At Shauna’s Feet Ch. 1

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Shauna smiled as she looked down to watch her slave – or stocking slut as she enjoyed calling him – remove her boots. He took the utmost care not to injure her precious feet. He removed both boots and set them aside, standing them next to the comfy chair she lounged in.

While he was busy putting her boots aside, Shauna lifted her hot, sweaty feet up, holding them straight out to her slave/slut. She wiggled her toes in anticipation of his services. He took both of her feet in his hands by their heels and, following exactly his training, he pushed his nose into them, sniffing them long and thoroughly, all along the underside of her toes. He inhaled their scent deeply as he had hundreds of times before. The confinement in the tight boots had made her stockings hot and moist with perspiration, and the scent of nylon and leather mingled with her own sweet scent. She smiled contentedly as he pushed his nose into the base of her toes and sniffed deeply time after time. This was an important part of foot worship for Shauna, as she felt that her feet, as did any part of her, deserved to be appreciated no matter their condition. It was important that her slut adored her feet whether they’d been just bathed by him or if she’d just run a marathon in old, dirty sneakers. It went to the very core of his worship of her, which should be unconditional if it was to have any real meaning. So, to prove his worship of her, her slut was to smell her feet every time she (or he) removed her shoes. And it pleased her so much to watch him do it.

“Have I sniffed your feet enough, Goddess? Or should I continue?” he humbly asked the semi-reclining beauty.

“No, slut…you’ve enjoyed their perfume long enough for now. You may remove my stockings and begin my oral servicing.”

Without a second’s hesitation, he reached up under her midcalf-length skirt and slipped off her knee-highs and put them on the floor next to the boots, folding them properly as his training dictated. He then returned to his Goddess’s feet and held one foot up to his mouth. His adoring lips immediately began kissing it….every inch, slowly, not missing a single part of it. He even spread her toes so he could kiss between them. This was the first phase…kissing her feet to show his complete worship of her, and it was required that his lips not miss any part of her feet. And they rarely did.

Watching “slut” kiss her feet, so attentively and conscientiously, reminded Shauna of their very first meeting. She leaned back in her plush chair and reminisced dreamily of that encounter as her slave’s lips attended to her cooling feet. She remembered back to when she met him many months ago in a pool hall. He was cocky and very sure of himself with the ladies, which made breaking him all the sweeter….

She’d been standing there with her friend from work, talking about all sorts of things, when she noticed a man sitting on a stool staring at her. Now, she was dressed to kill and expected to turn men’s heads, but she didn’t want to be ogled. He appeared to be looking at her breasts, so she looked him directly in the eye and told him point blank to stop. He chuckled quietly and tossed her an insincere apology.

Shortly thereafter she again noticed him staring. This time he was across the room, standing near one of the pool tables. He appeared to be eyeing her legs. She put down the soda she was drinking, excused herself to her friend, and walked over to the man, her high heels clacking on the wooden floor.

“You see something you like, I take it?” she’d said to him, not smiling in the least.

“Yeah,” he grinned, “I see a lot I like.”

“Well, that’s too bad, cause none of it’s yours to enjoy, is it? First, you’re staring at my chest, and now you can’t seem to take your eyes off my legs. I would appreciate if you’d find something else to stare at, if you don’t mind too much.” she said sarcastically.

“ wasn’t your legs, exactly,” he said, slurping from a bottle of beer.

“What?” she asked. “What wasn’t my legs.”

“It wasn’t your legs I was staring at, not that they’re not gorgeous, of course.”

She looked down at her legs, confused.

“Actually, I ….well….I was just noticing how pretty your feet are,” he confessed, looking down at them again.

Again Shauna looked down. She’d always dressed to show off her feet, and that night was no exception. She was wearing her sexy red strappy backless high heel slides, which showed off her high-arched feet very nicely. Her toes were painted a matching red. In those shoes her feet were beautifully bare.

When she looked back up at him, she noticed his obvious admiration for her feet. He was smiling and his eyes were taking in every inch of them, moving from toes to instep to ankles and back again to the toes. She tried to stifle a laugh, but could only manage to partially stifle it. And the gears were already turning in her head.

“So, apparently you have a foot fetish, besides being crass and uncouth,” she stated frankly, then added slyly, bilecik seks hikayeleri “Well, at least you have good taste in feet.”

