Angie , Rachel

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The evening drew to an end, Rachel invited Angie inside. Placing logs onto the fire, she went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Bringing two glasses back with her, she asked if Angie would care to have a drink. Pouring the wine she set the glasses on the coffee table taking a seat next to Angie. Snuggled in under a blanket, resting her head on Angie’s shoulder. Angie instinctively putting her arm around Rachel. As Rachel took the opportunity to link their fingers, bringing their linked hands to her lips. She gently kissed the back of Angie’s hand. Turning to face Angie, Rachel brushed her lips against Angie’s. Tracing them with her tongue, tasting the sweet nectar of the wine, gently nipping on her lower lip. Angie parted her lips welcoming Rachel’s tongue, eagerly meeting it with her own. Straddling Angie’s hips Rachel let out a soft silent moan, teasing Angie’s tongue. As she lowered herself over Angie’s lap, gently caressing her thighs. Slowly rhythmically grinding.

Breaking the kiss to look into Angie’s eyes. A coy smile crossed her lips as Rachel suggests going to the bedroom.

Getting up from the sofa, Angie follows Rachel to the bedroom, shutting the door behind them. As soon as the door’s shut Rachel turns to Angie. Placing her hands on Angie’s hips, stepping close as she gently eases her back to the wall. Pinned to the wall with her arms above her head, Angie entwines her fingers with her lovers. A low groan escapes her when she feels Rachel’s thigh slowly grinding between her own. Her lips sought Rachel’s. Sucking lightly, as her tongue played across Rachel’s lip. The two women lock in a passionate kiss. Their bodies meshed together, heaving breasts melded to one another’s. Hips gyrating in unison.

Pulling away, Rachel walks to the bed. Climbing on the bed, her gaze holding Angie’s. Standing her knees, as she teasingly eased up her shirt. Not breaking eye contact with Angie as she slowly begins to strip. Feeling more than a bit playful as she tosses her shirt at Angie with a come hither look.

Angie obligingly saunters over to the bed standing at the foot. She stood still, rather enjoying the tease. She Bostancı Escort loved watching Rachel. Her eyes lovingly praising, the beautiful Angel in front of her.

Proceeding on, she takes her belt off. Placing it around her neck Rachel then crawls to the foot of the bed. Taking the belt placing it behind Angie’s neck pulling her close for kiss. Their lips locked, tongues moving together in an exotic dance.

Standing on her knees; her hips swaying back and forth against Angie’s. Fingers steadily unbuttoning Angie’s blouse, exposing the sheer lace bra that covers her breasts. Her palms cupping Angie’s heaving breasts, her fingertips gently playing around Angie’s nipples, tracing her areolas. Pushing Angie’s blouse from her shoulders; dropping it to the floor, her hands slowly moving along Angie’s soft skin stopping at her waist, unbuttoning her pants, slowly unzipping them, before easing them over her hips.

Her fingers tangled in Rachel’s hair, as she deepened the kiss. Her hips grinding roughly against Rachel’s. Angie released her hold on Rachel, as her hands traveled along her lover’s body. Running her fingers up and down Rachel’s sides. Teasing her breasts; deliberately neglecting her nipples the attention they sought. Allowing her hands to run along Rachel’s torso; over the smooth flesh. Gently caressing her abdomen. Her fingers made the journey to the waist of Rachel’s jeans; grasping the button, as she steadily unfastened it.

Pulling away Rachel sits on the bed, making an open invitation for Angie to join her. Angie sat next to Rachel, and watched. As Rachel moved away to stand beside the bed.

Reaching behind her; unclasping her bra. She slowly slid the straps from her shoulders. Allowing her bra to drop to the floor. Cupping her breasts. The sliding her hands down her body. Slowly easing her jeans over her hips, swaying letting them drop.

Climbing back the bed, she playfully shoves Angie back. Pinning her down; straddling her hips. Angie taking full advantage of the position, sliding her thigh between Rachel’s. Her hands on Rachel’s hips as she grinds her thigh between Bostancı Escort Bayan Rachel’s.

