Admission Pt. 05: Molly’s Surprise

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We were still straightening ourselves, Mike bucking his belt, me adjusting my dress, as the limo pulled into the hotel.

I wiped my cheek repeatedly to be sure there was no trace left of the cum I had made Mike shoot across it just minutes ago. I didn’t want it to be obvious to everyone in the lobby that I had just been sucking cock and eating cum, even though it gave me a warm, sexy feeling of satisfaction to know that I had.

We pulled into the hotel entrance and Mike kissed me gently on the cheek as his driver opened the door.

“Come up to my room for drinks at 6:30” he whispered as I exited the limo, “and I’ll give you your surprise.” The door shut behind me and the car drove away as if nothing had happened. We were after all trying to keep up appearances of just being two happily married old friends.

It was just about 5:30 when I got to my room so I only had a little time to get ready. I poured a glass of wine from the mini bar as I ran a hot bath as I let my mind wander back over the course of the last 6 weeks. It was amazing how my drive to help my college bound son get into the school of his, our dreams, had brought me to Mike and how that reconnection had turned me from a 44 year old mother of two in a boring marriage into the lustful wanton hussy I had become, but I had to admit it felt good. It felt good to desire a man again in a way I hadn’t in so very long. Felt good to feel my pussy tingle when I thought of him. It felt good to want him and to want to please him. Most of all it felt amazing to want to his cum so desperately. To burn with desire to feel him explode, to feel his hot, satisfying load filling my mouth.

I shook free from my reverie and jokingly fanned myself with my hand, “Molly Morse what has come over you!”

I poured back the rest of then glass of wine and slipped into the bath. I washed myself carefully, paying special attention to the intimate folds of my pussy and the puckered rosebud of my ass, wanting to be sure to be clean for the night ahead. I ran my razor carefully over my plump soft labia again, even though I already had shaved that morning just to be 100% sure that I was as bare and smooth as possible.

I dressed in a sexy bra and panty set that I had bought for the occasion. My husband had actually noticed it when I was packing and had wondered aloud why I never wore underwear like that when I was home. I had told him sternly that it was a work trip and I needed to look good and that he should just leave me alone. Ugh, he was always complaining but I had to admit as I checked myself out in the mirror that the boring twit was missing something; it did look really good on me. The boy short cut of the panty softly cupping the curve of my still firm 44 year old ass.

I put on a short skirt and sleeveless white blouse that let the lace of the bra show though slightly. It was way sexier than I normally dressed in yoga pants and tank tops, but I wanted to look good for Mike. He made me feel differently than I could ever remember feeling and I wanted that to show. At 5:56 I had waited as long as I could and I wrapped a shawl around my shoulders and headed out down the hall back to suit 1100.

Mike opened the door for me moments after my knock and ushered me into the sitting room of his suite where we had first fucked just six long weeks ago. As I came into the room I was taken aback to find an elegantly dressed, very handsome black man rising from his seat.

“Molly, this is Joseph.” Mike gestured towards him as Joseph extended his hand to me, the crows feet around his dark eyes crinkling as he smiled broadly, his white teeth in his dark face seeming to light up the room. “Joseph is the head of Admissions at the University.”

“Oh!” I was taken aback, truly excited by what this might mean to my quest to get my son in to school, but flustered as his presence meant Mike would not be fucking me, at least for awhile longer.

“Oh, how wonderful to meet you!” I took his hand, his long fingers completely wrapping around my own. He was incredibly handsome in such a fascinatingly elegant way that I felt my face flush a bit.

“Likeswise,” He smiled, “I’ve heard a lot about you…” He trailed off, “And your son.” He added as an afterthought and I thought I detected a slight tone of something devious.

“Yes,” Mike chimed in, “I’ve told Joseph all about you Molly and he said he’d like to meet you, to discuss your situation.” Mike handed me a glass of wine.

“Well, it’s wonderful to meet you.” I said brightly, trying to cover the sense I had that something was up. “I hope Mike was nice about me!” I laughed, trying to keep things light but my head was swimming a little… I was not prepared for this. I thought Mike was just having me up for a drink and nice long fuck before dinner so I wasn’t prepared for a meeting that might be so crucial to my son’s future.

We took seats around the glass coffee table that was the centerpiece of the suite and drank our wine, chatting idly about my trip, Kıbrıs Escort Boston, and eventually to the importance of education and my son’s future.

