A Very French Connection Ch. 03

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By Adam and Evie Zasse

To the best of our knowledge this story it true. Karen Cassidy herself told us the story and offered her personal insights. We spoke to Celestine Lunete by telephone and confirmed the details. Karen and Celestine live together in Toulon France.

The authors welcome your comments. We will pass on comments, questions and messages to Karen and Celestine.

Toulon is a mid size city in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast It is west of Cannes, Nice and Monaco. It is situated on one of the best a natural anchorage in the area. The harbor water is very calm due to the protection of the Saint Mandrier peninsula. Toulon is a major naval base and home to the French Mediterranean fleet. Mount Faron is located north of the city and offers a spectacular view of the city and harbor from its summit. The road to the top is impressive, as are the cable cars.

Clyde Bennett Ltd is a research company based in London England, with branch offices throughout Europe and two cities in the United States. The Toulon office is on rue Adolphe Guiol. C.B.Ltd. in Toulon is contracted to the French government to provide research and analysis of materials and facilities used by the French navy. The offices are staffed primarily with men. Most are British specialists and support personnel. There are also two American analysts, and one French researcher, all women, working on the current projects.

In Part One of this story Karen Cassidy and Celestine ‘CeeCee’ Lunete, both employees of Clyde Bennett Ltd in Toulon France, found a mutual attraction to each other and took the first exciting steps in their new relationship.

In Part Two, Karen and Celestine continue their personal relationship which has blossomed into love.

Karen Cassidy was returning to her office, having spent the morning in the basement lab, working on a special project for John Quince, the District Manager of Clyde Bennett, when he signaled her from the front of the open office complex.

“Staff meeting in the conference room.” John Quince said, motioning her through the hallway.

“Sorry I didn’t know.” I said as they walked.

“One of the problems we’re going to talk about. John Quince said, holding the door for her to enter.

“Now that we are all here.” He said, as the conversation in the room quieted.

“To begin. Is anyone working on projects that are time sensitive, jobs that must be completed within the next few weeks?” He said, scanning the room.

“Good.” He continued when no one spoke up.

“The home office in London, has come to an agreement with the owners of this building after several weeks of negotiations. Clyde Bennett is purchasing the property. That means that the offices on the forth floor will become ours as well. The building is going to be remodeled including a new reception area in the lobby and some needed improvements in the telephone and computer lines. A bit of paint here and there and a few new pieces of equipment for the lab.” John Quince said, pausing as the staff started talking among themselves.

“But there is a price that we are going to have to pay.” He said, trying to hide a smile. “Work will start this weekend and continue all of next week. By close of business tomorrow, I need all proprietary files placed in the vault and all person property removed from the building for safety.”

“I know this is a hardship on us all, but as of next Monday, you are all going to be forced to accept a weeks paid holiday.” John Quince said.

That evening, Karen and Celestine sat in the small café where they first met socially. People came and went around them, but they barely noticed. They talked in whispers about what they could do with an entire week. Shopping was discussed at length as well as what they could do in private. Karen no longer worried about holding hands with another woman in public. She didn’t even worry about kissing another woman in public. When she was with Celestine, she didn’t worry about much of anything. She was a bit surprised when Celestine took out several brochures from her purse and slid them across the small table.

“I know what we can do.” Celestine said, a smile lighting her face. “I have wanted to do this for a long time and now is the perfect time.”

“We can rent a car and drive to Saint Tropez, Cannes or even Nice.” Celestine said.”

“Or we could take a train and see the same sites. We would have to follow the train schedule though.” She added.

“Or we could take a cruise and see more. They only allow several hours at each stop, but our room and everything else goes with us.” She said, taking a deep breath. “A week together. A day each in Nice, Pisa, Rome, Capri, and Barcelona.”

It really wasn’t a difficult decision. We wanted to spend time together, doing what we wanted and not tied to a schedule. As much as we both wanted to spend the night together, we decided that it would be better to start packing Acıbadem Escort and making arrangements, which CeeCee wanted to do. The next morning CeeCee pulled up in front of my apartment in a different car. She rented an Audi for our trip, which had much more room that her small car. Bags in the trunk and a quick kiss and we were off.

