Amy’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Jamie sat in her room getting ready for Amy’s 18th birthday party at Sara’s house. Sara was the oldest girl in the group only a week shy of her 19th birthday and had offered to host the party at her house. She didn’t have to work tonight and was looking forward to an evening with her four best friends. She knew Sara’s parents would be going to bed early and they would have access to the liquor cabinet as well as the beer Beth was going to smuggle into the party. Her younger sister Jackie had some kind of cheerleading competition that night so her parents and little brother were going to be gone and wouldn’t bother her.

Jamie had just graduated from high school and wasn’t going to college. She hated living at home but didn’t make enough money to move out. Her parents had long ago given up on trying to raise her so she was pretty much free to come and go as she pleased. She didn’t get along with either of her siblings, Jackie was always Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes and Robert was just a pain in the ass. Someday soon she would be able to leave and would never look back. But right now she needed to finish packing, have a cigarette and get over to Amy’s. Beth would be there any minute now so she hurried up and headed downstairs.

Marlene was sitting on the couch when Jamie entered to room from upstairs. Looking up from her magazine, she was somewhat shocked to see the teenager dressed in a pair of shorts that revealed a portion of her lower butt cheeks and a tiny tube top that barely covered her budding breasts. Two hard nipples were prominently displayed on the front of the top.

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” She inquired setting the magazine down along side of her.

“I’m going to Amy’s birthday party, why?” Jamie snapped back. “I told you the other day that Sara was having a sleepover tonight!”

“Don’t you think that outfit is a bit risqué?” Marlene stated even though she knew there was no way she could get the rebellious teen to change.

“This outfit is just fine and besides we’re not going out it, will be just the four of us!” She responded just as Beth pulled up in the driveway and tooted the horn. “I’ll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon!” Opening the front door, Jamie quickly left and jumped in the car as Beth backed out.

“Hurry up and let’s get the fuck out of here!” She instructed her friend as she reached into her purse, withdrew a cigarette and lit up.

“What did you buy Amy for her birthday?” Beth quizzed her as the turned onto the main street and headed toward Amy’s.

“I got her a hot pink thong, matching lace bra and a really hot XXX rated DVD with some of the biggest cocks or most awesome fuck footage you’ve ever seen!” She responded, thinking about the action scenes on the disk.

“Well, I’ve got the beer and a really sexy little white teddy for her. As long as her folks stay out of the way this should be one great evening!” Beth added as she turned onto Sara’s street and then pulled up in front of the girl’s house. Leaving the beer in the car, they went up to the house, rang the bell and let themselves in.

Amy was already at the house and she and Sara ran to meet the other girls. Giving each of them a hug Amy gleamed as they handed her the gifts. “I’ll open these later.” She stated following the three girls downstairs to Sara’s bedroom in the basement. Sara liked the arrangement at her house. Her dad had finished the basement several years ago and they allowed Sara to move into the bedroom down there. Her room contained a queen size bed, large walk-in closet and a private full bathroom. She had her own computer, stereo, 27″ television and combination VCR/DVD player. Their bedroom was on the second floor, so once she became sexually active, it was easy to sneak her boyfriend Paul into her room for countless hours of sucking and fucking. Things were just perfect as far as she was concerned. She would be leaving for college in the fall and maybe her younger sister would get the basement bedroom.

Physically the four girls were completely different. Sara has the tallest at 5’9″ with long blonde hair and 38DD breasts. An athletic waist and extremely long legs packed into the 125 lb. Frame completed the sexy package. She was a turn head-turner in the short yellow mini-skirt, tiny yellow thong and white tank top she wore.

Beth stood only slightly shorter at 5’7″ tall, 115 lb. average length legs and 34C cup tits and an extremely well rounded ass. Short flaming red hair cut just below the ears presented an imposing picture. Dressed in a flaring white mini-sun dress her nipples seemed to be constantly aroused as the poked through the top of the dress.

Amy was the heaviest of the group. At 5’4″ and 135 lb., she was a late bloomer who had trouble shedding some of her baby fat. Like Beth she sported 34C tits which had a slight amount of sag and were capped with large brown aureoles and nipples that extended over ½” when erect. Her butt flared out at the hips and she was very conscience of her appearance. Her hair was shoulder length and as black as coal. Her low self-esteem prevented her from dating very Ümraniye Escort much during high school and masturbation was the only sexual experience she had. Tonight she was wearing a non-descript pair of shorts and plaid blouse.

