Aunt Sandi Ch. 25

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This story is part of a series. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, click my username above. All characters are 18 or older. Thank you for reading.

* * *

Aunt Sandi – PART 25

When I awoke Tuesday morning my first thoughts were of Kayla. She was going to visit a lawyer to have her first consultation about divorcing her husband Don, and I wished I could somehow go with her to give her support since I knew it had to be a really difficult thing to have to go through alone.

I flexed the muscles all over my body and breathed out slowly as I relaxed and woke up a bit more. My morning wood was at its usual full hardness and I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the shaft and squeezed myself firmly, a burst of pleasure coursing through me.

After a few slow strokes, I let myself go and turned on my side. Amy was facing away from me and still breathing deeply and regularly. I wanted her but then the pressure of needing to pee became apparent, so instead of waking her I slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

I knew that Kayla would be coming over later that night so I thought that maybe I should wait for her and abstain from sex for the day. I decided to just go ahead and shower and get started on today’s list of house chores. We had been making great progress and were about ready to start packing things into moving boxes.

The hot water felt amazing and I stood in the spray for several minutes just letting my mind wander. I thought back to Amy’s newly-revealed impregnation kink and felt my cock start to swell as my mind’s eye pictured Kayla’s belly swelling with my child. My hand absentmindedly stroked my cock very slowly as I pictured Kayla’s breasts getting even larger, but my fantasy was suddenly interrupted with the sound of the glass shower door sliding open.

Amy took one look at me with my hand wrapped around my cock and giggled. “You know you don’t have to do that yourself, love.”

Before I could even get out that she was asleep and I had no intention of coming, she slipped into the shower and knelt and effortlessly slipped my cock into her mouth.

I put my head back and moaned loudly as she worked her magic with her lips and tongue, and in no time I could feel my orgasm building. The desire to wait was quickly forgotten and the pressure became overwhelming.

I erupted in her mouth and she moaned loudly in surprise at how quickly it had happened. She continued softly moaning as she milked out every last drop from me. Even though I was a bit sensitive, my erection didn’t go down even a little as the relentless thoughts of breeding Kayla continued going through my mind.

Amy looked up at me and continued slowly sucking, trying to figure out whether I wanted her to keep going. For a couple moments she did, taking me to the back of her throat in long, slow strokes. It felt amazing but I finally decided we should stop.

Before I spoke Amy sensed my thoughts and smiled. “I’m sure you want to save some for Kayla.” She kissed the tip of my cock and relaxed back on her knees into a more comfortable position.

I smiled back and helped her stand. I held her close to me, kissing her deeply, tasting my semen in her mouth as our tongues danced. I slid my hand down her body until my fingers found her clit and returned the favor, squeezing and rubbing her as we continued our kiss.

Within minutes she shuddered and came in my arms, and I held her tightly so she wouldn’t collapse.

It took another moment, but she finally opened her eyes and smiled. She said softly, “Good morning, love.”

“Good morning, love,” I replied. Once she had fully regained her balance, we washed each other’s bodies and talked and laughed about random things before getting out and drying off.

She giggled and said, “What made you come so fast? You must’ve been really turned on. Were you playing with yourself a long time before I took over?”

I felt my face turning pink as memories of what I had been thinking about flooded back again. She noticed right away and laughed. “Wow, okay, you really have to tell me now. You’re blushing!”

“How long have you had this thing about getting Kayla pregnant?” I asked.

A wave of realization filled her face. She said, “Oh, so it was what I was thinking. I don’t know how long, really. Maybe it’s always been there, but lately it’s been coming out. Just the thought of you making her pregnant and claiming her for your own turns me on like crazy. Plus I’ve been thinking more and more about having your baby, and even though I know we want to wait, just the idea alone can make me completely soak through my underwear.” She giggled.

“I do want to wait until after college at least,” I confirmed.

There was a hint of disappointment in her expression but it was quickly replaced with a smile. “I know, I want that too.”

We both brushed our teeth and went back out to the bedroom to get dressed. When my phone started ringing with Mom’s ringtone. I walked Bakırköy Escort over and answered it.

“Well hi!” I said brightly.