I must stop here to explain a few things. I have never been keen on geography. When I was in school it seemed like some countries where changing names on a weekly basis. I was genuinely surprised to learn that the city that I lived and worked in, Toulon, was considered the western end of the Cote d Azur, The French Riviera. It was only a little over an hour’s drive to St Tropez, which was our first stop. St Tropez is the famous, or infamous, jetset destination. The playground for the rich and famous. We intended to stay there for a day or two and drive on the Cannes, Nice, and possibly Monte Carlo, which was less than three hours from Toulon. St Tropez or actually the beach at St Tropez would prove to be a significant milestone in my life. More about that later.

I think CeeCee could have had a great career as a tour guide. She kept up a running story about the sights that we saw, and made the drive very entertaining. We pulled into the small parking lot of the Pavillion de Pampelonne and carried our few bags into the lobby, where we registered. The owners were British so at least part of the language barrier for me was lessened. Our room was actually a suite with it’s own private terrace. The grounds were beautiful and charming. There were flowers everywhere. The pool was crystal clear with an adjoining hot tub. CeeCee had made wonderful arrangements.

“I would like to see the beach.” CeeCee said as she threw her bag on the big oversized bed.

“Why not. That’s why we are here.” I said.

We both stripped out of our clothes and slipped into out bathing suits. CeeCee had a rather revealing black bikini, and I put on my more modest two piece suit.

CeeCee wrapped a flowery sarong type ‘coverup’ dress around her waist and put on a loose silver colored vest. I grabbed a light tunic and we headed back to our rented Audi. CeeCee stopped at the concierge and got directions on the way. It was a very short drive to the small parking lot facing the blue Mediterranean. It was one of those days when the color of the sea and the color of the sky were practically the same. It was mesmerizing. Only a few small sailboats dotted the horizon. We followed a well-worn path past a small dune and we were there. The Plage de Tahiti is a stretch of fine golden sand (Unlike the courser sand in Toulon). The beach was not crowded, but there were a number of people either lying in the sun or strolling along the water’s edge. There was music coming from the concessions back towards the parking lot. We found a spot and spread our towels out on the warm sand.

CeeCee sat down and almost immediately took off her bikini top and bottom. She handed me a bottle of sunscreen and asked me to do her back. I knelt down behind her and started applying the sunscreen. As I was, I looked over CeeCee’s shoulder and watched her putting sunscreen on her shoulders and chest. When she started putting sunscreen on her breasts, I stopped, fascinated at what she was doing. Using both hands, she spread the lotion over her breasts almost as though she was making love to herself. She was tender and thorough. I watched her beautiful heavy breasts bounce and sway as she rubbed them. I have massaged her breasts that way myself but this was different. It was very arousing. She paid particular attention to her nipples, rubbing extra sunscreen on them. Satisfied, she added lotion to her tummy and her legs, lifting them one by one. Finally she squirted a generous amount of lotion in her hands and rubbed her pussy mound, even adding a little to the inner lips of her slit. By the time she was done, my mouth was dry and I was very aroused.

” Alright, now you.” I heard CeeCee say as she leaned over towards me.

I started to apply some of the lotion to my arms when CeeCee stopped me.

“I saw you watching. Let me take care of you.” CeeCee said, her eyes smiling behind her sunglasses. “Take off your top.”

At that moment, my mind flashed back t a beach in Toulon. I had just sat back down next to CeeCee while she was getting dressed. She said that the next time I should get undressed too. I remember thinking that would never happen.

Now I was sitting on the beach at St Tropez. One of the most famous, or infamous beaches in the world. The hotels, discotheques and bars are busy all night. This part of the beach, Plage de Tahiti being one of the most notorious. On this stretch of sand, almost anything goes. People routinely make love right in the open. If you wear a swimsuit at all, it is usually very skimpy. St Tropez is the ultimate destination for vacationers, tourist and the jetset. The rich, Acıbadem Escort Bayan the famous and the occasional celebrity. Yet here I was in a two piece bathing suit.