Jamie was short, 5’-1″ weighting about 110 pounds with short dark brown hair. Her 36B breasts fit her body well, breasts that she continuously showed off with low cut tops that always exposed the top of both her bra and tits. Her ass while a little on the plump side, did fill a pair of jeans or shorts nicely. With the bottoms of her butt exposed and nipples clearly showing through the tube top, she was a sensuous sight.

As the four girls sat on the floor and bed they idly chatted about the boys at school, their plans for the future and all the things teenage girls talk about. As the evening wore on the girls enjoyed a meal of pizza and salad and as soon as Sara’s parents said their good nights, Beth slipped out to the car and retrieved the 12 pack of Miller in the trunk. Soon each of the girls had a beer and began to relax. As they sat talking Sara finally decided to find something on the TV to watch. As she surfed the channels it was apparent there was nothing on to peek their interest. Rising form the bed she opened the drawer of her nightstand and withdrew a VCR tape and threw it in the machine.

“This is something I think will you guys will like!” She said as she found the remote and hit the play button. Soon the screen came to life and the video began playing. Opening another beer, the girls sat mesmerized as they watched two young girls lying on a bed gently rubbing each other’s bare tits. As the girls on the screen continued playing with each other a young man with an enormously hard dick entered the room and proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes fucking each of the girls. Soon all four girls in the room were flush with excitement and giggling as they provided their own running dialogue to the movie. Finally, Sara turned the video off and announced it was time for Amy to open her presents. Amy climbed into the middle of the bed with huge smile on her face and settled in.

“How wants to go first?” Sara asked as she removed a wrapped package from her closet.

“I will.” Giggled Jamie as she handed her gifts to the young teenage girl.

Amy took the larger package and after reading the card with a nearly naked male hunk on the front, ripped the paper off. Holding up the bright pink underwear she began to blush and said.

“Gee thanks Jamie, do you really think this will look good on me?”

“It will look great and maybe help you gain a little confidence besides! Now open the other one!” She continued to giggle.

Amy tore open the smaller package and squealed when she saw the picture of a woman on the front with a man’s large prick buried deep in her asshole. The title read, “Amy’s Adventures in Fuckland”. This time Amy’s blush was deep crimson as she dropped the disk on the bed.

“Are you trying to make me horny all the time?” She asked. Next came Beth’s gift and after holding up the nearly transparent teddy she had the same reaction as a degree of embarrassment crept over her.

“Thanks Beth, too bad I don’t have anyone to wear this for!” She smiled as a slight feeling of despair flushed over her.

“You can wear it for us tonight!” Beth answered trying hard to make the young girl feel better.

Now it was Sara’s turn and as she handed the package to Amy she said.

“Amy, Seeing your reaction to the other gifts I’m a little concerned I might have gotten carried away. If you don’t like it I’ll take it back and get you something else!”

The card was the most brazen of the three. A man was stroking his erect penis on the cover and a saying about having a hard time on her birthday was on the inside. The card brought another blush to Amy’s face. “Were all her friends sex maniacs?” She wondered. Removing the paper she opened the box and almost had a stroke. Inside the box was an assortment of sex toys. A medium sized flesh colored dildo, a black butt plug, a set of some sort of beads on a string and a long silver vibrator came into view.

“Holy fuck!” Amy gasped. “What am I suppose to do with these?” Even though she knew she was deeply blushing, the sight of the items started to arouse the excitement within her. Maybe it was the beer, maybe the movie but whatever it was she was worried that the other girls might notice that she was getting a little moist between the legs. Setting the box aside she hugged each of her friends and thanked them for the gifts. The other girls had no way of knowing if she even liked any of the stuff. Finally Beth broke the long silence.

