All Aboard!

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Still a new writer, feedback appreciated.

Disclaimer: All individuals in the following work of fiction are over the age of 18.


I stepped on the train and shuffled over to my seat. The cabin was almost empty save for a couple of people dressed in business attire. I chalked it up to the late hour and the fact that it was the holiday season. I had just finished my last exam earlier in the evening and was heading home for winter break. I sat down in my compartment, four seats, each pair facing each other. I rested my bag pack on the seat next to me and hoped I would have the luxury of empty seats opposite me so I could rest my feet. I didn’t put up my feet just yet, for the fear of appearing rude if it was indeed someone’s seat.

The train ride was an overnight one; I would only reach my destination by about nine the next morning. I smiled to myself when I saw the train attendants coming round, doing their checks, assuming all passengers were on board and we were almost ready to go. Just as I was about to kick up my feet I saw a figure walk up beside me. Dressed in a plaid mini skirt and white shirt, she was stunning. The beautiful young woman smiled down to me then grabbed a pull along suitcase, lifting it to the overhead compartment. As she stretched her arms up to fit her bag, her shirt rose up, revealing her little tummy to me. From the small glimpse, I was turned on, at the sight of the young beauty’s bare skin. Again, she looked down at me as I quickly averted my eyes, hoping she had not caught me staring at her. She sat down opposite me, pulling her blonde hair behind her, resting her head back.

“Heading home for the holidays?” she said in an angelic voice.

“Um, yeah, just got out of class actually,” I replied.

“Oh, you go to the college?” she questioned.

“Yeah, you?”

“Nope, private college, hence the uniform,” she said, looking down to her skirt and shirt.

“Ohh, I think my friend’s sister goes there,” I commented.

She nodded her head, “I’m Sarah by the way,” she giggled.

“Sean,” I replied as we exchanged smiles.

As the train finally got going, we continued with our conversation. From our talk, I had gathered that Sarah was 20, a year younger than I was, and that she had just finished her first semester at college. I also learned that she lived in the town next to mine; she was two stops before my own. As our conversation dwindled, we retreated to time by ourselves, me to my ipod, and she to her book. About a half hour later, I noticed she had drifted off to sleep. I decided to get some shuteye myself, switching off my ipod and resting my head against the window. I awoke some time later, looking at my watch; realizing about 45 minutes had passed. I looked over to a still sleeping Sarah. As the train rolled on, I continued to look at Sarah as she shifted in her seat, trying to find a comfortable position. The cabin was dark now, the only light came from one down the cabin, and the quickly moving lights of the city outside as we rode past it. I looked on as Sarah continued shifting. As she continued moving, I noticed her already short skirt become even shorter as it rode higher and higher up her legs, then thighs.

My eyes were glued to her as more and more of her bare flesh was revealed to me. I took a chance and switched on our compartment light, in an effort to get a better view, luckily it did not awake her from her slumber. I looked around guiltily, but no one took notice. The light did wonders as I now gazed upon her with ease. She was exposed to about halfway up her thighs. My eyes were locked to her creamy inner thigh. I bent my head down slightly, to see if I could manage to see more. I learnt that I could as my eyes now came to wander between Sarah’s legs, as I caught glimpses of her underwear. Sarah shifted again; now, the black panties that covered her sex were clear in my view. I noticed the slight outline of the lips of her pussy pressed against the black shiny fabric. The train hit a bump and I quickly straightened my head. I looked over to Sarah, shocked at the sight of her staring back at me. She looked down to her hiked up skirt, as I looked out the window in fear, as if nothing happened. Sarah slowly rose from her seat,

“I need to use the rest room,” she whispered, heading to the back of the cabin.

“Holy shit! Did she see me? Was she going to tell someone?” the numerous questions running through my mind as I began to panic. My nerves were somewhat eased when I saw Sarah return by herself, smile and all. She took her seat, grinning wider as I did my best to avoid eye contact. Eventually, I looked at her as she looked back at me, smiling.

“I have something for you,” she said in a bubbly voice.

“Uh” I paused,” I mean, what is it?” I queried.

“You have to close your eyes,” she requested.

Reluctantly, I shut my eyes and waited, “Ok, now reach out you hand,” she continued.

I did as she instructed, stretching my right hand out before me, holding my palm open. It wasn’t long before I felt Sarah’s soft hand on mine as she Kuşadası Escort placed something in my palm, cloth, material of some sort. I opened my eyes and looked down. Clenched in my fist were Sarah’s black panties. Confused, l looked up to her.

