An Affair with My Married Daughter

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An Affair with My Married Daughter

A father and his middle aged married daughter commence an affair

My wife Julie and I have found recently that as we are getting older we are missing our two girls and their families more and more. I retired two years ago after selling our business but am still only 65, whereas Julie is three years older.

We are financially comfortable and have done the whole overseas holidays and cruising trips that most retirees like to do. Julie likes to just potter around our home now while I have become more energetic and enjoy an exercise regime at my local gym 3 times per week, plus I also joined a hiking club that usually meets once per month. As a result of both activities I have lost a lot of weight and become quite toned and athletic.

Recently I noticed that some of the ladies appear to seek me out when we are hiking so I guess I must still look okay as I age. I am solidly built and at 6’4″ tend to stand out a bit anyway. I still have a good head of hair, although it is a bit salt and pepper now, and have been described as ruggedly attractive. What does that mean anyway? Is that like a backhanded insult or a veiled compliment?

I have remained true to Julie throughout our marriage but must admit that with my reinvigorated energy and attention I am getting from the other ladies, the temptation to stray is increasingly stronger.

You see, Julie and I haven’t had intercourse for more than 5 years. As invariably happens with a lot of older couples, having sex tends to take a nosedive. It’s usually attributed to declining attraction or medical issues. In our case it was the onset of menopause and the resulting physical changes caused Julie’s vagina to become dry and extremely painful during intercourse. She even struggles with pain when her female doctor takes a routine smear test from her cervix.

Oh we have tried believe me!! That includes all the supplements to try and relieve Julie’s condition. But it always ends the same. Julie in pain and me feeling frustrated! Although I have wanted to try other methods like oral and anal, throughout our marriage Julie has never been interested and those views have not changed. As time went on I guess we just lost the urge and became more friends than lovers.

Don’t get me wrong, or judge me. I want to be Julie’s friend and be together for the rest of our lives. She is my life partner. However recently these other ladies in their short tight lycra yoga pants and toned legs have become a bit of a distraction.

Anyway, to continue. It’s been about three years since my wife and I have seen our eldest daughter Meg and her family. Okay, we still speak on the phone every week or two but it’s just not the same as chillin’ out together. I have always had a soft spot for Meg, which I guess stems from her being our first born. Nevertheless, she left the nest to make her way in life when she was only 18 and eventually married a financial analyst, who is now a successful banker and very much sort after. Derek is a pretty decent sort of bloke and has taken care of them very well financially during their marriage.

Thinking back I shake my head as I realise that Meg has been married for some 21 years!! Where has that time gone so fast? Meg and Derek have only one child. Amanda, or Mandy as she likes to be called, was born just short of 12 months after Meg and Derek married and is currently at university studying some type of medical degree.

For many months Meg has been on our case to come visit them all. About two years ago they purchased an old stone farm house and gutted it entirely before renovating from the ground up. Meg has been desperate for us to see the finished product after all the hard work. As Derek is so busy with his banking career Meg project managed the entire rebuild herself.

This time we decide to drive the 3,000kms rather than fly. After all, we now have plenty of time on our hands so we loaded up the Jeep Grand Cherokee, threw in a tent and sleeping bags just in case we decide to camp along the way, and headed off.

It took us four full days driving before we arrived at Meg’s new village. Julie could not be bothered camping so each night we stayed in a motel and hotel along the way. I must admit it was nice having a bed and hot shower to wash away the days travel.

Driving a further 30 minutes outside of the village we eventually found the turnoff to a little country road running off to the left toward distant hills. Another 20 minutes and we were at the farmhouse driveway. It was clear that what was once farmland had been returned to natural bush tucked away underneath huge hills and mountains.

The old stone farmhouse we had seen in the early photos was now a sprawling single story mansion with a circular driveway leading to the front door and a four car garage at one end. Over the crown of the roof I could see what appeared to be the top story of another building behind the house.

Slowly easing the Jeep to a stop underneath the portico I hit the kill switch just as the front door of the house was Lefkoşa Escort thrown open and Mandy came bursting out squealing with excitement. She urgently pulled open Julie’s door and thrust her head in, “Hello Grandma,” she squealed, “its fantastic that you could come see us.”

