Angels from Hell

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Part 1

Introduction to hell.

Claire was home from her private boarding school for the Easter holidays. Her 18th birthday was just a few days away. My wife and I wanted her to have a large party, no expense spared, but Claire insisted, ‘No. Just the three of us, and Janice’. Her best friend.

Although they had only known each other for six months, they were inseparable. I had always been wary of Janice. I could not put my finger on it, but found her a little frightening. Admittedly, she was, and still is, a beautiful young lady.

“I’m not sure about this girl.” I would say to my wife, Sue.

“Don’t be so silly.” She would answer. “She’s a very sweet and charming girl. And don’t forget, before they met, Claire was forever following you like a lost puppy, to the extent that it became embarrassing, and, to be honest, just a little annoying.”

She was right, of course. At first I found it quite flattering, after all, she was a beautiful creature, and I loved her dearly. But it got to the point where I could do no wrong, she wouldn’t let me out of the chair, insisting, she got whatever I needed. And every night she would cuddle up next to me, on the settee, and gently run her fingers through my hair, stroking my forehead. Although I loved the sensation, Sue and I were hardly ever left alone. And so, when Janice came on the scene, it was quite a relief.

The birthday dinner started as a great success, I was even beginning to change my view about Janice. She asked all the right questions, how Sue and I met? How long ago? We began reminiscing, Sue, constantly squeezing my hand below the table. We explained how when I was in my twenties, I had passed all my decrees at university and had become a fully qualified doctor, specialising in child care. I decided to go to central Africa, and do some real good, for people who had genuine suffering. That was where I met Sue. She too had been to university, where she gained her lawyers decrees, but decided to take a nursing course, specifically to help those in undeveloped countries. For me it was love at first sight, but for her, the ill and starving were all important. But she eventually succumbed to my charms!! And in the little spare time we had, we became lovers. We were soon married, so we were able to spend more time in each others arms, thus, Sue became pregnant within a few months and Claire was born in Africa. After much soul searching, we decide to return to the UK, for the sake of Claire’s future and upbringing. It was a difficult decision, as we both realised the good we were doing there. Especially Sue, who was fantastic with the children, and everyone loved her.

Since coming back to the UK, I had started a pharmaceutical company. Which through a lot of hard work and luck was doing very well. Enabling us to live very comfortably, and to send Claire to a very expensive boarding school.

Eventually the topic changed, and we began asking Janice about herself, but she seemed very evasive. It was when Sue asked her where she lived, and got the reply.

“Oh! I don’t have a home at the moment. But Claire has kindly asked me to stay here with you for a while.”

It was then that I realised someone was undoing my flies. Confused, I looked around the table, both Sue and Claire’s arms and hands were in full view, Janice’s left arm wasn’t. But she was sitting at least four feet from me, the other side of the table.

“That’s wonderful Janice.”

Sue was saying, as my flaccid cock was expertly withdrawn from my pants.

“It would be an absolute pleasure, to have you stay here.”

Janice’s eyes locked onto mine. I could not look away, and my arms seemed bartın seks hikayeleri to turn to stone, I was unable to move a muscle.

“We have a spare room, or if you like, Claire’s room is big enough. We could move another bed in, and you could be together.”

A hand had gently gripped my penis, and although, under the circumstances, I was not enjoying the sensation, it had become a throbbing erection. Her eyes seemed to pierce deep into my soul. I still found it impossible to look away. The hand was gently masturbating my now, pulsating cock.

“Now!” Sue still chatting happily. “Why don’t we all retire to the living room, and have a game of scrabble.” At last, Janice’s eyes left mine, and I was able to move. I quickly tried to pry the fingers away from my cock.

“We can leave the dishes, I’ll sort them out later.”

But although the hand was gently sliding up and down. It was like steel, I could not remove it. It was then that Janice spoke.

“I have a better idea Mrs Webster. Why don’t we stay in here, and just fuck.”

The silence that followed seemed to go on for an age. And then Sue, obviously unable to believe what she just heard.

“I beg your pardon.” In an exasperated voice.

“Oh! Come now Mrs Webster. Were all adults. I know for a fact, that Claire is dying to fuck your husband. And don’t think I haven’t noticed, the way you have been eyeing me.”

I was dumbfounded. Unsure whether I was hearing correctly. After what seemed another age of silence, Sue stood up, her chair clattering to the floor.