“You looked like you were breaking you neck to catch a glimpse, so I thought I’d help you out,” she explained as I opened the garment, gazing on its petite frame.

Feeling at ease, and taking a couple of seconds to come up with a response, I looked at her.

“Thanks, but it’s what they covered I was trying to catch a glimpsed of,” I cheekily replied. Sarah blushed profusely at my comment.

“Is that so?” she questioned as I began returning the smiles. Sarah lowered her hands, pressing her skirt between her legs teasingly. I stared into her sultry eyes as Sarah ran her hands up her thighs, sliding her skirt up along the way. Sarah’s legs were now fully exposed, with her skirt bunched up around her crotch. I felt myself begin to harden as my cock pressed against the confines of my tightening jeans. Sarah smiled at the sight of my developing bulge. I placed her panties to my side and ran my hand over my shaft. She continued exploring with her hands, finally lifting her skirt. I smiled as I stared at her exposed pussy, the lips puckered and swollen. There was a peppering of stubble around her crotch, to which I commented,

“Someone hasn’t been keeping up with their shaving.”

“Finals week, you know how it is,” she joked.

I sensed a bit of apprehension when Sarah looked around, but realized she was just double-checking our privacy before her next move. Sarah raised her hands to her chest, unbuttoning the buttons on her white shirt. When she was done with the last button, Sarah opened her shirt, running her hands up her stomach, and then cupping her right breast, over a very sexy black lace bra. Teasingly, she ran her fingers over the top of her breasts, slowly slipping it into her bra, grabbing a handful of her wonderfully petite breasts. Sarah abruptly stopped when we heard a loud cough from behind her. In her fear, she sprang over to my side of the seats. We both began to laugh as we realized the interruption had come from all the way from the front of the cabin. Sarah placed my bag on the other side, getting comfortable in her new seat. We now had the pleasure of close proximity as Sarah sat beside me. Again looking at the bulge pressed against my jeans, Sarah lowered her hand to me. I moaned aloud as she ran her hand the length of my manhood, squeezing and pressing along the way.

“Mhmm, so hard? Is this for me?” she asked in a cute innocent voice. I replied with a smile.

“It must be getting tight in there,” she commented as she continued massaging me through my jeans. She tiptoed her fingers up to the buckle on my jeans, undoing the button, and slowly unzipping me. Feeling the tension ease, I lifted my waist as Sarah tugged on my jeans, pulling it down under my thighs. Her eyes widened at the sight of my hardened cock, arched in the confines of my boxers. She reached over to the other seat, retrieving one of the train’s blankets. She threw it over us. Again, I felt Sarah’s hands on my groin. She slipped her hand through the slit in my boxers pulling my erect cock through. I groaned at her touch. Deciding to repay the favor, I worked my hands down to Sarah’s waist, sliding it under her skirt. A slight sigh escaped her as I slid my fingers along her cunt. I ran my fingers over her sex a few more times, getting her wet, as she slowly started to pump my shaft. As the slowness of her hand teased me, I slid a finger into her. We both looked into each other’s eyes as we learned in, sharing a sensual kiss. Sarah broke away from our kiss, bending over to my groin. Her position forced me to remove my hand from her, placing it on my side. She lifted the blanket, briefly exposing my throbbing cock to the open. She buried herself beneath the blanket. I sat there looking down at Sarah beside me, only her legs visible, the rest hidden by the blanket.

Soon I felt her breathing, her hot breath enveloping cock. The sensation that followed was unimaginable. I closed my eyes as I felt her warm moist tongue lick the length of my shaft, from the base go up. She did this a couple times as if licking on an ice cream cone. Then, on one of the occasions she got to the top, she paused, licking the mushroom head of my penis. My mind was spinning as her delicate tongue swirled around the tip of my cock. Sarah continued tantalizingly sucking on my cock, now slipping it into her mouth, an inch at a time. Every time she almost had me all in, she would retreat to slurping on the tip. I groaned at her tease and she finally gave in. She engulfed my entire shaft, and bobbed her head up and down, allowing her tongue so slide against me. The young minx slid my cock in and out of her mouth for minutes on end. Before I knew it, I felt my oncoming orgasm. My hips bucked as my cock twitched. As my prick began shooting hot cum, Sarah slowed her bobbing. I now felt a hand on my shaft, as it squeezed Kuşadası Escort Bayan its way up, to where her mouth remained. Sarah milked and swallowed every drop of me before returning from under the blanket. When she did, her hair was all over the place, with small beads of sweat on her forehead. I raised a hand to comb her hair,

“That was so amazing,” I complimented, as her hand remained around my cock until it went limp. She smiled back at me, resting her head on my shoulder. I don’t know who was more exhausted, me or her. After we caught our breaths, Sarah looked up to me.

