At the Lake Ch. 02: The Next Morning

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Ameri Ichinose

It was still early when the sun woke me up. Normally I would grab my fishing pole and be on the dock for an hour before anyone else woke up. But today Beth was cuddled tight into my arms and Lacy was snuggled into hers. Such a beautiful embrace one could only imagine. We were all still naked from the previous night of tender, torrid love making. I was glad that it wasn’t a dream. In my mind it was like a beautiful romantic painting by one of the masters. I wish I had a camera to freeze this moment in time forever. Yet part of me thought I could still slip out and go fishing.

My mind tried to hold the vision of Beth and Lacy lying together on the floor, their tanned, toned flesh intertwined. In the soft glow of the morning light they almost blended together. Lacy had a hand firmly planted on one of Beth’s breasts and the other was once again between her legs. She had fallen asleep playing with herself. I hoped that she had a nice dream. I know how wiped out I was and I would imagine they were, too. However, more important than fishing, and the women at the moment, was the desire for coffee. Then I might go fishing.

I moved to the couch to finish waking up and get the energy to start the coffee. My wife lying naked on the floor embracing another woman brought back memories of the night before and it made me almost disappointed it was over. When Lacy awoke she looked back to where I was holding Beth. “I’m over here.” I whispered, giving her a second to wake up. Loud enough for her to hear, yet speaking softly as to not wake up Beth. Even in the dim light, with no fresh makeup and unkempt hair, she was still beautiful.

“Good morning lover,” Lacy whispered as she crawled around Beth. Our eyes locked as she slowly crossed the floor intentionally swaying her cute little ass from side to side letting me have a good view of her beautiful breasts coming towards me. I could feel my penis getting hard again. She stopped in front of me, looking up at my face, our eyes still locked. My hand instinctively moved between my legs as I slowly started to jerk off, only to have her stop me. “Not now,” she softly said. “We need to talk first.”

Lacy climbed up on the couch next to me, stared deeply into my eyes, and said softly “I have a confession to make before she wakes up. I have over the last year or so found myself falling in love with you. I told Beth a while ago. That’s what started this whole thing. She said you might feel the same, so we decided to find out. When you kissed me yesterday I got my answer. And it was exactly the one we wanted.”

She continued, placing her hand on my leg, “And it’s more than just sex, although last night was more than I ever imagined. And most of the stories I told were what I wanted to do to you.” Lacy continued. “In fact, if you would have stayed and listened you would have known. I have been mentioning you by name for the last couple times I’ve been over. There were no other men. Those pink panties Beth gave you to cum in a while ago were mine, not hers. She took them off me just an hour before she made you fill them with cum the first time.”

I just sat there listening, slightly shocked, yet after last night I was hoping that it was real. Lacy continued, “Beth said she is ok with the three of us as long as I don’t try to take you away from her. And we don’t hide anything.”

I was a bit confused. I wasn’t sure what I should be doing now, if anything. I guess my body overpowered my brain, the next thing I knew we were kissing, ever so softly, our naked bodies pressed tightly together laying back on the couch. Beth never even stirred. It was no secret to us she always was a late sleeper.

As we passionately kissed I found myself getting aroused again. We were both lost in the moment. Simply enjoying the freedom, and passion, we had realized last night. I still wasn’t sure I believed what was going on so I just went with it. My Hands caressing every inch of her body, slowly, gently, I tried to give her all the love and tenderness she wanted. Her skin was so soft and beautiful against mine, I forgot who I was with for a moment.

It was such a gentle embrace I almost lost it as Lacy slipped my throbbing dick inside her, warm wet pussy. “Can I tell you I love you?” She softly whispered into my ear. “I do, you know. I do love you.” I was silent, suddenly realizing it wasn’t Beth laying on top of me, slowly pressing her hips against mine. Her pussy was so tight with every tiny movement it sent bolts of ecstasy throughout my body. “Cum inside me” she said, obviously getting more excited, as her grinding quickly got faster and stronger.

“Do it. Cum now. Let’s cum together. I want you to fill me up. Fuck me like you do your wife. Cum in my pussy.” She whispered in my ear trying not to scream. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m Cumming! Do it, do it now cum in my pussy.” Lacy’s pussy tightened in perfect timing with my throbbing dick, we kissed, so passionately, as we both had amazing orgasms. “Oh god, yes. I’ve waited so long to Erzurum Escort feel you love me like that,” Lacy said as she laid her head on my chest.