“Morning, baby. I know this is short notice, but I’m gonna have a chunk of alone time in a couple hours and I was kinda wondering if maybe, um, hoping actually, that you might come and spend time with me. Just the two of us.”

My brow furrowed as I thought again about the evening, but I also knew that I could never say no to Mom unless I had a really good reason, so I agreed immediately. We talked for several more minutes before she told me she’d let me know when I should leave and we ended the call.

Amy had been listening to my side of the conversation and giggled as I put my phone down. “Sounds like your plan of saving yourself for Kayla just flew out the window.”

“I know, but I can’t say no to Mom.”

She agreed. “Oh no, you definitely can’t, and don’t even try holding anything back with her. You can worry about Kayla later. I mean, who even knows what Sandi has planned for tonight. We could end up just talking.”

I hadn’t considered that possibility but she was right. I took a deep breath and shook off the anxious feeling that had been building up and we went to the kitchen and had breakfast.

For the next hour we worked on the chore list. I had just opened up a bedroom closet to start going through it when my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Mom and it said, ‘Bethy’s leaving in half an hour, so you can leave now.’

I sent back to let her know I was leaving and then texted Sandi to let her know as well. She responded, ‘I heard. Lucky you! Have fun baby. Love you!’

When I was about five minutes away Mom texted again to tell me she was up in her room and to just come up. I pulled into the driveway and let myself in through the back door and quickly ran up the stairs.

Mom’s bedroom door was open and she was sitting up in bed looking at her phone. She looked up and smiled widely and jumped out of bed.

My eyes were immediately drawn to her tits as she closed the distance between us. She giggled and said, “At least they can still get your attention.”

I laughed and opened my arms as she melted into me. I said softly, “What can I say? I love boobs, especially yours.” She giggled.

“You say the nicest things. And thank you for coming over like this. I didn’t know until this morning I’d have the house all to myself, and I thought, what better way to spend the time than with my baby, just us for a change.”

As she was talking she was undressing me. I held up my arms as she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. She unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants and underwear down in a single motion. I pushed one shoe off and then the other as she knelt and pulled off my socks. And just like that, I was naked.

She said, “There, much better.” Without hesitation she took my cock into her mouth and within seconds I was completely hard. I reached down and gathered her hair into my hand and started fucking her mouth.

I could feel her tongue pressing against me and licking as I thrust into her mouth. She moaned as I gripped her hair more firmly and used it to hold her in place.

Mom put her hands on my hips and made a sound that made me pause. I breathlessly said, “You okay?”

She pulled back and let my cock fall from her mouth and said, “Let’s slow down a little. I really need you to make love with me today. I want you to show me just how much you love me. Please baby. It’s all I’ve been able to think about.”

I smiled down at her and reached down and picked her naked body up from the floor and took her to the bed. She wiped off her mouth and wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed deeply as I laid her down gently.

I asked, “How long do we have until they get back?”

“Don’t worry about it, we have plenty of time,” she said simply.

For at least the next forty five minutes we very slowly and lovingly kissed and touched each other’s bodies, connecting in ways that very few mothers and sons ever would, solidifying our relationship as lovers. Again and again I teased her inner thighs and traced my fingers along her labia until she was practically trembling. I sucked on her nipples and gently bit them, each time getting a gasp or a soft moan from her.

Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore. She licked my ear one last time and whispered, “I need you Baby. So bad.”

I got into our special position, the one I knew would make her come and started slowly thrusting deep inside her. She took me by complete surprise when maybe only a minute or two into it she trembled with her first orgasm. She may have been taken by surprise too. She held onto me tightly and groaned loudly as her pussy spasmed around my throbbing cock.

I couldn’t remember her pussy ever being as wet as it was right now, and it felt incredibly hot. I wasn’t particularly close yet so I just kept up Başakşehir Escort my slow, steady rhythm.

Her breathing started to return to normal and I pulled her to me even more tightly. She breathlessly said, “I love you, baby.”

I whispered into her ear, “I love you, Mommy.”

She moaned loudly and then her head went back. She said loudly, “Oh, oh! OH!”