“Well now,” he stammered, “I wouldn’t say I have a foot fetish.” He became instantly nervous and flustered. “Let’s just say I admire beauty where I see it.”

“And you see beauty in my feet?”


“Then, my friend, you have a foot fetish.”

“No, not really. I don’t think so at all.”

Now Shauna felt the need to prove her point. She needed to prove to herself and to him that he did indeed have a foot fetish. And a plan came into her mind.

“Well, Mr…..”

“Sam… me Sam.”

“Okay, Sam. It seems to me that a guy who thinks my feet are beautiful can’t be all bad, in spite of his efforts to prove that he is. So, what do you say we get a drink together somewhere? These shoes are sexy, but they hurt my feet. Maybe if you like my feet so much you could give them a nice massage for me.”

When she said that she knew by the glint in his eyes that he definitely had a foot fetish. And a guy who had a fetish for anything could be tamed, even controlled, if she played her cards right. And she intended to do just that.

She made apologies once again to her friend, who had decided to go home anyway. And then she and Sam left to find a more private place. They took separate cars – Shauna didn’t want any problems if this didn’t turn out right – and went to a nearby bar, a cozy little place mostly frequented by regulars.

They sat in a corner booth. After Sam had gotten them both drinks, they sat and talked. They hadn’t been talking more than five minutes when Shauna plopped her feet in Sam’s lap. She smiled as she remembered the startled look on his face. The wide eyes, the dropped jaw as he looked down to his now filled lap… precious.

She said simply, “Take my shoes off and rub my sore feet like a good boy.”

Sam was surprised to say the least, but he did as he was told….

Shauna was brought briefly back to the present by movement at her feet. Slut was switching his attention to her other foot, having completely worshipped the first. He carefully lowered the foot he’d completed adoring, laying it gently on his thigh, not wishing it to get soiled in any way, even though he knew the carpets were clean. He picked up the other foot and without hesitation began to kiss it. Shauna sat back again and her memories of that first night returned. She smiled as her mind revisited that small bar and the dark corner booth…..

Sam looked at Shauna’s feet with a mixture of surprise…and awe. He stared at those wiggling beauties, trying not to be too obvious, still wanting to hide his fetish. But his desires were all too obvious to Shauna. She knew he wanted her feet. She didn’t doubt it in the slightest. But it was the way he slowly removed her shoes – slipping them carefully and gently off her feet as if being afraid of damaging their soft feminine beauty – that gave away the extent of his attraction to her feet.

She decided to test her theory and tease him at the same time. When he slipped of her second shoe, she gasped as if he’d hurt her. Instantly his eyes shot up to meet hers and there was unmis- takable anguish in them. His hands quickly covered her foot and started to rub, even though he had no idea where he might have hurt her. She laughed inwardly at his concern, loving that pained look on his face.

“Did I hurt you?” his eyes almost pleaded, begging her to say no.

“Well,” she lied, “just a little.”

“God, I’m really sorry. I was trying not to.”

“I know you were. I could tell. You were very gentle, but none of us is perfect. It only hurt a little.” She kept the pressure on.

“Really… I apologize.” he still rubbed, looking like a little boy who’d just lost his balloon.

“It’s all right….but, Sam..?” Shauna tried to look serious.


“You’re rubbing the wrong spot.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…….where did I hurt you?” Shauna noted gleefully that he was now like a puppy trying hard to please its master….and she liked that very much.

“She lifted her foot from his grasp and held it up at his eye level, taking him by surprise and making his head dart backward. She turned her foot to the side, picking some imaginary spot, and said, “Right there, alongside my big toe, just at the base of it.”

“Here, let me rub it. How’s that? Feel better?”

She played hard to please. She frowned and said, “Well, it feels a little better, but I don’t think rubbing alone is going to do it.”

“Um….well, I don’t know what else I can do. I’m really sorry.”

“You should be. Next time you’ll just have to be a little more careful.”

“I really am sorry. Let me make it up to you. Let me buy you another drink.”

“How’s a drink going to make my foot stop hurting? I think you should come up with something a little more soothing to my foot, don’t you?”

Now Sam was flustered. He tried rubbing her foot gently and then more forcefully, but the look in her eyes was the same. Nothing he did made her happy. Suddenly, Shauna sat up straight and grinned from ear to ear.

