A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 15

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This story features bodily functions, including scat play, so those offended by this should read no further. There is also a good deal of corporal punishment. All characters are well over 18.


Eleanor was amazed at how wonderful both her disciplining by Annette felt and her subsequent intercourse with the visiting Senior Correctional Officer. She had even warmer feelings of gratitude toward her mentor and boss, Janet, for arranging the get-together, which had seemingly been inspired by Janet’s own desire to be taken in hand on occasion by the hermaphroditic correctional officer.

Annette was staying in the city another day or two so Eleanor decided when she got home to telephone her and arrange another appointment by inviting Annette to lunch with her the next day at one of Eleanor’s favorite spots. This was the local branch of The Lounge, the exclusive women’s restaurant in the capital of the Women’s Republic.

Eleanor found herself surprisingly aroused by the prospect of another chance to get to know Annette better. While she had not been enamored of women much in the past, she had gravitated toward the well-shaped correctional officer, who was in her late 30s, several years older than Eleanor. Annette clearly exercised often in her quasi-military occupation, and Eleanor was turned on by her strength and then amazed by how exciting sex with her had been.

For her part, Annette had carried a lifelong insecurity caused by her unusual sexual status. She was hermaphroditic in that in all ways she was a woman, with appropriate genitalia as well as lovely breasts and a uterus, but where her clit would normally be located, she had a very large appendage that was in all significant respects a penis. It also would become erect in the same way as a clitoris or penis when excited.

Annette knew that some women in the Women’s Republic regarded those like her with unusual anatomical features to be less worthy, although rare among the population. She kept her status to herself and was delighted when Eleanor responded so positively to learning about Annette. Annette appreciated her special relationship with Janet, who did like the correctional officer to take charge of her and punish her every so often.

After all, Janet was a highly-regarded business executive with superb connections to all of the reigning officers of the Republic. That Janet did not seem interested in having sexual relations with Annette was not a problem for the correctional officer since her friendship with Janet was already more than platonic if not romantic in the ordinary sense. To her, being invited to visit by Janet was a special privilege, in that it invariably included a meal at The Victoria, a charming club for high-level women in the city that had once been an exclusive men’s hangout.

But Annette had warmed to Eleanor even when they first met in the most embarrassing moment for Eleanor: when she had been sentenced to infibulation for a year after being convicted of adultery with another woman’s husband. Annette had treated her well and made sure that she was spared further indignity as well as demonstrating compassion that was not necessarily part of her role as a correctional officer.

Now Eleanor had enjoyed fantastic sex with Annette and she began to think about her own marriage to Jackson, a man she did love and who had given her the benefit of his protection at her low point in life after her infibulation. She proceeded to The Lounge and warmly greeted Annette when the latter appeared exactly at the appointed time.

Annette was wearing a smart outfit featuring a rich chenille blouse and appropriately demure navy skirt, with sheer hose and nice burgundy pumps. Eleanor too had dressed well for the occasion, in a tasteful but charming cocktail dress in navy, which did eschew the unfortunate trend toward knit dresses then popular and did not detract from her flaming red hair.

The two were escorted to a choice table, as Eleanor was now being recognized as a rising star in the city’s women’s firmament, owing to her creative contributions at Goose Cookers, the imaginative company which Janet managed. Eleanor submitted the order for the lunch, as she had been invited to become a member of The Lounge and thus was the host in fact as well as tradition.

It did not take long for the two to express their affection for one another. Eleanor told Annette that their meeting the day before and both the discipline and sex that followed had excited her beyond any previous experience. Annette responded that she had come to respect Eleanor for her fortitude and her willingness to rebuild her life after her sorry experience in the justice system, even after she had been cleared of the alleged offense. Moreover, Eleanor had been privileged to witness the corporal punishment that the three justices who had convicted her had submitted to receiving from Annette in recompense for their error.

Much to her surprise, in response to Eleanor’s expression of affection for Annette, ankara seks hikayeleri the brunette correctional officer became emotional in confessing her desire and love for Eleanor.