I sped up my thrusts and Mom’s body began trembling again, this time even more violently than the first. She was coming a second time! With each thrust she made an ‘mmmf’ sound and held onto me so tightly it was sure to leave marks on my skin.

Another few thrusts into her spasming pussy and she put her head back and let out a sound that bordered on a scream. It was too much for me and very suddenly I felt the rush of semen shooting from my cock and filling her up. I clenched up and grunted loudly as we came together as only a mother and son could.

When I opened my eyes and saw her face, her cheeks were wet with tears. I had continued to slowly thrust as my cock began deflating, and with each bit of motion she audibly sighed.

For many minutes we stayed in a tight embrace, my softening cock still inside her. She kissed my neck and whispered, “You did it. You actually did it. I’ve never come twice before, but you did it, my beautiful baby boy.”

I shifted my weight and let her gently rest back onto the bed and laid next to her. I pulled up the sheet to cover us and we spooned. I put my arm under her neck and softly caressed her nipple as our bodies warmed each other.

After a while I heard her breathing become regular and deep and knew she had drifted to sleep. I held her and listened to her as she slept, again thinking about how amazing and wonderful this was and how lucky I was to have my mother as my lover.

About twenty minutes later she woke up and reached back and caressed my ass. “Sorry, you totally wore your mama out. That was exactly what I needed.” She paused and added, “Actually, that was maybe the best sex I ever had.”

My eyes widened. “Wow, seriously? Are you just saying that to make me feel good? Because it’s working.” I laughed.

She turned around and looked me directly in the eyes. She shook her head and said, “I’m being completely serious right now. That was… indescribable. On another plane of existence.”

I didn’t answer and instead leaned in and started kissing her again. We kissed tenderly and caressed each other for a long while. Our tongues danced together and I nibbled and sucked on hers, and she did the same to me. It really was indescribable. Could any two people share a connection as strong as this?

Finally though, she broke the kiss and took a deep breath. She said, “Sorry baby, I really need to pee. Come keep me company?”

I took a long, deep breath and sat up. I offered her a hand and she took it, and I pulled her up and she led the way to the bathroom. I held onto her and pressed my still very wet cock, which had come back to full hardness again by now, into her ass.

We got to the toilet and she giggled and said, “You’ll have to let me go or else I’m gonna have to pee on the floor.”

I laughed and released her. She immediately turned and sat down. I had a thought and leaned down and opened her legs and started kissing her. I ran my fingers through her still-slick pussy and pressed the tip of my middle finger into her asshole, causing her to moan softly.

A rush of warm liquid showered over my hand and wrist as I pushed even deeper into her ass, sucking on her tongue the entire time. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her while a strong torrent of urine rushed over my hand and into the water below.

When her stream finally stopped I had another thought and brought my hand to her mouth. I said, “Suck it, slut,” and she didn’t hesitate as she opened her wet lips and licked the piss-covered finger that had just been in her ass.

She sucked my finger and then held my hand in hers and licked every trace of wetness clean. She was breathing heavily when she finished and said, “Oh my god, I’m so jealous Sandi gets to play with you like this whenever she wants.”

I was still completely hard and feeling really turned on again and Mom reached out and stroked me gently.

She said, “Um, do you need to go too, baby?”

“Yeah,” I said quietly.

She looked up at me and her eyes were filled with arousal. She took a deep breath and said, “Have you ever peed in Sandi’s pussy?”

My eyes opened wide and she squeezed my cock tightly. I shook my head no and she asked, “Would you… would you…”

She didn’t need to finish what she’d started to say as she stood up and stepped into the big tub.

She held out her hand and said, “Lay down and I’ll sit on you.”

The tub was slightly wet and was really cold, but I did as she asked and laid down on the floor. She immediately straddled me and took my cock all the way inside Bebek Escort her pussy, which was still really wet and slick with our combined juices.

She said, “Fill me, baby.”

For a brief moment I had to concentrate because it wasn’t happening. I’d never peed in this position and definitely never with my hard cock in a woman’s pussy.

She said softly, “Just relax… It’s okay. I want it.”

It took another minute and I lost some of my erection but I was finally able to let out a hesitant squirt. She said, “Oooh! I felt that! Give me more; I want it all.”