“Ok birthday girl, go try those new under garments on and model them for us!” Handing the thong and lacy bra to her. Amy started to protest but was cut short by Sara and finally headed for the bathroom to change. Pulling her shorts and blouse off she looked at the plain cotton panties and bra in the full-length mirror, feeling none too sexy. Unhooking the bra she looked again at the mirror Ümraniye Escort Bayan at her large breasts, although they did sag slightly she thought they really did look pretty good. Reaching down she picked up the lacy bra, hooked the cups to together in the front and checked the mirror again. Suddenly there was an extraordinary amount of cleavage as the bra lifted the globes toward the center. Removing the cotton panties, she stepped into the thong and spent the next couple of minutes trying to tuck all the wispy pubic hairs inside the material. A trim would be required if she was going to wear anything like this in the future. Satisfied she all the hair concealed she inspected herself in the mirror one final time. She was absolutely amazed at just how sexy she looked. The strap of the thing fit snugly in her butt crack and both mounds of flesh were completely exposed. Gathering all her courage she opened the door and walked back into the room with the other girls. Sara let out a long low whistle and said.

“God damn girl, you look really hot in that outfit. Any boy or man seeing you like that would get a hard-on in an instant”

The comment made Amy beam with pride. Slowly turning around to give them a look at the complete outfit all three girls piled compliments on Amy. Amy was in heaven thinking someone found her a little sexy. Just as she was about to retreat back to the bathroom, Jamie picked up the sheer white teddy, threw it to her and said.

“Now model this for us!” Amy caught the sleepwear and returned to the bathroom. Stripping off the underwear she slide the white panties around her waist and pulled the top over her head. Facing the mirror again she was a little shocked when she saw the clear image of her breasts and nipples showing through. Looking down she saw the mass of jet-black pubic hair captured in the panties. This outfit left very little to the imagination. She was a little more reluctant to enter the room, but deciding the girls would persuade her anyhow, she pulled open the door and step out.

Again she heard the rush of air as the girls sucked their breath in at the sight before them. Walking over to the bed, she climbed back on and pulled her legs under her trying to hide some of her near nakedness. Looking at the other three girls she half whispered.

“Seems like I’m the only one in my pajamas. Don’t you guys think it’s about time you go ready for bed too?”

Beth jumped off the bed, grabbed her overnight bag and headed for the bathroom. “I’ll be right out.” She yelled as she pushed the door closed. While Beth was in the bathroom, Sara walked into her closet, closed the door and began to strip off her own clothing. Reaching into her dresser she fished out the most transparent blue nightie she could find and slipped into it. Opening the bottom drawer of the dresser she produced a bottle of half empty Tequila and four chemistry test tubes she had lifted from school. Opening the door she made her way back to the bed with the liquor, noticing that Jamie and Amy both were looking straight through her nightie at her naked body. Just then Beth stepped out of the bathroom wearing a silky red top with thin spaghetti straps and a small silk thong. Jumping on the bed she made sure everyone got a good look at the thong before she settled in.

Jamie was now the only one still in her shorts and top. Walking to the bathroom she entered leaving the door ajar and began pulling off her top and shorts. Standing naked in the room she bend over to pull her own nightie out of the bag giving peeping girls a perfect view of her hairy pussy and hanging tits. The small yellow nylon nightie was as transparent as Amy’s and her own bush was as thick. As soon as she had dressed she also return and climbed onto the bed. All the girls took a couple of moments to drink in the mass of flesh sitting exposed on the bed when Sara finally announced.

“Time to do Birthday shots for the Birthday girl!” picking each of the tubes and filling them with the caramel colored liquid. Handing one to each of the girls she raised hers up and said.

“Happy 18th Amy, may you get everything you wish for always!”

Beth quickly joined in; “To good friends, may we always have each other!”

Jamie waited a moment and then chimed in; “Here’s to Amy and to a night she’ll never forget!!”

The girls all giggled at the toasts and then in unison poured the liquor down their throats. For Amy and Beth, the liquid burnt all the way down and seemed to light their tummies on fire as it hit bottom. Passing out the last of the beers the girls chatted and giggled, all the while secretly examining each other’s scantily covered bodies. As they continued talking the subject of sex came up and questions flew amongst the group. After talking a while Beth spoke up.

“How about we play a little game of “Truth or Dare”?”

Amy giggled at the suggestion and with a hint of drunken speech added; “One stipulation, no “Truths” just “Dares”!!!”

The girls agreed and decided that since it was Amy’s birthday she got to make the first dare.

“I Escort Ümraniye dared Jamie to let Beth spank her.” Amy giggled again with a slight slur to her voice.

