Annie’s Panties

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Mike had been happily married to Marie for about 10 years. He was very much in love with her, and had always been faithful. In fact, only 2 things were weaknesses for him in any fashion at all: panties, and Marie’s younger sister Annie. Mike had developed a fetish for panties as a teen, when he masturbated for the very first time with a satin pair that was taken from a friend’s sister. Over the next 7-8 years, he had taken dozens of panties from dozens of girls, and curiosity about what wearing a thong felt like had even led him to begin trying panties on before using them to pleasure himself. Through willpower and maturity, he had by and large avoided the temptation for a few years before he had begun dating Marie.

Mike had fallen for Marie shortly into their courtship, and he had been in love with her ever since, but he was also attracted to Annie. She had a body type that was more in line with Mike’s preference: He had always been an ass man, and Annie had a fantastic ass. When Marie was on her period and sex was out of the question, Mike would often satisfy his own needs in the shower, and the most common thought playing through his mind was taking Annie from behind in the doggy-style position. He would dream of having his hands on her ass, cupping it and grabbing it, then putting his hands on her hips and pulling her back onto his hard cock as he looked down at the beauty of his member plunging in her pink, moist pussy. He knew this was merely a fantasy; he could not cheat on Marie, and he was certain Annie would also never cheat on her high school sweetheart-turned husband, Paul. Mike and Marie had been married for 6 years, Annie and Paul for 3.

Mike had not stolen a pair of panties in over 7 years on the day he went to Marie and Annie’s parent’s house. He had a softball practice on the fields near their house, and Marie rode with him. He went to practice, and returned an hour later to find his vehicle gone. He went up to the house, and found a note on the table that they had all gone out to eat and would be back around 7:30. Looking up at the clock, he saw he had over 20 minutes until that time. He had to take a piss, and for some reason, he decided to go to the restroom upstairs where Marie and Annie’s old rooms were. As he walked by Annie’s room, which normally had the door shut, but was now open, he noticed that there were still a couple of dressers in her room. After hesitating, he decided to check to see if there was anything in any of them worth looking at to pass some time. He was surprised to find some old pictures and clothes in a couple of the drawers of the first dresser, so he walked over to the second. Opening the top drawer, his heart jumped when he discovered that there were about 8 pairs of Annie’s panties. He took them out one by one and inspected them.

They were certainly sexier than the drab things that Marie had. He found a low rise bikini, a couple of nice yellow thongs, a plaid bikini cut cotton pair, and a maroon satin pair that was really sexy. All were size 5 … damn, she had a nice ass and nice, narrow hips. Mike felt the blood rushing to his cock, as many of his old desires came crashing back on him. He checked his watch; probably 15 or more minutes until they would return. He hustled over to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of tissues. He quickly shed his softball clothes, looking at his nude body in the mirror on the wall. He was a runner, and athletic, and his body reflected such. He had a lean, muscular build. He turned his attention from the mirror back to the wonderful garments before him. He grabbed one of the thongs … and gently stepped into it. He pulled it up, gradually covering up his throbbing cock as the fabric wedged up his ass. He was admiring how he looked in the mirror. He was positively engorged, as he thought of that same fabric up his ass being up her ass at one time … his full balls now resting where the fabric had once snuggled up to her pussy … his throbbing cock being pressed against his body by the sexy material in the same way it had once pressed her pubic hair against her body, if she wasn’t shaved …

Losing any self control he had developed over the previous 7 years, Mike grabbed the maroon satin panties from the drawer, and pushed the thong down a bit in the front so he could wrap them around his aching dick. He grabbed the tissues, because he knew this wouldn’t take too long. He began to pump his thick 6.5 inch cock with the satiny material, watching his hips pump in the mirror. He was not particularly long, but was blessed when it came to girth. He knew from being in the locker room in gym class that he was much thicker than most, and had been told that very thing by a couple of girls of the few girls he had been with, including Marie. Admiring his own cock, he quickly began spraying his cum into the tissues, careful not to get any on either the panties he was wearing, or those he was using to stimulate himself. He quickly stripped down naked again, disposed of the tissues, ran back to Annie’s old room, batman seks hikayeleri got dressed, and put the thong back in the drawer. He picked up the maroon pair, looked at the drawer, and instead shoved them down his pants, where they would rest next to his now retreating penis. He would have several days over the coming years that he would slip them on or use them to stroke his cock, frequently both on the same day. For now, however, he went downstairs and turned on TV to watch until everyone returned home.

