absolutely love to” I whispered, “Are they…uh…daring” I asked.

“Well, let’s say I was thinking of you when I designed them, thinking of you and your magnificent body, and how it would be a crying shame to cover too much of you up” she said, hotly.

I found myself pressing into the corner of the telephone table, rubbing my pussy over its edge, feeling waves and waves of heat flowing through me, but then I remembered, and with a slight gulp I asked, “Would it be alright if my friend Meredith came with me this time?”

For a moment there was a deathly silence, “Oh, does that mean you’ve told someone about us?” she asked quietly.

“I …well I told Meredith about the costumes and about demonstrating them, and how beautiful they were, and she absolutely loves fashion and she’s so beautiful, and……”

I heard a deep chuckle come from Francine, “Beautiful, is she, Mmmm, and have you told her about us?”

“Oh no!” I gasped, “I’d never tell anyone”

“Well, if you really want to bring her I guess that would be ok, but I guess that means you wont be staying Bostancı Escort Bayan over?” she said.

I felt myself starting to grin, “Oh, I certainly intend to stay over” I whispered hotly, “but I can’t speak for Meredith, her parents may not let her”

“Mmm, but you’d like her to wouldn’t you?” she asked, perceptively.

I felt myself blush, and blush more when she laughed lightly, then I plucked up the courage to say “Yes, yes, I would like her to stay”

Francine’s voice was teasing, and low in a very sexy way as she whispered, “Felicity, I think you’re becoming very bold, and I like that, I think you’re beginning to enjoy what we share together, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes” I almost moaned, rubbing my pussy against the table even more firmly.

“Then if you want your friend Meredith here, that’s ok, and if she needs me to speak with her parents about staying over, you know how to get hold of me. If not, we’ll see you on Friday at the usual time, have to go, dinner is nearly cooked, bye, I love you”

Then she was gone, and for a long moment I stood there slowly rubbing against the table, still holding the phone close to my ear. Then I heard mom call, and with a gasp I dashed off to my room, scrambled out of my clothes and made a quick dash to the shower, at least mom would think my flush was due to that, I thought.

I deliberately arrived late at school the next day and successfully avoided Meredith until the very end of the day. I waited until she saw me before starting off towards home, and she quickly caught me up and looked at me expectantly. For a moment I just stared silently at her, then a smile started at my lips and just grew and grew, and she knew, and with a wild squeal she threw her arms about me, “Tell me, tell me, she rang didn’t she, can I come?”

“Hold it, hold it” I squealed, once again trying to pull her arms from around my neck, and once again failing, so dropping then to her hips. “Yes, she rang, and yes she said you could come” I said, and felt her whole body tightening up. “She’s asked me to stay the night again, but if you don’t want to or can’t that’s ok, you can come for the first part of the evening before they go out and miss the session when they get back. But if you want to stay over too and want Francine to talk to your mom she’s happy to do that”

For a moment she stared wide eyed at me, then a shudder ran through her body, “Stay the whole night” she whispered, “Wow, wouldn’t that be something, we could try all the outfits on over and over again”. then she shook her head and grinned, “Oh I don’t think there’ll be any problem with mom, I can wrap her around my little finger when I want to, and I really want to do this, really, really, oh Felicity, you are absolutely the best friend” and she kissed me! not the light, fleeting kiss of the other day, but a firm, almost passionate kiss on the lips.

My reaction was immediate, and as predictable as any boys, my body caught fire, my lips responded and my hands slid around to cup and caress her tight buttocks. I think we both realized what was happening at the same time and pulled back, more than a little flustered, her face was as flushed as mine, her eyes deep, dark and sparkling. Then she was laughing and dancing and twirling away from my arms and rushing down the street yelling over her shoulders, “I’ll ring when I’ve spoken to mom, but I know it’s going to be fine, I just know it, I’ll ring you later”, and I was left standing in the street with two very hard nipples and a very wet pussy, and a very large smile on my face.

True to her word she rang me later to confirm that she’d had no problem talking her mom into it so she’d be able to stay the whole night .. if I still wanted her to? I assured her that nothing had happened to change my mind, I really did want her with me. I thought I detected a small sigh of relief, and with a start, realized that she’d been as conscious as me of the kiss we shared and was afraid I’d been upset by it. I smiled to myself as I put down the phone, and that night had the most erotic dream imaginable.

Friday evening was there almost before I knew it, yet every moment of the intervening days had seemed like an eternity, I sensed a suppressed excitement in Meredith the whole time, and felt more than a little of it myself. But here we were standing at Francine and Jeremy’s door, each carrying a little case of night gear, and the door was opening and Francine was welcoming us in, giving us both a warm hug, and me a secret caress on the backside. Meredith was introduced to Jeremy, who’s eyes seem to light up as they slowly moved over her gorgeous body, “Mmm” he said, walking around her, “You’re going to look fantastic in our clothes, and the clothes are going to look fantastic on you, don’t you think so Francine?”