“You know, the restroom seemed pretty spacious,” she commented, with a grin.

She didn’t need to explain, I knew exactly what she meant.

“Meet you in two minutes,” I replied. Sarah buttoned her shirt and casually got up heading to the restroom. I sat there, the thought of her waiting for me, causing a stir in my groin. I pulled up my jeans, buttoning it without doing the zip. After the two minutes, I got up from my seat and headed for the restroom. I gently knocked against the door, and heard it unlock from the inside. I slid the door opened and was greeted by Sarah, sat on the sink. I quickly entered, shutting the door behind me. The bright lights in the restroom illuminated Sarah’s magnificent body to me as she sat there, her legs dangling over the side of the sink. I approached her, noting that the countertop the sink sat on was the perfect height. Sarah, who had unbuttoned her shirt again, now proceed to peel it off herself. I leaned in, planting a kiss on her neck, working my way up her face, till I felt her tongue, parting my lips. I raised a hand along her stomach, up to her chest, running it over the cups of her bra as I felt the hardness of her nipples poking through. I looked to the mirror behind me as I guided my hands to the clasp of her bra, unhooking it, letting fall to her side. I broke our kiss to get a view of her naked chest. Her petite breasts were adorable, slightly bigger than an A cup. Her pink nipples were erect as I again ran my hand over them, this time her bear skin. I lowered my face to them, licking around her areolas, taking the time that she had shown to me. Then I kissed my way down her tiny stomach. I looked up into her wanton eyes as I undid the buttons on her skirt, letting it fall open. I took a moment to admire her bare pussy under the bright lights and then stepped between her legs, again leaning in, kissing her deeply. As we explored each other’s mouths, I felt Sarah’s hands on my body, first on my hips, then at my groin. Again, she massaged my hardening cock through the confines of my jeans.

Then, she undid the buckle, allowing my jeans to fall to the floor. Still locked in an erotic kiss, I lowered my hands, sliding my boxers down my legs to join my jeans at my ankle. I reached behind Sarah, grasping hold of her soft ass. I massaged it in my hands a few seconds before pulling her slightly forward. I felt her warm sex push against my throbbing member. She lowered her hands, grabbing my cock firmly, rubbing it over her entrance and all over her crotch. She broke from our kiss, looking into my eyes. She looked so enticing. She passed my cock over the prickliness of her pubic stubble, before returning it to the wetness of her entrance. We both smiled as I eased forward as she allowed my penis to penetrate her. Still holding my cock, she guided me into her snatch. We both released simultaneous moans, which led us to release simultaneous giggles. Before I knew it, I was pressed all the way into her as I felt the friction of her stubble against my pelvis. She pulled me in for a kiss as I began to gently slide my cock out of and into her warm pussy. Thankfully, our kiss managed to muffle the sounds of our moans along with the noise of the train rolling on. I let my hands wander over Sarah’s body, down behind to her ass, pulling her to meet my thrusts, then sliding them up, grabbing hold of her tits, massaging them in my hands. Meanwhile, Sarah was digging her fingers into my back as she pulled me forward with each push.

“Mhmm, uhhh!” she moaned into my mouth.

I continued prodding her with my cock as I felt her clit drag against my shaft. Sarah lowered a hand and began massaging her clit as we continued to fuck.

As my lunges grew harder, Sarah buried her face in the crook of my neck, gently biting on my bare shoulder.

Her young twenty-year-old pussy was like a vice on my cock, tight and warm, her juices providing a slick comfort. As I groaned, she too responded with sounds of her own,

“Ahh, fuck!! mhmm, faster! mhmm,” she pleaded, as I obeyed, quickening my pace. I could sense that my orgasm was not too far away, but not before, I felt Sarah’s pussy tighten around my cock.

“Oooo! mhmmmm!” she screeched, “I’m gonna cum!! I’m, I’m, ahh! cummng!!” she announced as felt her gush of pleasure soak my penis as her pussy continued contracting around me. Not too long after, I felt my body begin to tense.

“I’m gonna blow,” I grunted.