Over the next 2 years, Mike wanted desperately to find an opportunity to go through Annie’s current panty drawer. Now that he had a peek into her intimates from years past, he intensely wanted to find out what her current selection of panties was. In the meantime, Mike was satisfied to try to find reasons to go upstairs at Marie’s parents, quickly and quietly sneaking into Annie’s room to admire her fine panties. He was extremely happy to be charged one day with going to their house to feed the dog. He was looking forward to having a nice leisurely time of trying on her panties, of course ending with a masturbation session. He was a bit stunned to open the drawer, only to find it empty. Questions immediately sprang into his mind: Did Annie’s mom go through and throw things out? Did Annie take her panties home? Did Annie realize that one of the pairs she had in the drawer was now gone, and if so, would there be any reason she would suspect Mike?? It had been several months since Mike had been in the room, so he couldn’t be sure if Annie (or whoever) had only recently cleaned out the drawer, or if it had been done long ago. The questions shook him a bit, so he quickly fed the dog and returned home. He felt relatively safe, as throwing out an unfounded accusation like that would be a pretty serious thing. He convinced himself that there was nothing to worry about, and soon forgot all about it.

About 3 months later, Mike and Marie were at Annie and Paul’s house, along with the rest of the family, to celebrate the birthday of Annie’s 1 year old son, Justin. They were in the process of moving toward the living room for the opening of presents, when Mike excused himself to use the restroom. He chose to use the bathroom that would take him past the washing machine and dryer, in the hopes that there would be a basket of clothes there for him to quickly scan in search of an elusive pair of Annie’s panties. He still had not even glimpsed even 1 of her new selection, and he was still strongly curious. As he passed the laundry, he saw a basket of clothes. Taking a quick glance to make sure no one was coming, he ducked in the room. He rifled through as fast as he could, but wasn’t having any luck, so he kept searching. He heard steps coming down the hall a little too late, and had just barely gotten his hand out of the basket when Annie walked by and peered in.

“Help you find something, Mike?” Annie asked uneasily.

Mike’s face burned hot red at essentially being caught with his hand digging through her clothes, and this was still not a good situation. His mind raced to come up with a reason for being there that was even remotely logical.

“Uh, I was looking for a towel .. I didn’t see one in the bathroom,” Mike said, praying that there wasn’t one in plain view in the bathroom, and that Annie didn’t go check it out.

As she turned to go to the bathroom, she said, “I’m pretty sure there is one hanging up. Can’t believe you didn’t –”

She broke off there as Justin began wailing from the next room, and she ran to make sure her boy was okay, forgetting all about Mike and his towel. Mike loved his nephew greatly, and hoped he was fine, but was exceedingly grateful for his perfect timing. Mike used this second chance to go to the bathroom and hide the hand towel that was hanging perfectly in place where Annie had placed it earlier in the day. Justin’s bumping his forehead at just that time might have just averted a horrific situation for Mike. At the minimum, he was able to cover his tracks a bit. He dared not do any more searching for panties at this time, though, and returned to the party, where Annie was too busy comforting her boy to care or remember Mike’s need for a towel. Mike was in a jubilant mood, as a near-tragedy had been narrowly averted, and he soon forgot all about it.

Three weeks later, Mike was home watching the Texas-Oklahoma football game when the phone rang. Not taking his eyes off the game, he answered.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hey Mike, it’s Annie. How are you doing?”

“I’m good. Just watching the football game. Marie just left to get some groceries, if you were looking for her.”

“Actually, I was calling for you. I need some help. I was going to go mow the lawn for Paul while he’s working and while Justin is napping, but I can’t get the mower started. I was hoping that you might be able to come take a look at it,” she said.

Mike wasn’t real happy about the timing, being in the middle of the football game and all, but otherwise had no problem helping.

“Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll be over,” Mike replied.

“Thanks!” Annie replied cheerfully.