Rachel caressing Angie’s breasts over the fine lace. Angie unable to stand much more of this tease shifts beneath Rachel. Moving to lye next to her, kissing her with passion, Rachel’s hands running along Angie’s sides moving to unclasp her bra, pulling the straps from her shoulders. Leaning over Rachel, Angie lightly brushes her lips to her neck gently kissing; lightly sucking, her tongue leaving her mark on Rachel. Rachel’s fingers in Angie’s hair, her hips grinding against Angie’s. Angie’s fingers toying with the waistband of Rachel’s panties. Tracing her fingers over Rachel’s panties.

Rachel begins to thrust her hips beneath Angie, parting her thighs invitingly. Kissing down Rachel’s neck, as she slides the panties from her hips.

Rachel cups Angie’s breasts; rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, gently pinching. Angie moans out as she traces Rachel’s left nipple with her tongue. Her fingertips lightly brushing along Rachel’s inner thigh. Inching slowly up, grazing her lips. Playfully tugging her nipple between her teeth. Her fingers now moving along Rachel’s slit. Trailing her fingers along her slit, as her thumb teasingly strokes Rachel’s clit, waiting for her reaction.

Rachel responded by thrusting her hips. Allowing Angie fingers more access. As two fingers moved slowly, deeper. Biting down on her lip Rachel moans out, arching her back thrusting her hips harder.

Angie moaned out taking the nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it gently sucking at first. Then wrapping her tongue around it sucking harder. Rachel’s hands in her hair pulling her closer. Her hips bucking against Angie, driving her fingers deeper.

Moving her fingers back and forth slowly, not wanting Rachel to cum just yet. Her thumb gently stroking Rachel’s clit.

Rachel writhing beneath Angie, her hands roaming over Angie’s body. Passion lighting her eyes; her burning desire for Angie growing by the second. Her hips rising and falling. Ragged moans passing her lips, calling Escort Bostancı out Angie’s name. Bodies tangled together, hips rolling against one another’s in rhythm.

Thrusting her hips faster against Angie. Longing nearly consuming her, she let out a gasp as Angie’s teeth grazed her right nipple. Her fingers in Angie’s hair.

Tugging her nipple in her teeth, flicking her tongue against it, sucking soothingly. Her fingers building up momentum. Moving down Rachel’s body, trailing her tongue along her stomach. Tracing her navel, delving her tongue inside. Kissing her inner thighs, her tongue moving upwards, breath on Rachel’s slit. Rachel moans out loudly.

Catching her breath in anticipation. As Angie’s tongue moving over Rachel’s lips, removing her fingers. Her tongue running over Rachel’s slit, removing her thumb from her clit. Her teeth graze Rachel’s clit, sucking it into her mouth. Flicking her tongue furiously against it, she feels Rachel grinding harder against her.

Sliding her tongue down to Rachel’s slit, delving inside. Rachel thrusting her hips harder. Crying out as Angie roughly strokes her clit. Her tongue swirling along her wall lapping faster harder, devouring Rachel.

Hands in Angie’s hair, Rachel her hips rocking faster. As Angie’s skilled tongue brought her closer to the brink. Fingers playing in Angie’s hair.

Rachel was so close, Angie could feel her body trembling at her touch. She wanted to feel her; to taste her. Sliding her tongue deeper, as her hand slid under Rachel’s hips. Caressing Rachel’s ass, Angie rolled her tongue about. Her thumb relentless on Rachel’s clit.

She was losing control; holding onto Angie. Thrusting her hips in rhythm, to Angie’s tongue. Her breathing shallow, her hands running over Angie’s shoulders. Crying out loudly. Her body tensing, this was it was she couldn’t hold back any longer. Biting down on her lip, she screams out. Her muscles convulsing around Angie’s tongue.

Easing her hips back onto the bed. Body shuddering, sinking back on the mattress. Her hands guiding Angie up her body. The two wrapped in one another’s arms, gently caressing stroking each other. Limbs entwined. Her leg draped over Rachel’s thigh, brushing her lips to Rachel’s. Their fingers interlocked, lying in a warm embrace, her head buried at Angie’s neck.

Rachel closes her eyes. Surrendering to sleep, giving way to the dreams certain to follow. A smile passes over her lips.

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