“Mhmm, yeah baby, cum in Escort Kuşadası me, I want to feel your warm cum full me,” the minx encouraged. I continued maneuvering in and out of her dripping vagina and felt my body spasm as my cock began to pulsate, shooting my warm seed into her.

“Uhhh!” I grunted as I leaned over the girl, continuing to spew cum from my member.

“Mhmm, you like that, mhmm, yeah,” she moaned as her pussy milked my cock. As the sensation of my orgasm subsided, I pulled myself out of her as Sarah grabbed some toilet paper, cleaning both of our sexes. Sarah hopped off the sink and helped me pull up my boxers and jeans, patting down on my cock as she zipped me up. Sarah buttoned her skirt while I retrieved her underwear that I had tucked into my jeans pocket. She strapped back on her bra and buttoned her shirt. I handed her the black panties and watched as she slid them up her slender legs, and up under her skirt. She smiled as a looked at her, and slowly exited the restroom. I looked around to see if anyone had grown suspicious, but saw that most everyone was asleep. I walked over to our compartment and took my seat. A few minutes later Sarah came walking up the aisle and sat down beside me. She curled up to my side, resting her head on my shoulder as she spread the blanket as best she could to cover us both. We both fell asleep to the sound of the rumbling train.

We were awoken hours later by a loud thud and the screeching halt of the train. Both of us in shock, we looked around as the emergency lights in the train lit up. After a few seconds, a hollow tinny voice came over the train’s speakers.

“The transit authority apologizes for this convenience. There seems to be a mechanical function with the train’s onboard computer system. We have just been informed that technicians won’t be able to fix the problem till morning. Luckily we came to a halt halfway onto a train stop so those wishing to leave can do so. We will be handing out transport and hotel vouchers at the exit. Once again, we sincerely apologize for this massive inconvenience.”

Still a bit startled, Sarah and I looked at each other in bemusement. We looked out to the train station to see where we were. I was still some distance from my hometown, but we were only two stops away from Sarah’s.

“Well, we could find somewhere to crash the night, get a cab to my place in the morning, and I can get my car and drop you home if you like,” Sarah suggested.

Unable to come up with a better plan, I nodded, “Sounds good.”

We gathered our things and headed for the exit. As we left the train, an attendant handed us some vouchers. We wandered onto the streets, checking the time; it was about one in the morning. Luckily, it seemed to be a very upscale part of town. It only took us walking two blocks before we came across a decent enough hotel. We shuffled into the empty lobby and up to the desk where an older gentleman sat.

“Hi, we need a room for the rest of the night,” I told him.

“No problem sir, will that be cash or credit?” he replied.

“Credit,” I responded.

“Great, I’ll just need your card and id.”

I retrieved my wallet and turned over the cards. Minutes later Sarah and I were on the elevator heading up to our room. Standing behind her in the elevator, I couldn’t help but admire her. Feeling devilish, I snaked my hands between her knees, as she shivered at my touch, but did not protest. I ran my fingers along her warm skin, up under her skin, till I reached her panty covered pussy. She let out a sigh as I pressed my middle finger against the lips of her pussy. Sarah giggled as we ran to our room when the elevator doors opened. Taking quick account of the room, we set our bags down and headed for the bed.

“I hope you don’t think this is payment for the room,” she joked as she sat me down on the edge of the bed, standing in front of me.

Sarah began unbuttoning her white shirt, revealing her black bra as the shirt fell to the floor. She then reached behind, unclasped her bra, and let it fall to the ground as well.

Her breasts were the truly perfect size; they weren’t large, but they weren’t small, either. They were perky and round, perfectly accenting her nipples, which poked erect. She continued stripping, unbuttoning her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. She hooked her thumbs around the straps of her panties, turned around, and gently pulled them to the ground. Her ass was almost perfect. It was firm and round. She walked over to the bed and kissed me on the lips, darting her tongue to the back of my mouth. I grabbed her face and kissed her harder, gently running my hands down her body. Holding the kiss, I ran my hand across one of Sarah’s breasts and gently kneaded it like a ball of dough. She moaned as I rubbed her nipple and continued to play with her breasts.

I then started to kiss down her neck and chest, stopping at her breasts. I sucked on her nipples gently. Sarah put her hands on the back of my head and pushed her breasts into my face. I continued to suck hard, going back and forth between her nipples. I got on my knees and started to kiss Sarah’s belly, causing her to moan softly and shoot her head back in ecstasy. After a while, Sarah stepped back, grabbed my hands, and stood me up. She dropped to her knees, unzipping my pants and letting them drop to the hard wood floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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