Mike grabbed some tools and his battery charger, loaded them in his truck, and drove over to Annie’s house. He parked, and went to the mower in the barn. As he began to look over the mower, he caught the site of Annie coming down from the house wearing short red shorts and a tight black top. He couldn’t help but admire her long legs and busty chest briefly, before turning back to the mower. He didn’t want to be too distracted. He tried turning the mower over, and the battery was dead. He was glad that he had brought the charger.

“Whatcha think, Mike?” Annie inquired as she sauntered up. “Can you get it going?”

“Yeah, pretty sure it’s just a dead battery. I have my charger, so I can put it on the charger for a while, and it should be enough to get it going relatively soon.”

“Great!” Annie said. “If you want, once you get it on the charger, you can come up for a sweet tea, if you’d like.”

Mike would have rather gone back home and watched the game, but seeing as how he was going to spend 20 minutes on the road there and back, he thought he’d just stay here for a bit, and hope the battery took enough charge soon to get started.

“Sure, sounds good. Be up in a minute,” Mike said.

Mike hooked the charger up, and went up to the house. Annie had already poured his drink, and was sitting at the table. He sat down, and they made small talk for a while.

“I was sorry to bother you, but Paul has to work late tonight, and I wanted to try to get the lawn mowed before he got home.”

“No problem at all,” Mike fibbed slightly, as he finished his second glass of tea. He now felt the need to urinate quite strongly. It was probably about time to check the battery anyway. “I have to use the restroom a minute, then I’ll go check the mower to see if it’s ready.”

He made his way to the bathroom, this time down the hall towards the bedrooms of the house. He went in, locked the door, and turned into the room. Out of the corner of his eye, in the corner against the far wall by the tub, he saw a pair of Annie’s panties! He was FINALLY going to get a glimpse of her current choice in undergarments. He walked over to it, bent down and picked it up. It was a light blue cotton thong, and he could tell by the way it was situated that this had been worn. Mike cupped the panties in his hands and raised the crotch up to his nose. He had thought many times of smelling the aroma of Annie’s pussy, and after 10 years, this was going to be his chance. He inhaled, taking deep breaths, as her aroma filled his nose and blood now began filling his cock. His back was to the door, and his heart sank as he heard the sound of the door being unlocked. “What the fuck!” he thought to himself, as he threw the panties back into the corner where he had found them. The door had swung open in time for Annie to see her intimate apparel hit the ground.

“What the hell?” Mike said.

Annie quickly turned it around on him. “What the hell, indeed!” she said. “What were you doing with my panties?”

Mike quickly realized he really wasn’t in much of a position to be too argumentative, but asked anyway, “Well, what are you doing UNLOCKING the door and barging in on me?”

“I was watching you underneath the door. I saw you pick them up, and I wanted to know what the hell you were doing with them,” Annie replied.

“Why are you looking under the door? Isn’t that a bit intrusive?” Mike asked, somewhat mad, but yet also frightened at the predicament he found himself in.

“Probably no more intrusive than you stealing my panties from Mom and Dad’s house or digging through my dirty laundry a couple of weeks ago,” she retorted.

Shit, Mike thought. This is not good. He really had nothing to say. He felt weak, and was not looking forward to how this would end.

“What do you want, Annie? What are you going to do? You going to tell Marie?” Mike asked in defeat.

“I don’t plan to tell Marie. I see no point — if I get the answers I want.”

“What answers are those?” Mike asked.

“I want to know what you did with the panties you stole. And I want to know what you were doing with those,” she stated, pointing at her tiny thong now wadded up near the corner. “And don’t bullshit me. I want the truth. If I get the truth, I won’t tell anyone. And I’ll know if you’re lying, so don’t even try.”

Mike hated this. He weighed his options, which basically amounted to 2: He could tell Annie the truth, putting himself at risk of considerable embarrassment, not to mention the fact that she could tell Marie the secrets of what he did with the panties anyway. His other option was to remain silent and deny everything, hope that Annie was bluffing about telling, and praying that if she wasn’t, that Marie somehow wouldn’t care or wouldn’t believe her.

“I’m waiting,” Annie said after several moments had passed.

Mike sighed. He was going to try lying, as he really had little to lose. “I didn’t take them,” he offered weakly.