Jamie was a bit taken back at the request. Here was a girl who not too long ago was embarrassed at receiving sexy underwear and now wanted to see her get spanked. “Oh well, it is her birthday.” Jamie thought as she laid herself across Beth’s lap, pulled her nightie up exposing her nylon panties and waited for Beth to begin. Beth wasted no time and soon a sharp smack was heard in the room, followed by a second and third. Jamie while not in pain squealed and was surprised that moisture began to flow in her vagina as Beth administered the paddling. She was both amazed and embarrassed at how aroused she was becoming and quickly pulled herself from Beth’s lap. She wasn’t sure if the liquor had anything to do with her arousal or not, but she was definitely wet in the crotch.

Figuring turn about was fair play, Jamie dared Sara to sit behind Amy and touch her breasts through the nightie. Sara quickly moved behind Amy and placed both hands over her breasts. Amy jumped at Sara’s touch and then silently fell back into her arms. Sara marveled at the softness of Amy’s large tits and was aware of Amy’s hardening nipples pushing against her hand as she massaged the globes. Soon both girls were softly moaning and unsure of how to handle their growing arousals. Sara removed her hands and sat back. Amy was disappointed that Sara stopped and took another sip of beer.

By now everyone but Beth was starting to get excited by the actions of the game and Sara decided to press the game a little farther. Daring Beth to remove her top and show everyone her boobies they all watched as Beth not being the least bit shy, reached down and pulled the top of her silk shirt over her head. The other girls sucked their breath in as they saw Beth’s pert little breasts topped by large puffy nipples for the first time.

Amy was now the only one left to perform a dare and Beth instructed her to lean over and suck on one of her protruding nipples. Amy, while a little drunk, was hesitant to accept the dare. Never in her life had she considered touching another female and the fear of being considered a lesbian held her back. While the girls could sense her apprehension Sara was the first to react. Sitting back up she reached around Amy’s body and cupped both breast in her hands. Amy let out a sharp moan as she felt Sara’s fingers begin to softly squeeze the hardening nipples. That was all it took as she finally leaned across the bed and clamped her mouth around one of the Beth’s puffy morsel and began sucking very gently. Beth immediately started moaning as she felt the warm moist lips gently tugging at her nipple. Soon Amy had her other hand squeezing the other mound and Beth was off to the races.

Jamie quietly slid in behind Sara and began to tease her nipples with her fingers. Soon all the girls were softly groaning at what was transpiring on the bed. Jamie released on of the soft globes she had been massaging and slipping her hand into Sara’s panties began to stroke the girls swollen cunt lips. Finding the source of the flowing moisture she slid her middle finger into Sara’s hot snatch and began to finger-fuck the blonde.

Soon Sara as completely caught up in the pleasure of the teen’s fingers and using her own hand made a be-line for Amy’s furry bush. Working her own fingers on the outside of the lacy underpants she pushed the material into Amy’s slit and using her thumb started applying pressure to the girl’s clit. Now it was Amy’s turn to respond and she quickly grabbed the pleasuring hand and plunged it into her wet panties. Within seconds she felt Sara’s finger invade her hot gushing hole and as the thumb return to her clit she moaned loudly into the puffy nipple drawn into her mouth. With renewed vigor she eagerly sucked the rock hard knob causing Beth to shutter. The sounds in the room were becoming louder and louder and the girls were all glad that Sara’s parents were far away sound asleep.

As if a silent command instructed the girls at the same time everyone began to peel off whatever clothing they had now. Now four naked nymphs sat on the bed trying to figure out how to pleasure each other.

Jamie got off the bed, picked up Amy’s new DVD and inserted it into the player. Muting the sound on the TV, she hit the play button and returned to the bed. Soon the TV showed pictures of all different types of sexual activities as the girls continued to play with each other.

Finally Beth made a definite move toward Jamie. Reaching her she laid her back on the bed and engulfed her mouth with her own. As she forced her tongue into Jamie’s mouth she started massaging the girls naked tits. Jamie had never felt anything as good as the kiss she was receiving and the softness of Beth’s hands. Pulling her lips from the willing mouth, Beth slid down and captured the nearest nipple in her lips. Sucking gently she felt Jamie respond to the oral ministrations. Moving the other nipple she slowly send her free hand down into Jamie’s massive bush and played with the hair. Finally she slid her finger into the young girls opening and buried it all the way in. Jamie tensed and let out a loud squeal as she felt the digit drive inside of her. Her own juices started covering the long slender ramrod as she felt her impend orgasm start to build.

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