I had only just closed my car door when I hear the squealing again. I look up and see Mandy swooping around the bonnet toward me with her arms high and outstretched. As she nears she throws herself onto me and wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my torso. “Hiya Gramps,” she says excitedly before she plants a huge kiss directly on my lips, “thanks for coming to stay.”

I stood there dumbstruck. Not only from the reception and unexpected sign of affection from Mandy, but the realisation that when she jumped up onto me I automatically placed my arms out to catch her and was now firmly holding my granddaughter by her arse cheeks.

Mandy leaned back with her arms outstretched so she could look at me, however this only forced her pelvis harder into my torso, just above my hardening cock. “Ohhh.. you are still so strong being able to hold me like this Gramps,” she said, then started to wiggle her 20 year old arse around on my hands.

Startled, I immediately dropped her to the ground. “Heh heh,” I chuckled, “you ought to be careful doing that sort of thing to your old grandpa Mandy.” Still chuckling I continued, “Its not everyday that beautiful young lady’s throw themselves at me and my reactions might not function so good anymore. I’m not as quick to react as I used to be young lady.”

With a grin on her face Mandy looked me up and down then stepped forward and whispered, “I think your functions are working just fine Gramps,” before skipping away again to take Julie by the arm and lead her toward the house.

I looked up and saw Meg leaning against the front doorframe just shaking her head but with a perceptive smile on her face. As Julie and Mandy approached her she said, “Hi Mom… you two continue inside and I’ll give Dad a hand with the luggage.”

Meg looked toward me again before descending a couple of small steps and walking around the front of the Jeep. As she did so I noticed how fantastically fit and healthy she looked.

“Hello Dad,” she said as she held her arms in the air, “I’m not sure I can give you the same welcome as Mandy though.” I leant down and Meg slipped her arms around my neck.

“Hello baby girl,” I responded. Ever since Meg was very young I had called her my baby girl, however in recent years I did so only when we’re alone. “I’m sure you can do much better than your daughter,” I said as I stood up again and dragged Meg off the ground, her arms still locked around my neck.

Our reactions were both immediate and without thought. Meg lifted her legs and intertwined her feet around my trunk as I planted both hands under her arse and held her up. She looked directly at me, “Hi again Dad,” she said again and briefly kissed me on the lips. As I placed Meg back on the ground she surprisingly asked, “So was my welcome better than Mandy’s?”

I thought for a minute and then said, “Well, overall… no baby girl, it wasn’t.”

Meg looked indignant as I continued while simultaneously giving her a smile and a wink, “It felt like you might have the nicer butt Meg… but Mandy is a much better kisser.”

“Oh you teaser,” she laughed, returning my wink, “Well you have thrown down the challenge now haven’t you? I can’t let my daughter get the better of me can I? C’mon, let’s get your bags inside before we miss out on all the gossip between Mandy and Mom.”

Meg’s response surprised me a little. What did she mean by throwing down a challenge?

As we each gathered up the luggage I took the opportunity to peek more intensely at Meg and decided that she definitely looked at least 5 years younger than her 42 years. Standing about 5’7″ she had maintained a curvy hourglass figure after motherhood and was probably a US size 8 (UK size 12). Her usual long dirty blonde hair was now cut quite short into a bob style. It looked great on her and framed her face superbly. However, it is probably her beautiful deep green eyes and infectious smile that attracts people to her the most.

“Earth to Dad! Earth to Dad! Hello, are you there Dad?”

Without realising it I had stopped gathering the luggage and had been staring at Meg. I quickly tried to recover but could feel the redness in my face and silently chastised myself for looking at her so intently.

As I headed up the front stairs with a backpack slung over my shoulder and a suitcase in each hand, I said, “Sorry darling. I was just thinking about whether to have a service done on the Jeep while we are here with you,”

Meg just gave me a sly grin but didn’t respond. She knew I was checking her out but had the grace not to embarrass me any more than I had embarrassed myself. I concluded that Meg was, albeit a very attractive and desirable woman externally, within she has a knowing that comes with maturity and worldliness. Perhaps Girne Escort it was a result of successfully balancing a career and motherhood while keeping the family unit together. All I knew was that I was so very proud of her… and so very thankful she didn’t blow me up.