Neither of us moved for about five minutes. As the rush left our bodies, we kissed, holding each other close till my now soft dick slid out of her pussy, letting a flood of our cum rush out with it. It felt weird as it slowly trickled down my cock pooling at the base in my hair. “I love you too” I softly whispered, hoping no one heard me. I knew at this point that it wasn’t a trap and the two of them have been planning this for a while now.

Lacy quietly got up and went to the kitchen. Walking away from me she was silhouetted against the kitchen window. There was a slight glisten between her legs as the rest of our juices dripped out. And damn, her ass looked good as she walked away. “Don’t move.” she said as she returned with a wet towel, and started to clean me off before it ran off onto the couch. Her soft tender touch was amazing and I hoped that it would never end. The thought of going fishing was long since forgotten now.

We just sat and talked for a while, not really paying attention to time. Lacy told me how she and Beth had been fooling around with each other for a couple months, kissing, licking, and even fingering their tight little holes. It was all part of Lacy’s plan to have both of us as her lovers. I think it worked. Although the thought of the two of them together behind my back was a bit disturbing. At least it was with Lacy, not with another guy or a complete stranger. And I had to face the fact that, although I loved my wife, I also liked the idea of loving Lacy too.

Lacy got up and headed to her bedroom. “Time to make some breakfast,” I muttered to myself as I got up and headed to the kitchen and started with the coffee. Standing naked in the kitchen was nothing new to me, I did it all the time. So, I thought nothing of it as I filled the coffee pot with water and collected the grounds. If you ask me, one of the best things in life is the smell of the coffee percolating first thing in the morning. When I started to pull pans and bowls together I glanced out the window. Fuck! It was pouring rain outside.

“Well no fishing today,” I said to myself. “Looks like I’m stuck in the cabin with two beautiful naked women. What a rough life.” They were both almost naked. Lacy had put on her swimsuit cover; it was sheer white netting that hid very little. Yet for some reason she thought she should have something on when Beth woke up. I still remember how it looked gently cascading over her perky little breasts, her tiny dark nipples just begging me to suck on them.

Beth, still sleeping on the floor, rolled onto her back letting her legs spread open. Her pussy was open and still sparkling with excitement, begging one of us to lick her sweet wet lips. The gentle curve of her body was beautiful. She seemed so content, I just couldn’t bear to wake her up. Not even with my tongue on her pussy. I needed coffee and I knew Beth would too when she woke up. We decided it was best to just let her sleep for now.

After getting the bacon out of the fridge, I opened the package to start cooking. As I shuffled around getting pans and plates and cups together I felt a hand brush across my ass. “Wait a minute cowboy.” Lacy said from behind me. “We don’t want my new toy to get burned by grease or something. Put these on.” she said, handing me a pair of light blue nylon granny panties. I was concentrating on the fact that I needed coffee.

“You’re kidding right?” I replied. “You want me to wear your underwear while I cook breakfast? It’s one thing to masturbate with a pair of panties. I’ll do that any time you want. Hell I’ll even let you jack me off with them. If you want.” I continued my protest. “In fact I love Cumming all over a pair of panties while Beth is wearing them. But I’ve never put them on.” However, in the back of my mind all I could think about was how soft the fabric is. And it did sound a little kinky. “So, what do I get if I wear your panties while I cook?” I asked with a quick smile.

“No,” she replied. “We want you to wear them all day, I bought them the other day just for you. Beth and I have a bet that I could get you to wear them for the day. The loser has to wear my skimpiest bikini, even if we go to town. Don’t you want to see your wife in the little pink bikini I wore yesterday? I bet it’ll make her really excited showing off like that. And I really want to see your hard cock wrapped in these sweet, sexy panties.” She said, gently rubbing the cotton panel in the panties over her crotch. “Let me put them on you before you start cooking.”

The panties were like the last pair Beth had given me to masturbate with, except in blue, not pink. They were nothing fancy, just a very soft pastel blue granny panty. There was a little lace around the legs and a wider band around the waist. What got me excited was the big white patch of the softest cotton on Erzurum Escort Bayan the crotch panel. Of course I was going to do it. “OK, under one condition” I said, trying not to sound excited. “If I do it, I get to eat your pussy whenever I want to, even if we do go down to the lake.” I always wanted to eat her pussy down by the lake. “Do we have a deal?”