I knew this day would come. I unfastened my top and slipped it off over my head. CeeCee put sunscreen on my back and I lay back down. She leaned over me and started rubbing lotion on my chest and breasts. She spent a great deal of time massaging the sunscreen on my breasts. As I watched her breasts hanging down, swaying back and forth with the rhythm of her movements, I was getting more and more aroused. I couldn’t help it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her hands. She worked her way down my belly and I felt her tugging at my swimsuit bottoms. I remember lifting my hips so she could pull it free. So here I was. Now naked under the early afternoon sun. I felt CeeCee massaging my legs. The next thing I felt were cool drops of sunscreen falling on my pussy lips. When CeeCee started rubbing it over my mound I felt the beginning of an orgasm. I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t plan on it happening at all. But, looking back, I think CeeCee knew. She massaged my hips, and went back to my pussy. She massaged my inner thighs, and went back to my pussy. She was teasing me, knowing what was going to happen. I felt her separating my pussy lips. She scratched the tip of my clitty with her fingernail and I practically jumped off the towel. She waited, and scratched my clitty again. I remember calling her name softly. My ass was now wriggling, my hips grinding on the towel. I was tying to raise my pussy up when CeeCee pushed me back down. She got my swollen and very sensitive clit between her thumbnail and the fingernail of one of her fingers and she pinched the tip, hard and fast. My whole body jumped. I think I stopped breathing. My orgasm didn’t just erupt, it exploded. I remember panting and gasping as my body was wracked with bolt after bolt of the burning fire of extreme ecstasy.

It was several minutes before I was able to open my eyes and start to relax. CeeCee was born and raised in the south of France. This was nothing new for her. But I was brought up in the Midwest back in the states. The first thing I did when I was able was to look around and see how many people were looking at me. Were the local police on their way? Was the lightning bolt from heaven going to strike me any second? Well, nothing much happened. No one was even remotely interested in what had just happened. But, I had an orgasm that I will never forget, and my clitty was sore for a while.

CeeCee propped herself up on an elbow next to me and kissed me gently. She leaned close to my ear and whispered.

“Welcome to the St Tropez, my love.” She said.

“Thanks.” I said, my throat a little dry.

“Come. Lets go get something to drink and walk around by the water.” CeeCee said.

I really did need something to drink. I sat up and started to pull my swimsuit back on. CeeCee just pouted and shook her finger. She stood up and reached for my hand. I barely had time to grab my shoulder tote and slip on my sandals.

To say that I was a little terrified and embarrassed would have been an understatement. Walking around naked in public, even on the Riviera, was not something that I ever thought that I would do. We walked along the water’s edge, splashing each other and eventually found a concession stand where we bought a couple bottles of ice cold water. Back on our towels, we stretched out and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the sun.

About one in the afternoon, the beach started to get crowded. We could hear music from several of the bars getting louder. With a nod of agreement, we slipped back into out swimsuits, threw on our ‘coverups’, gathered our towels and headed back to the parking lot. CeeCee drove back towards the city center where we found a place to park. We walked along the harbor and stopped into several boutiques and shops. We had a late lunch at an outdoor café and watched the yachts moored across the small bay. CeeCee bought two bottles of wine and some kind of crumbly yellow cheese at one vender, and some fruit and fresh bread at another. Back in our car, we headed towards our hotel. The Pavillion de Pampelonne was busy with people heading out for the evening. The bars and hotels along the beach were a hotspot of activity until well after midnight. We decided that our first night would be a bit quieter.

In our room, CeeCee opened the terrace doors while I stepped into the large shower to wash away some of the sand from the beach. I was just standing under the cascading hot water when CeeCee joined me. She stood behind me and reached around to hold my breasts. With her thumbs and fingers, she pulled and gently pinched my nipples. I put my head back, enjoying her touch and she kissed my neck. I closed my eyes as one of her hands slid down to my pussy. My poor little clitty was still sore from earlier, but I didn’t care. Escort Acıbadem I just wanted to feel her fingers rubbing it ever so gently. I managed to turn around and CeeCee lowered her head slightly to accept the invitation of my lips. With the water streaming down over our bodies, our tongues danced together in a passionate kiss. By the time we stepped out of the shower, we could see it was getting dark outside. CeeCee picked up a towel and we walked onto the garden terrace. Standing in the soft breeze with a few stars starting to shine above us, we took turns drying each other off.