“HOW DARE YOU.” She Screeched. “I think you had better leave. Get out of our house. Get out immediately.”

‘Thank God!’ I was thinking, even though the hand was still gently rising and falling, and I could feel the pre cum oozing from the tip. ‘The evil little bitch has shown her true colours, and my wife was not going to let her get away with it.

But suddenly her free arm shot across the table, stretching to an unbelievable length. Her hand gripped Sue’s throat, her fingers stretching around the neck. I was speechless, unable to believe what my eyes were seeing. And then slowly my gorgeous, beautiful wife was dragged across the table, and I was unable to move.

The dishes crashed to the floor, as Janice unhurriedly pulled my helpless wife to her face, crushing their lips together. I could see the reflection of Sue’s face in the mirror behind them, eyes wide open, and a look of abject terror. But it was not long before she began to soften, her eyelids half closed. Her lips moving as she began to savour the kiss, she lifted her arms so as to grip Janice’s shoulders and pull herself closer. I could hear a deep passionate groan rising from her throat.

At last Janice pushed her away, there faces a few inches apart. Her fingers were still stretched around my wife’s neck. This must have been extremely uncomfortable, but Sue didn’t seem to notice, as she was desperately trying to pull herself back, to engage in another kiss.

Janice smiled, what looked to me the most evil smile I had ever seen.

“Now, Mrs Webster, Why don’t you sit here beside me, and enjoy your daughters birthday.”

I had been too absorbed and disgusted to notice Claire had left her seat. She was standing beside me. I looked up to see her smiling down at me. She was slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse. I was mesmerized as first one boob released and then the other. They were massive. I had often glimpsed at her when she wore just a bra, and had often seen her in a bikini. They were never any way near that big. My jaw must have dropped in amazement.

“I knew you would like them.” She said softly, as she tilted my head back, and lowered a huge succulent nipple into my gaping mouth. “They’re a birthday present from Janice.”

I was confused. A voice in my head was screaming at me to put a stop to this. This wasn’t right. But I did nothing about it. I could only suck hungrily and greedily.

“Oh! Daddy. That feels sooo good.” Her hand had gripped my raging cock. “Suck harder daddy. And this one.” As she pulled away, quickly pushing the other nipple heavily into my mouth. “Is that nice, daddy. Are you enjoying my huge new tits?”

Suddenly she pulled away, stood astride me and came down heavily, impaling herself onto my aching erection. In doing so, I had a moments glimpse of my wife and Janice on the other side of the table. It could not be possible; my eyes must have deceived me. But again, my view was blocked. Claire’s face was inches from mine. My cock was immersed deep in her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes half closed, she was grinding heavily down on me.

“Mmmm! That feels good. I knew it would daddy.”

She slid her face beside mine, her tongue snaking into my ear.

“You’re so much better than any of the boy’s at college.”

I now had a clear view of Janice and Sue.

“Better than the teachers.”

What I was seeing and hearing was an absolute unbelievable nightmare.

“Even better than Mr Jacobs, my art teacher.”

Both were now naked. The fact that Janice’s hand was deep inside Susan. I could see Sue’s pussy lips stretched around the girls arm, well above her wrist, was shocking enough.

“He had an enormous cock. I used to suck on it for ages.”

But what I found more unbelievable, Janice’s tongue was snaking out, and licking my wife’s face, it seemed to stretch to at least twelve inches. Susan was ecstatic, desperately trying to catch the tongue in her mouth.

“And he often fucked me in my arse. Mmmm. I loved it when he did that.”

And then I noticed a protrusion rising up from between Janice’s legs. At first I actually thought she was giving birth to some hideous alien creature. But then, as it grew, I realised it was a massive, perfectly shaped penis.

“One day daddy, you’re going to have to fuck my arse. God! How I look forward to that.”

I wanted to vomit, as I watched the obscene cock grow to at least twelve inches, and over three in diameter. And then to my disgust, my beautiful, tender loving wife noticed it and screeched. “Oh my god! Yes, Ooooh Yes.” And immediately took it in her mouth, stretching her lips painfully wide, and sucked greedily.

“You’ll love it Daddy. Mr Jacobs was always saying what a lovely tight little bottom I had.”