“Mike, I’m not stupid. When I cleaned that drawer out this summer, I knew I was missing a pair of my panties. That was my favorite pair through most of high school, so I noticed they were gone. I didn’t know who took them, but the thought crossed my mind it was you. Not too many people would have had the opportunity, but you would have. But when I saw you snooping through our clothes basket it occurred to me that it probably was you that took them. I set out my panties for you to find today to see if I could confirm this. I think it’s pretty clear that you took them, and that you seem to like my panties. Now … what were you doing with my panties in there, Mike? What do you do with the pair you stole from me?”

Mike knew that there really wasn’t much use in denying anymore. He decided his best avenue was simply to tell her and hope for the best.

“Those,” he said, pointing to the thong he had had recently been holding, “I wanted to check out. I was curious what you wore.”

“Is that all you did? Or did you do something more?” Annie quizzed him.

“I — sniffed them,” he murmured quietly, head hanging down. “And I use your maroon pair to …” he tailed off.

“To what? I couldn’t hear you.”

Mike looked up to face her. He was surprised that there was not anger in her eyes, but something else. Was it excitement?

“To masturbate with,” he said a little more boldly. “And to wear sometimes.”

Holy shit, he couldn’t believe he’d said it. He was probably fucked anyway, but seeing her face told him that she was kind of enjoying this, and he really didn’t see any harm in telling the whole truth.

Rather than a look of shock on her face, the corners of her mouth curled upward in a slight smile. Mike couldn’t believe it, but his cock was starting to rise, causing his shorts to shift. Annie noticed it, and her smile grew a bit.

“So, Mike. You want to know what I wear? Follow me.”

Mike could not believe what was happening. He did as instructed, however, and followed her into her bedroom. She pulled open her top dresser drawer, revealing several panties of different styles, fabrics and colors.

“These are the types of panties I wear now, Mike. Go on, look through them.”

“Annie, this is crazy. Just why would I do that? Can’t we keep quiet about this and forget all about it?” he whimpered.

“Why? Because I want you to pick out the panties you’re going to wear for me. You look, and I’ll be right back.”

She exited the room, and he was looking at the selection of sexy panties laying before him. She returned a minute later, and placed her thong from the bathroom on the dresser.

“I wore these for 24 hours. I just took them off a couple of hours ago for a shower. You wanted to sniff them, well you’ll get to sniff them, but only I get to watch. Have you picked out which panties you’re going to wear for me Mike?”

“Annie, I can’t,” he managed.

“No, Mike, you can, and you will. If you could steal from me, you can do this. If you don’t want, you can leave, but I can also tell Marie everything, too. You do what I want, and I will promise on my life I will never speak a word of any of this to anyone.”

Mike looked down at the panties again, and started to shake his head.

“Mike, I will call. You do this, or I’ll call. I’ll be back in about 2 minutes, and I expect that you’ll be wearing something for me,” Annie said, as she walked out of the room.

Mike really believed she would call at this point. With that he removed his shirt, unbuttoned his shorts, and pushed the shorts and boxers below his semi-hard cock. He turned back to the panties before him. He was in great shape, but even so, some of these panties were too petite for him to reasonably expect to wear. He dug around, and found a black satin bikini, size 6, that seemed pretty stretchy. He stepped into them, and pulled them up. His cock began to grow again, as it always did when he would wear a pair of panties. As he pulled his shorts back on, he was still in disbelief at the events happening. He wanted to die.

With a knock on the door, Annie stepped back in the room carrying the phone. Mike looked at the receiver in her hand, but Annie just shook her head and said, “Just in case, Mikey. Just in case. Now, did you pick out something?” she inquired.

“Yeah,” he muttered softly.

“Excellent! Before I get to see them, though, a few questions for you. You say you like to jack off using my panties, right? What do you think of when you’re doing it?”

“Different things. It depends, I guess,” Mike replied.

“Every think of me, Mike, when you’re beating off? Ever pretend you’re fucking me?” Annie asked.

“Sometimes,” Mike replied, thinking this was probably the worst day of his life.

“How do you fuck me in your mind, Mikey?” This was not getting any better or easier, but again, he saw something in her eyes that betrayed her approach to this. She was turned on by this, he was almost certain.

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