“This was not just a physical thing that occurred for me yesterday,” she said to Eleanor. “I can only say that I adore you, darling.”

Eleanor was charmed and then entranced by Annette’s profession of affection. She then smiled and said, “I know this sounds a bit precipitous” before she asked Annette if she wanted to be joined to Eleanor in marriage. The Women’s Republic now permitted women to become married and the woman-woman marriage could still include a male spouse, who in Eleanor’s case was her husband Jackson.

Both understood that Jackson would now remain Eleanor’s husband but that both Eleanor and Annette would be superior to him both in the marriage and in legal status. For example, Eleanor had once been offended by Jackson’s behavior and had had him committed for several weeks to a Men’s Re-Education Camp.

If Eleanor took Annette as a wife, Annette would be able to discipline Jackson in the same way as Eleanor would, and as all married women could discipline their male spouses. Threesomes of this kind were becoming common in the Republic as women were now able to indulge both their longings for female as well as male partners.

Eleanor would be the head of the new household. In that capacity she could determine the rights of the other two. She might, for example, allow Annette to have a sexual relationship with Jackson if Eleanor felt comfortable with that happening. She quickly thought about this. Annette too pondered the prospects and though never married before, and several years older than Eleanor, thrilled to the image of her being married to her.

Annette then responded to Eleanor’s proposal with a resounding “Yes, darling!” Eleanor alerted the waitress as she embraced Annette. The waitress reported the occurrence to the manageress, who came by their table to congratulate the couple. It was now traditional—after enjoying the champagne provided as a celebratory gesture—for the couple to adjourn to the ladies’ room.

As in the original Lounge in the capital city, the ladies’ room was outfitted with several chairs and sofas as well as appropriate implements for the imposition of discipline. It derived from the old practice of mothers taking their unruly children to the ladies’ room to be spanked. The manageress allowed those in the room to complete their ablutions and then cleared the room for Eleanor and Annette.

Annette knew that as the reigning partner in their soon-to-be effected marriage, Eleanor now would show her acceptance of responsibility by disciplining Annette, though in a loving manner. Annette was expert in these protocols based on her work experience as a correctional officer.

She unzipped her navy skirt and lifted her half-slip, exposing her white shiny panties. Eleanor smiled at her submission, amazed at how this dominating woman had so lovingly been willing to submit to her. Eleanor then beckoned Annette to lie across Eleanor’s lap, which placed the officer’s pantied bottom directly under Eleanor’s gaze.

Even with no one else present, Eleanor did not want to embarrass Annette by lowering her panties. This would expose Annette’s multiple sex organs which Eleanor cherished but was determined to keep for her own private view. She knew Annette expected a spanking, so she began lightly alternating spanks on Annette’s pantied bottom cheeks.

Annette enjoyed being so disciplined by her lover and soon-to-be wife. She found the spanking warming to her soul as well as her buttocks. This was new for the correctional officer who had been far more accustomed to giving out discipline. Finally, the celebratory spanking was over, and Eleanor invited Annette to rearrange her skirt.

The two emerged from the ladies’ room to a round of applause from those in The Lounge. Eleanor was new enough to this to be slightly embarrassed but did not show any displeasure. Annette was on a high as she looked forward to a new life with her partner after achieving respect in her chosen profession where she had risen to a high level.

She let Janet know by a telephone call what had happened and Janet responded that she was overjoyed for both ladies. As it happened, Eleanor had made sure to let Janet know what was likely to occur and wanted to obtain her blessing beforehand. Eleanor did ask Janet to keep their conversation confidential, which Janet immediately assented to do.

. ..

So now the two engaged women left The Lounge to a round of applause and headed back to Eleanor’s very pleasant flat. Eleanor had discussed the proposal with Jackson, who realized that this was something that he might as well agree to since it was likely to happen. He did love Eleanor and fortunately, he felt no antagonism toward Annette nor any resentment.

Eleanor had asked him to allow Annette to share her bedroom for a brief time. Jackson would use the guest room and Eleanor promised not to ignore him. She again told him she regretted having sent him to the Re-Education Camp and held him tight in her arms.