We set the baggage down in the hallway and set off in search of Julie and Mandy, locating them within seconds sitting around the kitchen table engrossed in whispered conversation.

“What are you two up to?”

“Nothing that you need to know about Meg”, said Julie, “There are some things that need only be discussed between a granddaughter and her grandma. Mothers don’t need to know everything, nor grandpa’s for that matter either.”

“Hey! how did I get tied up in this?” I said in mock indignation.

“Oh alright then, in that case,” Meg quickly butted in, “there are some things that should remain strictly between a daughter and her dad without mothers or granddaughters having to know either.”

“And just what mysteries could you two possibly have that we don’t already know anyway?”

“You can mind your own bees wax mother,” responded Meg laughingly, as she walked over and entwined her arm in mine and said, “Come on Dad, Derek is not going to be home for a few more hours so let me show you around the house and leave these two to their little secrets.”

I gave Julie and Mandy a huge smile, shrugged my shoulders and childishly poked my tongue out.

“You’re not going anywhere without us,” said Mandy, “c’mon grandma lets join the tour,” she continued as she helped Julie up from her chair.

It was all good-natured banter and fun, which continued as all four of us explored the house and property. We eventually ended up at what was once an old two-story barn located about 50 metres behind the main house. This was obviously the mostly obscured building I could see from the main driveway when we arrived.

The old barn was also made of stone but had been beautifully renovated to compliment the house. The bottom floor was completely decked out as a home gym with a running machine, bicycle, stepper, as well as mats, ropes and weights. It was a fitness fanatic’s paradise and I just knew I was going to make great use of this room while I was staying.

Meg explained that it was too far to go into the village everyday to the fitness studio so when they renovated she decided the old barn would make a fantastic gym. She uses it every day, and so does Mandy when she’s home from university, but poor Derek just doesn’t get the time and when he is home he is just too tired to put it to good use.

To one side and toward the front was a stairway that led from the gym to the first floor. It was rather steep and Julie asked if I could stand behind her in case she had trouble negotiating the stairs. Both Mandy and Meg bounded up and were waiting patiently at the top for us to arrive. Julie was having some difficulty because the stairs were not fully enclosed and she could see through to the floor below. You see, unbeknown to the others, Julie had a fall down stairs at a shopping centre about two years ago. Although she only had severe bruising it has left her terrified of heights. Simply being able to see through a stairway frightens her.

After a very slow trip we finally made it to the top and walked straight into a magnificent room with a huge super king-size bed dominating one end. Off to one side of the bed were two separate walk-in robes and on the other was a full en-suite.

At the opposite end of the bed were large glass sliding doors leading onto a balcony that commanded a fantastic view of the mountains behind the main house. At one end of the balcony stood a four-person hot tub that was strategically placed so that it couldn’t be seen from the bedroom and didn’t spoil the view of the mountains behind. It was just incredible.

“This is where you guys are staying,” Meg said, “I’ve got it all set-up for you so you can also have your privacy while you’re staying here.”

“Oh this is fantastic Meg, we won’t want to leave. Ever.”

“Hey no problem Dad. You guys can stay as long as you want.”

“Yeah, stay forever Gramps,” said Mandy, “we’ll look after everything for you, won’t we Mom?”

Suddenly Julie chirped in and the mood changed dramatically. “I’m sorry Meg but I can’t stay in this room. Oh it’s absolutely beautiful, please don’t get me wrong, but I can’t stay here because of the stairs.”

It was time for Julie to come clean with the girls about her fear and what it does to her. How she gets the shakes and sometimes freezes, not able to move either up or down.

“That’s okay Mom,” said Meg, “you know there’s another room at the main house. Why don’t you move into the bedroom down the far end between Mandy’s room and the garages? It doesn’t have an ensuite but there is a bathroom nearby and it’s reasonably private. It only has a double bed though, so perhaps you could stay there and Dad could still stay in this room. That’s if you don’t mind being separated for a while that is?”

“Oh Magosa Escort no we couldn’t do that,” I chipped in, “all that additional work with us taking separate rooms. No, its ok. We can both move into the house. That’s fine.”