“Well, Molly,” Joseph leaned in towards me across the low table. “That of course is why Mike asked me here tonight. I’ve looked at your son’s application and I can see that he’s a wonderful young man and would be a great fit with us but you have to understand what an incredibly competitive world college admissions is these days.”

“Oh, I do, I do understand that. It’s crazy out there, but I just know with all my heart that my son belongs there and I know there has to be a way.”

“Well, I think there may be. There may be…” Joseph sat back and looked across at Mike who smiled back at him.

“Molly, I’ve told Joseph all about you, about how committed you’ve been to your son and all you’ve been willing to do …” Mike said looking me in eye and smiling slightly, devilishly.

“Ummm.. You have?” I stammered slightly, feeling myself go hot all over as I blushed deeply, what did Mike mean by ALL about me?

“Yes… After our night together, I went to him about your son and about you, about how desperate you were to get him in… and, well, I guess from that I couldn’t help but brag a little about how amazing you’ve been.”

“Amazing…??” My head was spinning as it became clear that Mike had told him way more than I was comfortable with.

“Yes, I told him about our deal and what an amazingly sexy slut you’ve been for me.” He smiled wickedly, looking me in the eye to gauge my reaction.

The room was spinning. I was going to be sick. How could Mike tell anyone that, much less the head of admissions? I struggled to maintain my composure.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, relax.” Mike put his hand on my knee reassuringly. “Joseph is cool. When I told him he just wanted to see your commitment for himself, he had to, right Joseph?”

“Yes, of course, I mean, from what Mike told me…” He trailed off as his eyes looked me up and down, “He didn’t do you justice Mrs. Morse.”

“I… I.. .” I stammered.. “I don’t know what you mean.. I don’t know what…”

“This is the surprise I was telling you about Molly.” Mike leaned in again. “Joseph here is willing to help you but he needs to see for himself what a, umm, dedicated mother you are.”

“But, Mike..”My eyes looked at him imploringly “Mike… I..” I didn’t know what to say as my mind raced.

“We had a deal right? Right? A deal to get your son in to school, this as a part of that deal.”

I sat back, my head light as stars spun around the edges of my vision and I fought to get a grip on myself. Breathe, just breathe… I centered myself and emptied the wine glass I held, placing it down with a clink on the glass coffee table. Mike smiled and filled it again…

“Oooh boy!” I sighed, still flustered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see this coming.”

“No, I imagine not” Mike said setting the wine bottle down. “I didn’t really either but then I got talking to Joseph about you. I got to bragging a little about how hot you were and well, he was understandably interested. Then I remembered you saying you wanted to suck my cock while I was fucking you last time and well, I kind of thought you might…”

“Oh my GOD Mike! I didn’t say that!” I interrupted loudly, sitting up straight blushing profusely. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Was he serious? Was I supposed to be with both of them? My mind raced and my heart was pounding.

“I don’t want this to be a problem.” Joseph said looking back and forth between Mike and me.

“No, no… just give me a minute. Give me a minute…” I took a deep breath and took a long drink from my refilled glass as my mind spun through the possibilities.

I had never been with a black guy and he was certainly very handsome. And I most certainly had never been with two guys at once. I had maybe fantasized about it a little but never really considered it. I did kind of remember telling Mike I wanted to suck his cock while at the same time feeling my pussy stretched and full, but that was just with him, for him.., and yet…my heart was definitely racing at the thought of both of pleasing both these men, and it would mean my son would get into the university. But seriously? Who did Mike think I was? How dare he offer me up to Joe like a whore? And yet even as I thought that I knew that I already was one. I had become a whore the moment I had agreed to the offer he had made, a whore the moment I had first sucked his cock and a whore when I had begged him to give me his cum. He knew he had me, he knew what I slut I had been with him when given the chance so who was I to try and suddenly act like anything else?

“So,” I exhaled, “What do you two boys want me to do?” I said over the edge of my wine glass fixing them with a cool, lascivious stare as I bit my lip.

Mike sat back in his seat a little and smiled a satisfied grin. Joseph smiled too, his white teeth beaming Kıbrıs Escort Bayan from his dark, elegant face.