Mom brought her fingers to her clit and started rubbing. Watching her do that got me hard again and I closed my eyes and relaxed completely. I felt my stream start and Mom started moaning.

My hot piss started leaking back out of her and pooling under us as she masturbated furiously. I opened my eyes and saw her pinching her nipple roughly as she got closer. She started grinding her hips against me as I continued to let loose inside her and felt a new sensation I’d never felt, which was an orgasm building.

Mom rode me faster and started moving up and down on my cock as my urine finally came to a stop. Mom shuddered and came with an animalistic growl and kept grinding until I tensed up and filled her with hot cum.

Mom collapsed down onto me and we kissed. She said, “That was amazing. I’ve never done that. It felt so weird, but in a good way. Thank you Baby.”

I smiled and said, “It was pretty hot, but I’m ready to get washed off.”

She giggled and pushed herself up and turned around and started the water. We showered and got nice and clean while making out and playing around until the water started going cold.

We got out and got dressed and went down and she made lunch for us. I was starving by now and basically inhaled the food. Even she ate quite a bit and said, “I need to replenish my energy after all that.”

Just as we were getting finished up, the back door opened and then was slammed shut loudly. Bethany shouted, “Mom, is Danny here?!”

I smiled and shouted back, “Nope, not here!”

She appeared and smiled. She looked back and forth between us and said, “Hmm, it looks like you’ve been taking care of Mom.”

She leaned down and kissed Mom on the lips and looked into her eyes conspiratorially. “Have you been a naughty slut?”

Mom looked down and said, “Yes, Miss Bethany.”

“Why exactly do you have clothes on?” Bethany snapped.

Immediately Mom stood and started stripping. She said, “I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t know you’d be back this soon.” She put her shirt down on the chair and sat back down.

“That’s better. Let’s see that pussy.”

Mom moved forward in her seat and spread her legs widely. Bethany leaned over and inspected Mom’s pussy. “Looks like you got fucked real good. You’re all puffy and swollen.”

Bethany licked her middle finger and easily pushed it into Mom’s pussy while she leaned down and commanded, “Open.”

Mom didn’t hesitate and opened her mouth wide. Bethany spit into Mom’s mouth and added, “Swallow. Whose pussy is this?”

Mom squirmed and said, “Yours, Miss Bethany.”

Bethany removed her finger and brought it to Mom’s mouth just as I’d done earlier and she immediately sucked it clean of her juices.

“Good girl.”

Mom smiled and said, “Thank you, Miss.”

Bethany turned to me and her demeanor changed. She straddled my lap and wrapped her hands around my neck. She said, “I’m guessing you have to leave and can’t fuck me before you go?”

“Yeah, I’m completely worn out. I wish I could.”

She wasn’t giving up easily. “Eat me out? Please Danny? Please… Sir? I promise it won’t take long.”

“Well, since you asked so respectfully. Get naked.”

“Yes!” she said excitedly.

At first all she did was push her shorts and panties down and left her top and bra on. I said, “All of it.”

Once she was completely naked, I said, “On your knees, slut. Show me that ass.”

In a flash she was on the floor and presenting her completely smooth ass and pussy to me.

I wasted no time in getting behind her and pressing my tongue directly into her asshole. She moaned loudly in surprise as I pushed the tip in and fucked her ass with it. She whimpered, “Oh yes!”

She reached back with one hand and pulled her cheeks open even more as I continued pushing deeper into her. She was rocking her hips and groaned when I slipped one and then another finger into her very wet pussy.

I pressed hard down against her g-spot and then flipped over on my back and got under her. She lowered herself onto my face and I sucked and licked her clit until she came loudly all over my face.

She tasted incredible and I really wanted to fuck her right there, but I had already been gone for hours and was looking at another almost hour drive back home.

Reluctantly I sat up and pulled her up into my lap. She clung to me and said softly, “Thank you so much. I really needed that.”

We looked over at Mom and her hand was between her legs slowly playing with her clit. Out of nowhere Bethany said, “You’re so beautiful.”

Mom opened her arms and Bethany crawled over and they embraced and kissed passionately for several minutes. It gave me a chance to get up and clean up my dishes and get them into the dishwasher.

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