After Her Shower

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Jill was taking a shower; she had to after her flight. She was visiting her friend for the first time his name is David. When she saw David waiting on her in the airport, she instantly got hot, but she knew she would have to take a shower after her flight before she fucked him. It didn’t matter that the flight was relatively short, as flights go, but there was just something about being crowded on a flight with a bunch of other strangers.

When she got into the shower she thought about masturbating in there so she wouldn’t come out and ravage David, but she decided David would probably want to be ravaged. While she was standing there in the shower, soaping her body up she was getting hotter and hotter, but she wanted their first time together to be perfect.

She would just have to tough it out, until she was completely ready to go out and fuck him. She soaped everywhere maybe a little too vigorously, and tried to ignore the fact that her nipples were standing erect, and that she was so wet, that it wasn’t just water running down her legs. She finally finished her shower, and went on to fix her hair, and lotion up so she could smell nice for David. Finally she emerged out of the bathroom lotioned and powdered, hair fixed and dressed only in her robe.

David was sitting in his chair she sat across from him on the couch.

“Enjoy your shower,” said David.

“Yep,” said Jill

“I don’t understand why you would fix your hair in the middle of the night,” said David.

“It just because that means Kocaeli Escort less time it would take me to get ready in the morning.” Said Jill.

“Well, it took you long enough,” said David.

“Men, they griped how long it takes to get ready, but then if you don’t fix your hair or put on makeup they gripe at how frumpy you look,” Said Jill.

“Well, you definitely don’t look frumpy though you know your hair is just going to get messed up when you sleep.” Said David.

“It usually stays pretty good while I sleep, only really gets messed up if I get wildly fucked during the night.” Said Jill

“Well, that could be arranged,” Said David, as he winked at her.

“We’ll see about that,”said Jill. Jill picked up her cigarettes and lit one up.

“Well, if you don’t need me than I’m just going to sit here and read the paper.” Said David, as he dramatically unfolded his newspaper.

Jill just sat on the couch with her feet on the coffee table, letting her robe fall away from her legs and playfully letting her legs fall open and closed; she could see David looking over the top of his paper at her legs. Eventually she finished her cigarette then she got up off the couch and crossed the room over to David. She stood in front of him, and then straddled his lap.

“Okay, I’m done reading the paper,” says David.

David looks up at Jill and they lock lips. While they kissed Jill has opened her legs wider and is rubbing her clit on the fly of David’s jeans. David runs his hands Kocaeli Escort Bayan through Jill’s hair, and Jill is moving her hips back an forth, letting her clit run up and down over David’s fly. In response to Jill’s movements the bulge inside David’s jeans starts to get harder and harder. David kisses Jill with more urgency, then kisses down her neck, and pulls at the neckline of her robe, until her boobs are fully exposed to him.

David starts kissing her breasts, then he takes one of her nipples in is mouth and sucks on it, which causes a shiver to escape from Jill. While he’s sucking on her nipples, he runs his hands over her shoulders, down her back, over and cups her butt. Then he traces his hands over the tops of her thighs, and down between them. David works his hands into the center of Jill and starts rubbing her clit, back and forth.

Jill starts kissing David all over his lips, and his face around his ears, and down his neck. Then she pulls off his t-shirt, and pulls herself against him, chest to chest, and lightly runs her tongue down his neck, kissing here and there. David is rubbing her clit, and then takes two of his fingers, and puts them deep inside her sweet spot, Jill squeals. David pulls his fingers out, with her juices all over them and rubs her clit some more. Jill can feel, it she’s going to cum, almost, almost. THERE IT IS!

Jill pulls herself against David, and just holds on to him while her body convulses against him. David can feel Jill’s juices pouring Escort Kocaeli out of her and over his hand and all over his jeans. David continues rubbing Jill, this elicits another set of convulsions out of her. Jill feels that there is another orgasm closely following the first one, but wants to enjoy this one with David inside her. Jill fumbles between her own legs to get at the fly of David’s jeans.

Finally she releases his fly, and out shoots his very hard long pecker. David raises himself up and pulls the jeans the rest of the way down; Jill grabs his pecker and quickly stuffs him inside her. All the while David is still rubbing her clit, and the minute Jill gets David’s pecker inside, she explodes into another orgasm.

Jill’s inside pulse all around David’s pecker, at one point her convulsions are so hard that David is sure she’s going to push him out of her. David grabs her hips, and pushes her down hard on top of him. Jill’s convulsions come to ebb, and she starts working her hips back and forth on David. When Jill comes up on David’s pecker she tightens all the muscles inside her, and then releases when she comes back down.

Up tighten, down release, up tighten, down release. Soon, David can stand it no longer, and grabs Jill’s hips pushing her down hard on him and then back up. Jill soon feels; yet another orgasm coming, and she can see that David is close as well. Jill tightens inside herself once more, which causes both David and Jill to convulse, with an amazing release, David pours inside of Jill and Jill pours out all over David’s middle. Both are sitting there still connected, breathless, Jill on top of David. David whispers into Jill’s ear.

“I think I need a shower now, you want to join me?”

I’ll let your imagination wonder about what happens in the shower.

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