“Good baby, good.” Mike smiled at me, then at Jospeph. “I told you she’d be down with it. She’s a great little slut.” Mike leaned over and kissed me softly, then more firmly as I pressed back against his lips and our tongues met igniting a spark of sexual excitement and lust in me.

Mikes hands slid around my waist and pulled me to him as I stroked his back and neck. He slid his hands under my skirt and up my bare thighs as he rolled back and pulled me up and over him until I straddled his lap. Both his hands now slid up the back of my thighs, hiking my short skirt up giving Joe a clear look at my ass in the sheer boy-short panties I had selected.

“Man, you were right, that is one beautiful ass!” I heard Joseph say behind me from across the sitting area where he was watching Mike and I as we made out like High School kids. I couldn’t believe I was doing that right in front of a man I had just met, a man who held the key to my and my son’s future no less, but I had to admit I was incredibly turned on. At that moment I decided that if I was going to do this I was going to just go for it and live out the fantasy to it’s fullest.

“You like it?” I said looking back at him with my eyes suddenly smoldering with lust “why don’t you come over here and have a closer look?” I wiggled it at him slightly for good measure.

Joseph rose up out of his chair and came around the table to sit at the end of the couch behind me. I turned back to kissing Mike, our eager tongues teasing, sucking and darting at each other. I felt Joseph’s hands on my ass cheeks squeezing them gently then rubbing and squeezing them again

“Such a nice ass,” he murmured, “Such a nice, nice ass.” I felt his face press against my left cheek as his lips begin to kiss, lick and suck at the soft skin.

“Mmm… Yes!” I sighed a little, “Play with my ass baby,” Mike’s hands came up to my breasts and began to squeeze them through the thin fabric of my blouse, twisting and pulling at my hardening nipples while at the same time Joseph’s fingers slid around under and between my legs and brushed against the wet fabric at the crotch of my panties, then firmly began rubbing back and forth as he buried his face into the soft cheeks of my ass.

Things began to move quickly then, as suddenly we all became more comfortable and lost our inhibitions. If we were going to have a threesome we might as well all just go for it!

Mike pulled my blouse off over my head as Josephs fingers slid under my panties into my wet cunt, probing between the soft wet lips, then suddenly he tugged the panties off altogether as I wriggled eagerly to help them off. Mike undid my bra and my breasts spilled out against his chest. His hands went back to teasing my now bare nipples. Josephs long finger slid into my pussy as his other fingertips stroked at my swelling clit, then two fingers slipped into me. I groaned as he began to finger fuck me slowly and firmly. Suddenly I felt a soft wet warmth as his tongue began to lick and work the tight rosebud of my ass. Oh my God it felt amazing, eliciting a lustful groan from me. Mike broke our passionate kiss and wriggled up from under me until his belt came into view in front of my face. Desperately I pulled it loose with a jerk then opened his pants to reveal the hardening cock I lusted for. I pressed my face into it, breathing in the warm musky scent, feeling it’s warmth against my cheek as Josephs tongue pushed into my ass in rhythm with his fingers fucking my cunt.

I licked all the way up the long underside of Mikes shaft and back down again, letting the underside of my tongue graze down slowly, my right hand slid up it and picked it up, again the weight of it hit me as I brought my mouth up and flicked at the head with my tongue. Mike relaxed back, shifting his hips slightly to give me better angle to minister to his huge dick.

“Yes.. come on baby.. suck it… suck that dick, you know you want it.”

And I did. I did want it. Every part of me cried out for him and wanted to be filled by him. My mouth was already watering at the thought as I drew the tip of his mighty cock into my mouth, then back out, then down again, my lips popping over the thick ridge of his head. I sucked greedily at the head as my hands began to stroke him.

Josephs tongue that had been eagerly working into my ass, now suddenly slipped down my soaking wet slit and into my pussy, then, his face pressing into me, his tongue strained forward to lap at my clit, then lick all the way down my wet slit to my ass and back again.

Having my pussy licked drove me down onto Mikes shaft as saliva gushed into my mouth. I couldn’t tell where I was getting wetter, my mouth or my pussy but I used the lubrication to my advantage forcing Mikes cock past my gag reflex deep into my throat. I held him deep there for a moment before coming all the way back up his full length Escort Kıbrıs till my lips again popped over the glans. I sucked hard on his big, round cockhead, drawing it back into my mouth before plunging down the warm hard shaft again.