Wrapping her arms around my neck she slowly slid her body down mine. It made my skin tingle as her warm, erect nipples poked through the delicate lace and brushed against my body. I felt my dick twitch with anticipation when the soft nylon of the panties brushed under my feet. She was kneeling in front of me as she slowly pulled my new panties up my legs. This position put Lacy’s face directly at my crotch level. Her breath was hot and soft as it gently flew past my dick to wrap around my balls. I wanted so badly for her to open up her mouth and swallow me whole, but instead she simply kissed the tip and pulled my panties up over my ass.

“Deal. You always could have, too. Beth says you talk about it every time you give her a show. You just never actually tried.” Lacy said with a smile. “Now, let’s get your man parts into the right position.” Reaching into the front of my new panties, she pushed my growing penis down to tuck the tip between my legs. She giggled when she noticed a little bit of pre-come had dripped out onto the crotch. “There. Now you look just like I pictured it when I masturbated so many times thinking about you wearing My panties for me. Yes, I play with my pussy thinking about you.”

I’ll never forget the feeling when she ran her finger around the elastic leg band, gently brushing it over the head of my dick and down passed my balls, taking a second to push just the tip into my ass. “Just making sure it is completely hugging your big cock and balls. That’s so hot.” She said, giving my growing bulge a loving kiss, she rose before me, kissed me lightly on the lips and sat on a chair next to the table. Her hand instantly went directly between her legs and started slowly rubbing her clit.

“So you’re just going to sit there playing with yourself while I do all the cooking?” I asked, obviously joking. “I need to get moving if Beth is going to have coffee when she wakes up.” Besides at that moment, I really needed a distraction or no one would get actual food for breakfast. “OK, first get the coffee started and then the food” I said to myself. I could hear Lacy moaning lightly behind me as I put the coffee pot together on the stove.

“Do you really want me to stop playing and help?” she asked me. “Don’t you want me to rub my pussy for you? You like it when I make myself cum don’t you? Looking at you in just your panties is making me extremely wet. I just want to make myself cum once. Then I promise I’ll give you a hand.” She managed to say in between moans. “When I cum, will you lick my pussy clean? Wish it was your tongue in my pussy instead of my finger.” As she talked her finger moved faster and faster between her legs, causing my growing dick to press even harder against the soft panties.

“You know I will.” I replied “But only if you want me to. I’ll never deprive you of playing with your pussy.” By now I had to reposition my completely hard dick straight up in my panties. It was starting to get uncomfortable. “If you get me too excited and I cum in my panties, do I still have to wear them all day? Or even better.” I continued, as I reached down and dipped my finger into her soaking wet pussy, and licked it off. “I could make you lick it off while you finish Cumming for me.”

“If you cum,” Lacy said. “I want it to be either on me or Beth, or inside one of us. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you have those panties on I’m just your little sex toy.” She said with a slight laugh. “If you can’t hold it anymore, let me know, I’m here to do whatever you need. Besides, we don’t want to get your pretty little panties dirty before Beth gets to see them, do we? It’s too bad that you have bacon in the oven. I would love for you to cum in my mouth again before she wakes up.” She was obviously enjoying the show as I stood in front of Lacy stroking my panty covered dick.

“We have a few minutes while the bacon cooks. Let’s go wake her up so I can have my coffee and we can eat. She is so sexy lying there showing us her sweet sexy body. Almost offering us her pussy pussy and perfect little tits for breakfast. How do we want to do it?” I said. “Wake her up like you always do. She keeps telling me all about how romantic it is. Now I want to see it.”

Lacy said. “I want to watch you and finish playing with my pussy. I’m so close to Cumming.”

As I laid down on the floor next to Beth I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and told her I love her. I didn’t even notice Lacy disappeared into her room. When she came back Lacy sat back on the couch and got comfortable with her legs spread. I heard the familiar buzzing of the vibrator turning on. She let out Escort Erzurum a soft moan as she slowly started rubbing it on her wet little clit. “OK, cuddle up next to her and start the show.” Lacy said. “I’m just going to slowly tease myself till I can’t take it anymore.”

