Baby Wets the Car

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All characters are 18+ this is a story involving a Daddy Dom and his little.


Daddy and Baby are just finishing up a big shopping trip and Baby gets comfy in the car as Daddy puts the cart away. She had a big coffee while walking in the store and has just started to feel her bladder getting full. She doesn’t say anything though because public bathrooms are just so icky and she would rather just hold it until they get home.

“Ready, baby girl?” Daddy asks, as he finally slides into the driver’s seat.

“Yes, Daddy!” Baby replies, eager to get going.

The drive home isn’t too far, only 20 minutes, but once they get to the highway they hit some unexpected traffic. Baby hopes its will clear up soon, her bladder has quickly filled up from the coffee and is bulging against her seat belt. She squirms around trying to relive some pressure. Daddy notices her wiggling.

“Baby did you remember to go to the bathroom before we left?” he asks with warning in his voice.

Baby is hesitant to answer, but she knows bingöl seks hikayeleri that Daddy already knows the answer.

“No, Daddy, I thought I could make it home.”

“Well I hope you can little one, otherwise there’s going to be trouble.”

25 minutes pass and they’ve barely moved. Daddy checks his traffic app and says there’s a big accident up ahead. Baby groans internally, knowing there’s going to be an accident in the car as well. She squirms a bit more and looks around desperately for something she can relieve herself into if they don’t start moving soon, but Daddy is a stickler for keeping the car clean and there’s no empty cups or containers to be found. Daddy watches her with an amused smirk on his face.

“See Baby, you should always listen to Daddy. Don’t you dare wet yourself in this car either, or you’ll have two punishments coming. One for not listening and one for making a mess of my car.”

Baby looks at daddy with panic in her eyes and her hands jammed between her skirt. She wishes she had gone to the bathroom like Daddy suggested before they left but she was feeling a bit naughty today.

15 more minutes pass and Baby feels like she might soon burst. She can hardly sit still anymore and she wiggles back and forth with her hands still jammed between her legs. Her bladder is desperately full at this point and she can feel small drops of pee beginning to escape into her panties, making them damper by the moment. The dam is opening and there’s nothing she can do!

“Daddy I don’t think I can hold it anymore.” she whispers frantically as the droplets turn into a trickle.

“Well, Baby, I’m not going to have my seat ruined and you can’t get out and pee in traffic so what do you want me to do?”

Baby doesn’t reply, but whimpers and shakes as more piss begins to trickle out, soaking through her panties and into her hand. If she wasn’t going to be punished for this the warmth and wetness would feel good. Daddy watches her for a moment before sighing and telling her to scoot her butt forward and try to keep it off the seat.

With each scoot forward the stream of urine gets stronger as her pee hole opens more and more. By the time her ass is clear of the seat Baby is pissing full force into her panties. She desperately pulls her now soaking panties to the side and holds her pussy lips open as the stream shoots from between her legs and sprays forcefully onto the glove box in front of her. Baby struggles to get her pee under control, watching as it rains down onto the plastic car mat. She enjoys the sound her piss makes as a puddle begins to form and she lets her head fall back, moaning with relief and pleasure. Her pussy is wet now from more than just her naughty pee and she is tempted to rub herself right there, not noticing that traffic finally has begun to move.

All too soon her shower slows to a trickle and she remembers the threat of punishment looming over her head. She glances with worry at Daddy but she can see a bulge already in his pants. He catches her looking and glares, telling her to prepare for her punishments when they get home. For now, the cooling puddle of piss soaking into her panties and toes is punishment enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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