“Fuck,” Mike moaned,”Yes Molly, suck my cock! Fuck, you are a great little cock sucker!”

“I think I should get a little of that.” I heard Josephs voice from behind me, his fingers continuing to rub my pussy.

“Oh man, you definitely should.” Mike said.. “She’s so fucking good!”

Josephs fingers left my pussy and I heard the sound of his pants being undone. Oh my God I thought excitedly, I am about to see my first black cock! I sucked Mike’s cock hard, fast and deep into my throat for three, four more strokes until Mike groaned and finally, reluctantly pushed my head up, then bent forward to kiss me.

“Mmmm baby that’s so good… So good. I’ll let you suck me a little more later but I think it’s Josephs turn now.”

With his fingers tangled in my hair he turned my head to the left a little and there was Joseph, standing there holding and stroking the second biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was about as long as Mikes but a little thinner, still thick but Mikes was a thick fat pig of a cock, Joe’s was like an exotic black snake.

It was only half erect but getting harder as his long fingers stroked the chocolate brown shaft. He still wore his white dress shirt, his tie loose and askew but his pants were gone.

Mike pushed me towards it as Joseph stepped forward and I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it. They looked so small and pink against his black shaft but I began to stroke it slowly. Mike worked his legs out from under me and sat up on the edge of the couch, stroking his glistening wet cock watching me.

“Go ahead baby. Suck that cock for me.” Mike urged as I opened my mouth and leaned forward letting my tongue flick at the dark head, aroused that Mike was watching. I turned and sat down on the couch in front of Joe, opening my legs so he was standing between them, my left hand reached out around his ass pulling him closer as my right hand began to stroke him faster.

“That’s it baby,” Mike cooed. “I want to watch you suck that big, black cock.”

Hearing the desire in Mikes voice drove me wild. I so wanted to please him, so wanted to be a good little whore for him, so with one more lick around the head of Josephs cock I opened wide and slid my lips over the head and down the shaft sucking him into my warm, wet mouth.

“Fuck that feels good,” Joseph sighed… “so good… Go get it now.” His hand went behind my head and he slowly thrust his hips forward and I began to suck up and down his cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster, my hands stroking the bottom half of his shaft. I could feel his cock growing with every stroke of my soft wet warm mouth up and down his length as Joe grunted and groaned his encouragement.

“Show him how deep you can take it baby.” I heard Mike say beside me, “swallow his cock for me.”

Eager to please, I worked my way down, relaxing and opening myself I pushed down feeling the firm, black cockhead force its way into my throat.

“That’s it Baby, that’s it!” Mike said as Joseph grunted loudly. “That’s it.”

I gasped and pulled back with my eyes watering. I let my hands slide over his cock head in the slippery cocksucking saliva of my throat, then plunged back down, opening my mouth wide and forcing the last few inches of cock down my throat. Josephs hands clutched at the back of my head and my own hands grabbed his hips as Joe began to thrust forward, his cock plunging in and out of my willing throat.

“Yes! That’s it.. give it to her! I told you she loves it!” I could hear the excitement in Mikes voice urging me on Joseph thrust his big black cock into the depths of my throat, then all the way back out as I simply held on to his hips, fully giving myself over to him as he held my head tight and fucked my face.

Suddenly he pulled back and tilted my face up to his, I could barely see him through my watering eyes. “Fuck that’s good Molly. You love sucking cock don’t you?”

Well, I hadn’t, I thought, until I met Mike but what the fuck, I was a new woman now. “Yes! Yes! I love sucking cock!” I blurted out.

Mike got up and removed his pants as Joseph took his place on the end of the couch. Mike moved around to the other end and pushed my head back down towards Josephs straining cock, turning and lifting me, guiding me up onto my knees.

“I’m going to fuck you while you suck that cock.” Mike whispered as he bent over me.

“Oh fuck yes! Please baby, please fuck me!” My pussy was yearning to be stuffed full by his big cock and I could feel I was soaking wet, both from Josephs licking and from sucking two different cocks, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Please, stick your fat cock in me!”

His meaty cockhead pressed between my labia and up against the entrance of pussy as his hand pushed my head down onto Josephs hard cock. I opened my mouth and sucked him once more into my warm wet mouth as I arched my back and pushed back against Mikes cock, feeling the astonishing girth forcing its way between my velvet, soft wet pussy lips and into the depths of my cunt.

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