After what seemed an age of sucking and licking, Susan lifted her head and shrieked. “Fuck me with it. Please Janice. Fuck me. I want to feel it pummelling inside my cunt.”

“Oh! Daddy. You’re crying.” My view was blocked as Claire began licking my face.

“Mmmm. I love the taste of tears.”

I had the occasional glimpse of Janice lifting Susan onto the table, both oblivious, as more crockery crashed to the floor.

“Did I tell you about Tommy. He was a boy in my class. He idolised me. But he had a tiny little dick, and wasn’t much of a fuck.”

Sue was on her back, with Janice thrusting her huge member in and out of my wife’s swollen pussy.

“And so, I would tease him, telling him what a pathetic cunt he was. He would sob his heart out, and I would drink his tears.”

My beautiful innocent wife was screaming with pleasure. I tried desperately to block out what Claire was saying.

“Yes, yeeessss. Give it to me. Fuck me harder. Yes….. Fill me full of your spunk.” Sue’s screams were ear splitting. Janice’s had an evil smirk on her face.

My view was suddenly blocked, once again, as Claire crushed her lips onto mine. I gave in. I’d had enough of watching and listening to my wife’s moans of rapture.

Claire had buried her tongue deep in my mouth. I couldn’t stop myself sucking on it. She pulled away from me, her mouth just inches from mine, still pounding away at my now throbbing prick.

She ripped my shirt apart, and pushed those huge firm tits against my now bare chest. An ecstatic smile on her face, she whispered hoarsely. “I’m cumming daddy. Let yourself go. Cum with me. Fill me full of your spunk.”

She gripped one of her massive tits in one hand and with the other, gripped the back of my head ramming the tit into my mouth.

“Suck me daddy.” She groaned loudly. “Suck my gorgeous tits. Suck them while I cum. Fill me full of your spunk daddy.”

I could feel the juices building up inside me. As she came down on my engorged cock, I would lift myself up, trying to go deeper inside her, sucking greedily.

Her eyes were now closed, teeth clenched tightly, she growled and bounced harder.

I came, giving forth a huge, magnificent climax. My semen seemed to spurt gallons filling her stomach. “Yes….. Yessssss.” She was screaming. I felt her climax, but she kept going, having one orgasm after the other. Eventually she slowed down, eyes half open. “Oh daddy.” She gasped breathlessly. “That was magnificent.” Still slowly grinding herself on my now flaccid penis. “You were brilliant. I knew you would be.” And then grinning wickedly and sliding off me onto her knees. “I need some more, lots more.” And took my limp, sticky prick in her mouth. Having had more than enough, I franticly tried to pull her away, but that just made her more determined, and she gripped and sucked harder.

It was then that I realised there was no longer any action on the other side of the table. I looked up to find both Janice and Sue sitting quietly opposite watching us intently. A smile on Janice’s face, but the opposite on Sue’s, she was glaring daggers in my direction.

I struggled, trying to free myself from Claire. Then I noticed Janice was whispering earnestly in my wife’s ear. Still looking in my direction, an evil smile appeared on Sues face. And then turning to her. “Thank you. Good idea.” And they kissed passionately. I watched confused, as they pulled apart and Sue left the room, but before doing so, came around the table and spat in my face. I just sat there as a heavy globule of phlegm ran from my eyes and down my cheeks.

Janice was sitting there watching, still the evil smile on her face.

“Claire.” She called cheerfully. “Could you possibly pull yourself away from what you’re doing. I think Mrs Webster would like a word with your father.”

Claire reluctantly pulled her head away. “Oh! Do I have to?” She said forlornly.

“Yes.” Was the answer. “And if you do so immediately. You can bury your head over here.”

Claire smiled up at me. “Sorry daddy, we’ll have to finish this off later.” Quickly getting to her feet she hurried around the table, disappearing from my view as she knelt before Janice. I sat there, knowing, not what to do. When after a few minutes, Janice looked up at me, her eyes half close.

“Mrs Webster is waiting for you in my room.”

I just stared, unsure of what she was saying.

“In the spare room.” She said impatiently.

As I left the room I glanced down, and felt quite nauseated, by the site of me beautiful, and whom I thought before this evening, the most innocent teenager I knew. Her head buried between Claire’s legs, sucking greedily, making a loud disgusting slurping noise.

To be continued…

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