“Much as I do love you, darling,” Jackson responded, “you know you can always decide that you want out of this relationship.”

Eleanor responded to this with a deep kiss. She knew there would be some rough spots since the Republic was shifting traditional mores.

But she did have to deliver one more blow to Jackson’s ego.

“Darling,” she began, “you probably realize that it will be necessary for Annette to discipline you to demonstrate that she has accepted her position here. I hope that you will recognize that we both have great affection for you but that this confirmation of where she stands is something I do feel has to happen.”

Jackson started to recall in his mind the women to whom he had learned to submit in this changed world. He actually had fond memories of SGT Denise, the attractive female non-com who had disciplined him when he had been sent by Eleanor to the Re-Education Camp.

He nodded his agreement to Eleanor and then, with a slight smile, mentioned to her that it would be appropriate for him to wear the shameful pink panties he had had to wear at the camp.

Eleanor sensed the feeling he was expressing and hugged him. She gave him a kiss and thanked him for being so supportive.

“You should know how good you have made me feel, and Annette will feel that way too when I explain it to her,” she said with great sincerity.

It was arranged that the marriage would be performed in a private ceremony later since Eleanor still wished to avoid public notice because of her past notoriety. But Annette agreed to stay for a week before returning to the capital. She then would determine how she might arrange her work life as a Senior Correctional Officer.

As much as she had enjoyed performing that function at the Supreme Court, she was already exploring what opportunities might be open at her agency in the second city of the Republic where Eleanor resided and worked.

That night, Jackson cooked a special dinner in honor of both Annette and Eleanor. The two showed their appreciation by hugging him and inviting him into bed with them later. There was much cuddling and close warmth among the three.

“I realize that you need to get used to us,” Eleanor said quietly to Annette. Eleanor had spent some time informing Jackson of Annette’s unusual sexual equipment. She had also discussed with Annette on the way back to their apartment how she envisioned their first evening in bed.

“We need to include Jackson,” she said, “even though I know you don’t have any particular feelings for him. Then later, it can be just you and me,” she smiled.

Annette was willing, she responded to Eleanor. She did not despise men and was not a sexual novice, although she had not yet been married. Her work, however, had increased both her sympathies and overall liking for women.

When they arrived, Eleanor encouraged both to hug with her. So, when all three retired after dinner, there had been some pleasant conversation and Jackson went out of his way to congratulate Annette. For her part, she went out of her way to embrace him.

Eleanor signaled Jackson to go put his pink panties on and she invited Annette to join her in the living room.

“You are now going to give Jackson some discipline to show that you have assumed a superior position in this household,” she said plainly. “He understands what this means and is ready.”

Annette nodded and told Eleanor she would do what was required.

Jackson appeared and Eleanor said that Annette would now discipline him by way of joining the household. She handed the marital cane to her soon-to-be wife. [The marital cane is given to every wife in the Republic when she is married, with the aim of reminding each woman that she is head of her household and may use the cane to maintain discipline over her husband and family.]

Annette, by dint of her profession, was skilled in administering punishment. She calmly told Jackson to drop his trousers and bend over the end of the sofa.

The handsome man complied with her direction and he was soon over the end of the sofa, his trousers down and his pink panties on display.

Annette recognized the panties as the ones issued to men sent to Men’s Re-Education Camps. She had had plenty of occasions to discipline those men during her career in corrections. In fact, she still held the rank of Major in the Women’s Reserve Force.

She told Jackson that she knew he understood from what he was wearing that this was an acknowledgement of her new role in the household and marriage. Then she stepped forward and with both hands, pulled down the panties to just below his knees and told him to keep his legs apart so that the panties would fall no further.

Jackson knew that this would force him to concentrate on making sure the panties did not drop and also expose his scrotal sac to the marital cane if the punisher so wished to punish him.

Then Eleanor handed the cane to Annette and she stood the correct distance from her target, his bottom. Annette expertly drew the cane back and fired a stinging stroke at the middle of his bottom. Jackson screamed at the severe hit. She repeated the process to administer two more strokes to the top and bottom of his bottom.