Francine grinned, “Oh yes, absolutely spectacular, that’s if Meredith wants to model them for us?”, she turned to me and grinned, “You have told her that Escort Bostancı some of them are a little risqué, haven’t you Felicity?”

I blushed, “Well, I did say they were a little daring” I stammered.

“I don’t mind” Meredith blurted out, “I’ve always wanted to try some designer clothes on and model them, I’ll wear whatever you tell me to”

Francine grinned, and so did Jeremy, then she moved over and brushed her hands down over Meredith’s long hair, “You’re certainly very beautiful” she said, softly, “but if there’s anything you feel uncomfortable about wearing, you don’t have to, I want you to be very certain about that”

Meredith flushed and straightened her shoulders, thrusting her beautiful breasts out, and I saw Jeremy’s eyes widen as he took them in, “Real models wouldn’t hesitate, would they?” she asked, “well I wont either, maybe I could be a real model if things go well”

Francine shrugged, “Well, if that’s the way you feel, Felicity will show you where we keep the outfits, they’re all laid out on the bed, we have about an hour before we have to go out, so why don’t you both go and get changed and start the parade” she said, softly.

Meredith was total excitement as I took her to the spare room, and her face was a picture of awe and delight as she picked up first one outfit, then another, holding them up to her body and swirling around. I took a quick look and grinned, “You realize these are all made for the no bra look?” I asked quietly.

“Oh I don’t mind, I love them, they’re so sexy, so grown up” she responded.

“But Jeremy will be there as well” I reminded her.

She turned and grinned at me, “Mmm Jeremy, he’s real cute isn’t he, so handsome, I bet these will really knock his eyes out” she giggled.

I laughed, “well on you they certainly will” I said.

“On you too” she gasped, “I mean you’re real beautiful”

I flushed, then grinned, “We’re both going to be showing a lot of flesh” I said.

“Didn’t you show a lot before?” she asked, grinning.

“Well yes, “ I replied, “especially with the underwear”

She gasped, “Underwear! You never told me you modeled underwear, wow, was it real sexy and see through?, where is it?”, she looked around the room.

“Perhaps they don’t have any new stuff this time, but yes some of it was quite see through…giggle…and a couple of pieces were what they call crotchless” I said

“Crotchless!” she gasped, “and you let Jeremy see you … see your …. Wow … Felicity…you are much more daring than me”

I grinned at her, “Just as well there aren’t any here then” I teased, “after all you did promise Francine and Jeremy you’d model anything”

She blushed bright pink, then laughed, “Guess I asked for that, but if they were here, I would, honest” she said.

I grinned back, “well, let’s not keep the people waiting, let’s put on some of these gorgeous outfits and strut our stuff” I turned my back on Meredith and began to undress and slide into one of the slinky costumes and I heard her do the same. I tried not to look, but when I straightened up, lifting a dress over my hips I caught a glimpse of Meredith in the mirror on the wall behind the bed, just as she was unhooking her bra and taking it off, and my breath caught in my throat as I saw her magnificent breasts for the first time. So high, firm and perfectly formed, her nipples I noticed were already large and hard, I almost groaned out loud, then as she half turned I quickly dropped my eyes and hurried on with my costume change.

When we were both ready we turned and stared at each other and it was clear that both of us approved, fortunately Meredith was of a similar height and build to me so the costumes fitted her as perfectly as they fitted me, and they hugged her body and made it look like a million dollars. Her big nipples stood out clearly, and seeing my eyes on them she blushed, and flushed, “sorry” she whispered, a little self consciously, “but they always get like that, do you think it spoils things?” she asked.

I smiled at her uncertainty, and walked across and brushed my hand over her naked shoulder, “They look absolutely sensational” I whispered, “You’ll knock both Francine’s and Jeremy’s eyes out, just so, so sexy, but come on we can’t keep them waiting.

Well she did knock their eyes out, with that costume and all the others, and the longer it went on the more confident she became and the more her radiant personality shone through. Mind you I wasn’t doing too badly myself, and one of the costumes I’d chosen, a Turquoise, light, summer outfit with a very low cleavage, brought gasps of delight …and even a low wolf whistle…from both of them.

Then the show was over and Jeremy and Francine were off to their gathering, promising to get back as soon as they could, leaving a very happy Meredith and I to look after Jamie. Once again, the child was no problem at all, giving Meredith and I plenty of time to sit and compare notes about the outfits and how we both felt when wearing them. The subject of the revealing Turquoise outfit came up and I admitted laughingly that as I walked into the room I thought I was going to fall out of the top, it was so low. Meredith giggled and grinned, “well, I don’t think anyone would have minded, you’re absolutely stunning” she said.

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