“Don’t be silly Dad. There’s hardly any additional work. The rooms are always going to be there and it’s just an extra set of bed linen really. I insist.”

Julie and I looked at each other and then just shrugged our shoulders in resignation. The decision was made. Secretly I was over the moon being able to stay in the loft, but still tried to put up some feeble resistance.

After helping Julie back down the stairs we completed our tour and eventually all went back to the main house.

“Well, I’m going to sort the luggage out now,” I said, “anybody want to help?”

“I’ll take Grandma’s down to her room Gramps but you will have to show me which bags are hers,” said Mandy.

“I’ll give you a hand too Dad, I don’t want you falling down those stairs at your frail old age,” said Meg somewhat jokingly.

I sorted the luggage out and then followed Meg back toward the old barn. It was a bit difficult to negotiate the stairs again while holding the bags, but I eventually made it without injuring myself.

I dropped the luggage at the foot of the bed then walked out onto the balcony. “It’s beautiful here Meg,” I said while gazing at the view through the valley up to the hills, “I can understand why you love it here so much.”

Meg joined me on the balcony. She did she slid her arm around my waist and cuddled into me. “I really do love it Dad. It’s so quiet and peaceful and most of all, its safe.”

Protectively, I placed my arm around her shoulder and we just stood there together in silence admiring at the view. Father and daughter. Just enjoying the moment without needing to say another word.

After about 5 minutes Meg said, “You know Dad, there are a number of walking trails in those hills. There are a couple that lead to fantastic lakes and waterfalls. Now that I have the time I regularly explore the trails while Derek is at work. Would you like to go up there sometime while you are here?”

“That would be fantastic Meg, I would love to. That’s if you don’t mind your old man tagging along?”

Meg moved away slightly and looked up at me. “I’ve missed you so much Dad, of course I don’t mind. Oh, I’ve missed Mom too, but we were never as close as what you and I were. You were always the one that was special in my life when I was growing up. You seemed to understand me better than Mom. You allowed me to be myself and grow but Mom always wanted to keep a tight reign on me. Oh, I know she always wanted the best for me, but I was a good kid Dad.”

I didn’t say a word, just looked down at my beautiful daughter because I knew what she was telling me was from her heart and special. I knew I was being unfair to Julie. Meg should love us both equally and I should have reinforced that with her. But I didn’t, and selfishly I wasn’t going to.

“You know Mom was the real reason that I left home at 18?” Meg continued, “I just couldn’t stand being stifled any longer and needed to be free, just to be myself. You let me be that but Mom didn’t.”

I could see the tears starting to well up as she hugged me close again. “I didn’t know all of that Meg. I certainly didn’t know that was the real reason why you left home. It would kill your mother if she knew. We were both so anxious about you going, but all of the arguments between you and Julie were just too much. We had to think about your sister as well. Julie wanted me to go after you and bring you back home, by force if necessary, but I said no! I knew that you needed to find yourself. I just didn’t know the real reason why though.”

After another 5 minutes or so of silence I said, “C’mon baby girl, lets get back to your Mom and Mandy. They must be wondering what we are up to!”

Meg stepped away, turned, and then reached up to place her arms around my neck. In doing so she also pulled my head down and kissed me directly on the lips. “Thanks Dad. Thanks for listening and for always just being there.” She then kissed me on the lips once again, this time longer and softer.

When Meg broke away and headed inside, my thoughts were in a fog. Between Meg’s confession and the inappropriateness of her kiss, I didn’t know what to think. Sure, the kiss was longer, and it was soft, and it was moist, and it felt… well… wonderful, but I shouldn’t be thinking these things. It was then I also became conscious that once again my cock had started to harden.

I waited a few minutes before turning and following Meg back inside. Julie and Mandy were back in the kitchen and all four of us chatted for the rest of the afternoon while Meg and Mandy made dinner.

Derek eventually came home from work and the conversations started all over again. It turned out that the following week Derek had to troubleshoot at another branch of the bank because the Manager had resigned suddenly due to illness. He was to fly out in two days for at least the following week and perhaps a little longer until an interim manager could be appointed. He asked Meg to go with him, but she refused because after taking so long to convince us to visit, she wasn’t going to just leave. So then the discussions went back and forth about her going, who should go, and so on.

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