Now Annette skillfully applied strokes across the others diagonally, creating the well-known “gate” pattern on his bottom as the painful strokes elicited screams. Finally, she gave him the sixth, final stroke—one aimed low to hit the crease between bottom and thigh. He did respond with a scream but somehow held position.

Annette told him he could pull up his panties and that he had taken the punishment well. When he had pulled the panties up, he turned to her and she responded by kissing him on the lips. Eleanor followed in hugging and kissing her husband.

They retired to the bedroom and Eleanor allowed Annette to undress her. Annette was still shy, so she kept her panties on as she crawled under the covers of the warm, king-sized bed. Jackson stripped and took his place on the other side of Annette.

Annette wanted to show how much she felt for Eleanor by moving down to service her orally. She gently began to lick Eleanor’s labia and carefully started inserting her tongue into her vagina while holding off on stimulating her clit. Jackson moved behind Annette to arouse her by rimming her anal opening and when it began spreading, his tongue pressed into her rear passage.

Eleanor had also made certain to brief Jackson about Annette’s different physical makeup. He in no way reacted to seeing her multiple genitalia.

It was not long before all three were ready for their first group experience. Annette faced Eleanor. Slowly and gently she pressed her tool into Eleanor’s wet pussy as she held Eleanor in her arms. Prompted by Annette, Jackson moved behind her and carefully entered her vagina with his erect member. It was an amazing moment that all three savored, especially Annette who was loving every movement of her partners in the middle.

When Eleanor and Annette were alone the next morning, Jackson having left early for his work, Eleanor invited Annette to join her in her commodious bathroom for morning ablutions. The two immediately recognized that they enjoyed similar kinky behaviors. Both shed their night clothes and climbed into Eleanor’s large bathtub together, facing each other so that their legs interlocked.

Eleanor told Annette she had to put up with Eleanor’s gaze for a time at Annette’s pubic area because Eleanor remained fascinated by it. Annette noted that she had a special fondness for gazing in turn at Eleanor’s genitalia from when she had supervised the now notorious punishment.

“Even before they realized they had been mistaken in sentencing you to that awful punishment,” she said calmly, “I really felt for you, darling, and was distraught at not being able to secure any remission.”

Eleanor told her that she knew that Annette was trying to act in her interest and she added that she had held no grievance against Annette even before the two now had fallen in love.

Eleanor leaned back so her bottom rose as she started to pee in a stream that was strong enough to rise from her crotch into the space between the two and land on Annette’s groin. Annette smiled and responded by releasing her pee stream from her penis, much as a man would pee, and the stream landed on Eleanor in the same place.

“That is so exciting!” Eleanor gushed and watched the pee streams cross and land. She then grinned at Annette as she picked up the spray hose and washed both their pubic areas.

“Eleanor,” Annette said in an imploring voice, “I hope you won’t be upset with me. In my job, I tend to be dominating. I want you to start taking charge of me, so I can be the kind of wife you will love as well as respect.”

Then she told her how much she appreciated the spanking in The Lounge’s ladies’ room.

Without saying anything, she motioned to Eleanor to move over and squat over Annette’s face so that Annette was staring up right into Eleanor’s quim and anus. She clearly wanted Eleanor to release her bowel movement onto Annette’s face.

Eleanor normally did Number Two each morning, sometimes after she had had her morning coffee. She was nervous now, having never had someone see her defecate, much less receive her feces. She asked Annette to rim her and get her tongue deep into her anal opening. Annette placed her face into Eleanor’s crack and started licking her new partner’s anal rosette until the sphincter eased and allowed her tongue to penetrate Eleanor’s rear opening.

Telling Annette how good these ministrations made her feel, Eleanor now felt her bowel movement starting to move down and Annette retreated by letting her tongue evacuate from Eleanor’s rectum. Soon the movement followed Eleanor’s pooching out of her anus. A nice, dark, long piece slid out and then dropped onto Annette’s expectant face.

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