“I think there’s only one way you can make the pain go away, Sam.” she said, her grin becoming totally wicked.

“How’s that,” he asked quickly. If he’d been any more puppyish, he’d have grown a tail.

“Well,” she smiled, in total control now, “when I was a little girl, if I had a boo-boo my dad would always kiss it away. And it always worked.”

Sam looked dumbfounded. So she spelled it out for him.

“Kiss my foot, Sam. Kiss away the boo-boo you made. Kiss the side of my toe to make it better.”

She took her foot from his grasp again and quick as lightning she shoved it into his face, again making him lunge backward. She again turned it so that the side of her big toe was pointed toward him. The closeness of her foot to his lips was making him sweat. He took her foot in one hand and he cocked his head to look at the injured spot. He hesitated. Shauna felt now was the time to assert herself…it was now or never.

With him contemplating kissing her foot, she took matters into her own hands. Her voice took on a more demanding tone and she mashed the side of her toe into his mouth, again surprising him, and even making him gasp as her toe crushed his lips.

“I don’t have all night, Sam. What are you waiting for? Kiss it!”

He looked at her, eyes wide with surprise now. But even with her foot squashed against his mouth, he still hesitated, more from shock than anything else. It struck Shauna how silly he looked sitting there staring at her with her big toe mashed against his mouth waiting to be kissed. She remembered wondering if anyone had seen them, and if they’d gotten a good chuckle out of it. Part of her hoped someone had seen it. The thought of someone snickering at Sam’s predicament appealed to her very much.

She kept the pressure cooker boiling. “Sam, if you’re not going to try to make me happy, there’s no point in my staying here. I might as well go home…or back to the pool hall where there are lots of guys who’d jump at the chance to please me.”

She waited about thirty seconds, and when he still hesitated, she took her foot away from his mouth and said, “Where did you put my shoes, Sam? I’m going to leave.”

His eyes got wider and he reached for her foot, grabbing it by the ankles. His eyes were pleading as he said, “No, Shauna…..wait. I’m sorry.” He looked down, embarrassed at his submissiveness.

“You’ll kiss my foot then?” she snapped at him.

“Yeah, sure……if it’ll help make it feel better.”

She again played hard to please. She sat back, sighed and said, “Well, I guess I’ll stay then.”

Then Sam sat back, still holding her foot by the ankles. He lifted her foot up until her toes were right in front of his lips. He stared at her foot for a second, then leaned forward and kissed the side of her big toe where she’d indicated the pain was.

“There. How’s that? Better?”

“You’re kidding, right?” she was getting very turned on by her power over him, and she didn’t want to give up even a tiny bit of it.

“Why? What’s wrong?” puppy eyes asked.

“Sam, one kiss is just a start. You have to work at soothing my toe…unless, of course, you find my foot offensive all of a sudden?”

Sensing immediate danger, Sam quickly proclaimed, “No, not at all! Shauna, your feet could never be offensive. No part of you could. I’m sorry….look…….” He leaned forward again and kissed her toe several times, holding her foot by the heel and the opposite side, cradling it protectively as his lips tried slavishly to comfort her imaginary pain.

“Mmm…..Sam, that feels wonderful. It’s starting to feel better already. Oh, do keep kissing it.”

Sam kissed that toe some twenty or thirty times. At the time, Shauna had wondered again if anyone was watching. She hoped someone could see this man kissing her foot like an eager to please pet. And she had more in store for him….much more.

“Sam, that feels so wonderful. Would you mind doing something else for me?”

“Sure, Shauna……anything.”

“Great, then do this for me,” she said, pulling her foot free from his grip again, and this time holding her foot so that the sole was directly in his face, “kiss the sole for me. I just know that will feel delicious. Do that for me, okay?”

Shauna wasn’t sure how he’d respond. She didn’t know if he’d already come to know his place or if she’d have to work a bit more at breaking him. Sam answered her question for her. He leaned back into her foot and pressed his lips into its soft sole, kissing from her toes all the way to her heel…very slowly. Shauna was pleased. Even in the dim lighting she could see that Sam had finally given in to his fetish. There was only one thing left for her to do. She had to assert herself to him verbally, to prove to him that he was wrong. He needed to know that she knew he had a foot fetish despite his claims otherwise, and she wanted to hint to him that she intended to use that to bend him to her will. Breaking a man was fun for her, but even moreso if he knew she was doing it….and couldn’t stop her.