Gently kissing Beth’s soft, smooth tits and slowly caressing every inch of her body. Not in any hurry I was simply enjoying the feel of my wife’s skin and watching her sleep. Resting my hand on her sweet smooth crotch I could actually feel the warmth on my hand and the moist lips longing for me to slip a finger in. As bad as I wanted to, I just couldn’t bring myself to wake her up that quickly. She was obviously having a great dream. Who am I to stop that?

As Beth started to slowly wake up she had the same look on her face as she had on our wedding day. It was a look of deep love and excitement, making her eyes glisten in the soft morning light. Squeezing my hand tightly between her legs, the look changed to one of kinky amusement when she reached down attempting to grab my dick, only to find the silky smooth nylon of the panties covering my rock hard cock. “Oh, I like that” she said before she even looked down. “How did she get you to do it? I’ve always wanted to see you in panties.”

I just smiled and said “You never asked me to wear them. I don’t know why. As much as I love masturbating with panties. And you know I have a kinky side. If the mood is right, you never know what I might do.” I slowly started to rub over her Rolling onto her side and tucked her ass tight against my body. “It looks like Lacy is liking it too,” I said. “Let’s give her a show while her toy makes her cum again.” Picking up the pace on Beth’s clit, it wasn’t long before both women were cumming together.

As the girls relaxed, I got up to go check the bacon to make sure it didn’t burn. Walking into the kitchen I threw in an extremely exaggerated, cute little sway with my panty covered ass. The two women just whistled at me and laughed. “So you like your husband wearing panties?” Lacy asked Beth. “I love the way his dick pushes that huge bulge in the front. He almost pops out the top. We struck up a deal when I put them on him.” As Beth stood up and joined Lacy on the couch, they started talking about the deal Lacy and I had made and how she was hoping I would eat her pussy on the dock later.

The women sat close together on the couch with their legs crossed over each other and holding hands. It was such a sweet picture. Two of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen, snuggling right there in front of me. I just couldn’t bring myself to make them separate. They looked so happy together. “The lake isn’t going anywhere. That can wait.” I said as I turned to check on the breakfast. “The bacon is done and coffee will be done in five minutes. How do you want your eggs?”

“Why wait for the dock?” Beth said getting up and following me into the kitchen. “He can do it now if he wants too, plus it’s raining now anyway. Now that it’s all out in the open, we can both eat that sweet little pussy any time you want it. But I need coffee. Let’s have breakfast first.” Patting me on my ass, Beth kissed my cheek. “If you absolutely can’t wait, I’ll finish breakfast. Just don’t cum in those pretty little panties yet.”

“Everybody likes scrambled eggs with toast. I’ll give you a hand making the toast.” Beth said standing behind me slowly rubbing my dick through my panties. She gave me another kiss on the cheek and whispered “You’re OK with this, aren’t you? If not, let me know now so I can stop it. I just want to be sure you’re OK sharing me and with me sharing you.” Without waiting for an answer. Beth gave a quick squeeze on the tip of my dick, then walked over and started making toast.

“Does that mean any time we want? Or just when we’re all together?” I asked as I walked over to my wife, looked her in the eyes and slid a finger into her hot little pussy. “You know I love you. And I always will. So if we’re not together and I lick Lacy’s hot, wet, tasty little pussy, you wouldn’t be mad?” I continued while I gathered the eggs from the fridge. “She told me this morning all about the two of you playing around for the last couple months.” blowing a kiss to Lacy, I added “She also told me she loved me.”

After cooking the eggs I wrapped my arms around Beth’s waist, slipping my finger between her legs again. “The bacon, coffee, and eggs are done.” I said as I licked her pussy juice off my finger and returned to the stove. “Your pussy tastes better than usual today sweetie.” I said as she buttered the toast. “Maybe we should spread your cum on the toast. That sounds yummy.” I joked. As soon as she put the bread down I dropped to my knees and licked her slit from one end to the other and gave her pretty little clit a kiss.

“Maybe I should go put something on to keep your finger out of my pussy for five minutes or we’ll never get breakfast. And we all need coffee. It seems like it is going to be a busy day.” she said with a short laugh and a smile. “I’ll be right back.” and headed towards the bedroom. As I placed the breakfast plates and coffee cups on the table, I heard a soft moan followed by the soft buzz end of Lacy’s vibrator as she pulled it out of her pussy and turned it off.

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