Arianna’s Navel Play

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This is for only those of you who are into navel fetish/play/torture. Enjoy.


She was nude, stark naked on a hard surface. Her arms were outstretched over her head and bound together by a tight rope. Her legs were spread wide, ankles tied to posts. The surface beneath her was cold and unyielding. The room was dimly lit and it smelled of musty, dank air. She tried to swivel her head to take in her surroundings but her elbows obscured her view. What she could see was the drop ceiling above her and the cinderblock walls that encased the room. As her eyes focused she saw objects hung on the walls. As she stared at them she soon realized they weren’t ordinary things, they were torture devices; knives, whips, chains, wooden prods, and restraints. Who knew what else the other walls had on them where she couldn’t see. But no matter she had to get out. But how?

She was on display, for anyone to play with and hurt her. Her body tried to struggle against her bindings but they wouldn’t budge. Arianna’s mind began to race. What had she done before this? Where was she? What day was it? How long had she been down here?

She wracked her brain to remember. But it was so fuzzy, nothing came to mind. Did someone drug her? Possibly. This thought made her panic. Who would want to capture her and leave her naked in a cold cellar? She didn’t know of anyone who wanted to hurt her. Then again she was undressed and bound on a platform. Someone bayburt seks hikayeleri clearly wanted to torture her. Arianna’s breathing quickened. Her nipples were taught and hard from the frigid air. She tightened her abdomen as her nerves shook.

A door behind her swung open. The hinges groaned in protest and it set Arianna’s teeth on edge.

“Oh, you must be cold in here,” a males voice said. “Let me fix that.”

Arianna heard a click and then felt a rush of warm air breeze over her. The man came into her field of vision. He was surprisingly easy on the eyes. Dark hair, blue eyes and golden skin. Unlike her he was wearing clothes. What was he going to do to her? She didn’t recognize him from anywhere.

His large hand stroked her breast. His fingers pinched her nipple lightly. The sensation tingled her. His hand continued its way down then paused on her belly. Arianna contracted her muscles. What was he going to do? His eyes looked into hers then stared at her navel. What did he want to do with her innie? It was true that she had loved to play with it on occasion. The signature “T-shape” made it hard for her to exam the base of it. She had to use tweezers to open the folds in order to see into it. But what did this man want to do to her? Why was he staring at it so hungrily?

His finger slithered its way to her bellybutton. The way his skin felt on her belly was nice. It grazed her lightly, feather-like. The anticipation made her heart pound. The feeling was infinitely better once his thick index finger found its way into her navel. He wiggled beyond the folds and popped into its depth reaching the base. He massaged his finger inside of her, swirling and pulsating. Arianna relaxed under his sensual touch. She let her anxious breath out and began to rock her body to the rhythm of his teasing. She wanted more from him, she wanted him to put pressure into her bellybutton, she wanted the intense feeling.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

Arianna looked at him and nodded.


He plunged his weight into her abdomen. Arianna gasped. The sudden pressure into her navel shot intense pleasure and pain through her body. He withdrew his finger and watched Arianna’s face. It was almost too much for her. She thought his index finger would pierce right through her. He had given her what she wanted ultimately but he took it too far. She was frightened.

“Good, we can’t have you enjoying this too much,” the man said.

He slithered his finger across her belly and into her navel once more. He teased the folds and stretched her bellybutton. He would hook it and pull left then pull to the right. His finger also plowed into her base and back out again. He drew his finger out farther and farther every time he stabbed her. It also would dig deeper into her belly hole every time he thrust it. Arianna was under his control, she was helpless against his torture. His finger mercilessly stabbed into her bellybutton. It almost became rhythmic. He would do it slowly and calmly then the next minute he would do it quick and hard. Arianna squirmed against her bindings and every time she would he drew his finger high above her abdomen and paused. When she would settle down he would resume his navel torture.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she cried.

The man stopped and looked at her. He raised his finger a few inches from her navel.

“Because I have wanted to play with you for a long time,” he replied. His finger dove into Arianna’s bellybutton. He looked at her face and as he did so and he twisted his finger roughly. Arianna gasped. When her chest heaved the man slapped her across the face.

“You will not talk,” he said. “If you do,” he dug his finger deeper into her navel. His nail bit into the base of it and it made Arianna bite her lip. “Then I will do this to you.” He watched her face as it contorted in pain. He withdrew his finger from her hole and bent over her. “We are done for today.” His tongue popped out of his mouth and swirled into Arianna’s sore and sensitive navel. The skin was so raw that she almost moaned with pleasure from his sensual kiss. He straightened and gave her a wicked grin. The pompous ass. Then he left her, closing the noisy door behind him.

Arianna was left alone to ponder. She had to find a way out. She couldn’t take another vicious torture session from him.


Please comment and give me suggestions. I am open to ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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