Once more in our room, I sat on the edge of the big bed and searched through my bags for a pair of panties and an oversized flowered T-shirt. I sat down at the small table and started setting out the wine and other things. When I looked up, CeeCee was standing by the bed tying her hair back. She was wearing a sheer black nightgown. It was almost floor length and practically transparent. Her large nipples and shaved pussy were clearly visible. The material clung to her breasts and hips. I looked down at my T-shirt and made up my mind right then to go shopping. Now I love CeeCee. I am quite comfortable saying that, but I thought seriously for a minute about forgetting our little dinner and showing her just how much I did love her. While I was staring, she came over the table and poured two glasses of wine.

“Is something wrong Cheri?” CeeCee asked, looking down at herself and back to look at me.

“No. It’s just you are so damn sexy.” I said.

“Come with me.” CeeCee said, as she took my hand and led me back to the bed.

CeeCee opened her bags and pulled out what looked like a handful of black silk.

“Take those things off.” She said, and started to help me pull the T-shirt up over my head.

When I stood up again, naked, CeeCee handed me what she had taken out of her bag. It was a sheer black sleeveless vest. The sides tied together with a small bow. It was just long enough to reach my mid thigh. Like the nightgown CeeCee was wearing, it was very transparent. The soft material caused my nipples to harden when it rubbed against them.

“Better?” CeeCee asked smiling.

“Yes, much better.” I answered. “You know just what to say and just what to do.

“Let’s finish our dinner and go down to the hot tube and pool while everyone is out partying.” CeeCee offered.

An hour later we got undressed and put on bathrobes. Reluctantly on my part as I really did like the lingerie CeeCee had given me. We walked out to the pool deck, which was deserted, dropped our robes on a lounge chair and slipped quietly into the hot tub. The hot water felt good. CeeCee’s hands felt even better. After a few minutes, I urged CeeCee to sit up on the tiled deck. Kneeling in the swirling water, I buried my face in her pussy. She leaned back while I got my eager tongue between her shaved, puffy lips. I got a finger into her hole as my mouth closed over her clit. I licked and sucked like it was a miniature cock. I managed to get my finger curled up near that spot that all women have and massaged it while I nibbled on her swollen clit. All at once CeeCee reached down and pulled my face down on her pussy. She started grinding herself against my lips and tongue. She whispered my name just once and I felt her entire body trembled. She called my name again, louder this time, as her orgasm overtook her.

After a minute or two, CeeCee slid back into the hot bubbling water and we just stared at the few stars that were visible in the sky. We heard fireworks going off in the direction of the beach but we could only see the afterglow in the sky. About one in the morning we headed back to our room and fell into bed. We fell asleep holding hands.

The next day after a late breakfast at Club 55 on the beach just north of Tahiti beach, a little expensive, but great seafood, we did some exploring. We wandered through the narrow streets of the old town and stopped into a few quaint shops. We did drive across town and hike up to the Citadelle and had a great panoramic view of the city and harbor. There were a lot of steps to climb, but the view was worth the effort. The old fort was being renovated but it was still an awesome structure.

In the afternoon we went back to the beach at Cap 51. We rented a pair of sunbeds instead of lying in the sand. The staff even brought our drinks right to where we were. CeeCee and I both took our tops off, but it seemed everyone kept their bikini bottom on, so we did the same. I should mention that some of the bikini bottoms I saw barely covered anything. And many of those that did were so sheer it really didn’t matter much anyway.

We went back to Club 55 for dinner. When the music started, people began coming in to drink and dance. CeeCee and I moved out to the patio were it was less crowded, found a spot in a corner, and we danced together. Another first for me, dancing with another woman like that. Oh sure women do that all the time at parties but not wearing bikini’s, and not so close that our breasts were touching. CeeCee being a bit taller put her arms around my shoulders. I was able to have a nice grasp of her ass cheeks. We stayed until the nightly fireworks started and made our way back to our room.

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