“So, Sam, you seem to enjoy kissing my foot. You still claim you don’t have a foot fetish?”

He stopped kissing her arch, but only long enough to reply, “I’m sorry, Shauna, I didn’t mean to lie to you. It’s just….well….I thought you’d tell me to get lost if I admitted my fetish.”

“Not at all,” she smiled, “I just love men who worship my feet…as long as they do it my way.”

“What way is that?” he asked.

She laughed, “Why, any way I tell you to, of course. Would you like to worship my feet on a regular basis, Sam?”

“I’d love to…..yes!” his puppy eyes brightened.

“Then, here’s my first rule. From now on, you don’t stop servicing my feet until I tell you to.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…..I was just answering your question. That’s the only reason I stopped.”

“I know, Sam…and that’s okay for now. But, in the future, even if I ask a question, wait until I give you permission to stop worshipping my foot to answer. Is that pretty much understood?”

“Um…” he stammered and lowered his eyes, “yeah…okay. I got it.”

“Good. Now, you can stop kissing my foot. I want you to keep my feet in your lap and give them a nice soothing massage while we talk. Pay special attention to my arches and my toes. Those are the parts that need the most attention.”

She reached over the table and took his drink in her hand, putting it to her lips and sipping it.

“You won’t be needing your drink. You’re going to be much too busy rubbing my feet.” She sat back against the back of the booth, crossed her arms on her chest, still holding the drink, and looked Sam in the eyes. She said simply, “All right, Sam…….start rubbing.”

And, for the second time that momentous evening, Sam did exactly as he was told…..

Again Shauna drifted back to the present. Slut was still hard at work, kissing her foot. She watched as he spread her toes and kissed adoringly between them. He was concentrating so hard to make sure that he did an excellent job that she smiled and wiggled her toes to give him a bit of a challenge. She loved to tease him. It always seemed to frustrate him at first, but then he’d adapt and find a way to continue to service her no matter what obstacles she threw at him. She loved that about him. The only thing that mattered to him was pleasing her, and he was fiercely determined to do so no matter how hard she made it for him, which led to unending hours of pleasure and amusement for her.

“Now lick, slut,” she said suddenly, startling him, “Start with the left foot, then do the right. You know how I like it…thorough and complete. Do the toes exactly the way I trained you. Take your time….long, slow licks at first, then build up speed. I expect to see you working really hard at it before I’ll be satisfied. Understood?”

“Yes, Goddess…I’ll try very hard to please you.”

She stroked the side of his face with one foot, then ran her toes through his hair, petting him like a cat, almost expecting to hear him purr.

” I know you will, slut. You may begin.” She shoved her toes against his mouth, the act pushing his head back and mashing his lips, but she never even noticed as she sunk back into the cushions and her mind sailed away, back to the day when she first made him her eager and willing plaything…..

“Mmm…..that feels wonderful, Sam. You give a lovely foot rub,” Shauna complimented her newfound toy,her voice seeming distant to Sam in the dim lighting of the secluded booth.

“Well, thanks,” he replied, smiling.

“Sam, remember what we said before about replying to my questions or statements?”

Sam looked at her, thinking in his mind he’d done nothing wrong. “Yes, I do. But you said you didn’t want me to stop servicing your foot to reply. I didn’t. I kept rubbing your foot when I thanked you. I didn’t stop.”

“Hmm……yeah. I guess I just wasn’t all that clear. Here’s the thing. It just seems to me that if you answer a question, or talk in any way…..or even just nod your head…..that takes your concentration away from pleasing me….pampering me. So, I think the way it should be is that you don’t make any comments or replies no matter what. You just keep servicing me, whatever form that might take, and if I want a comment or response from you I’ll give you permission to stop and focus on communicating with me. Of course, there’ll be other times when I will expect a reply or comment from you, but will not want you to stop what you’re doing. It will depend on my mood and the importance of the verbal response I want from you.”

She cocked her head thoughtfully, and then continued. “Yes, I think that sounds about right. What do you think about that, Sam? Does that sound like something you can live with?”

Sam said nothing, but kept on massaging her foot. He didn’t even raise his head. He looked down at the toes he was firmly squeezing and rubbing, not slowing his efforts for even a second.

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