A Valentines Day Re-connection

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It’s the end of another long, trying week. Dan is making the long drive home. He’s exhausted from the week. Hell, he’s exhausted from life lately, really. Everything has been an endless grind for months now. Work, wife, kids…everything. It all seems to be non-stop doing for others, but not for himself.

“Fuck!” he yells suddenly as he remembers that next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. That means they will celebrate it this weekend because who the fuck celebrates Valentine’s on a Tuesday?! Why isn’t it the second Saturday of February? *(Please excuse the author’s digression. There will be no further interruptions. Promise. Wait, that’s a lie. I promise I’ll try. Better? Let’s continue.)* Though he had already purchased a delicate bracelet for Christine, his wife, he didn’t plan anything for the weekend. He feels guilt wash over him. Things have been stale between them for months, and forgetting to plan something won’t help. He doesn’t want her to think he still isn’t totally infatuated with her or that he’s lost interest. Because that’s not the case at all. He loves her more than he’s ever loved anyone, and she still turns him on like no one else. He always feels run down and knows she’s been feeling the same. It’s not like she’s made advances toward him that he has rejected. And they have good sex. It’s just not as frequent as it once was or nearly as exciting. The days of a spontaneous quickie during a morning shower before the kids wake or the once-a-week date nights have been absent for a long time. They went from having sex several times a week to every other week. So, things have been as stale as a stack of crackers left in an open package.

When Dan pulled off at his exit, he decided to stop to pick up flowers for Christine, figuring the gesture would help smooth over his lack of planning. Because he wasn’t sure if they had any, he also bought a bottle of wine.

Driving on, Dan finally arrives home to see Christine’s car in the driveway. “She’s home early for a Friday.” he thinks. Christine usually goes to her friend Rebecca’s after work on Friday evenings to watch Rebecca’s kids. It’s a trade-off of babysitting duties so that Rebecca and her husband can have a night out. Rebecca watches their kids in exchange, so they may do the same. The agreement has been a little one-sided lately.

Dan enters the front door of a quiet house. No kids. No activity. “Where is everyone?” he wonders. He enters the kitchen, where he leaves the flowers on the counter with his keys. He then walks around the house’s first floor, not finding a soul. He calls out his wife’s and kids’ names.

“Up here,” he hears Christine’s voice from upstairs.

Dan climbs the stairs to find their bedroom door closed. The only time this door is closed is when Christine is undressing, exercising, or they are having sex. He opens the door to their bedroom to find it dimly lit by candlelight, the smell of “Tommy Girl,” his favorite perfume, in the air. There is soft yet rhythmic music playing. Sitting on the foot of the bed, he sees Christine wearing a red corset, lace Balıkesir Escort garter, stockings, and thong. She has a red, thin silk collar around her neck. Her hair looks terrific, wavy, and flowing around her beautiful face. Her face is adorned with dark ruby-colored lipstick and matching eye shadow in a sultry, smokey appearance.

“Um. Wow,” Dan begins to speak.

“Shhh,” Christine says, raising a finger to her lips, silencing him.

Slowly, she slides the same finger between her lips, seductively wetting it with her tongue. Looking directly into Dan’s eyes, she slides her finger down her chin, neck, and then between her breasts. Dan feels himself growing hard as he stares with intrigue.

Christine stands up and takes his hand, leading him to the bed. She unbuttons Dan’s shirt and slides it off his back. She starts a trail of kisses down his chest and stops at his navel while she quickly removes his pants. Her kisses continue and then stop at the bulge in his underwear. Christine pushes Dan down on the bed with a playful laugh as she ties him with some red ribbons she has pre-positioned. She smiles as she tightens his binds, her eyes gleaming with mischief. With Dan’s hands fully bound, she climbs on the bed and stands above him, squatting down almost within his reach and then back up again. Dan’s eyes are fixed on her in desire and disbelief. He can smell her scent, and his lips desire to feel her moistness. Dan pleadingly looks into Christine’s eyes, but she simply shakes her head and smiles. He’s always loved her smile.

Lowering herself on top of Dan, straddling his hips, Dan can feel her heat through the confines of his underwear, straining to feel more. Christine moves slowly, sliding back and forth on his bulge. She begins to tease Dan with a seductive dance. Christine’s hands slide all over herself, cupping her breasts, sliding down along her stomach, grinding her pelvis against his crotch, seemingly to the music playing. She slowly raises up and removes her thong before turning around to position her perfectly shaped derriere near Dan’s face, her knees on either side of his shoulders. In this 69-esque position, Dan can see the soft pink folds of her pussy, the lips parted like a flower’s petals, its dew glistening in the candlelight. Christine slides a hand between her legs, her finger parting her lips. She then begins circular motions around her swollen clit, rubbing in light soft movements. She slides one…two…three fingers into her sweet cunt. Christine slowly moves her fingers in and out of the folds of her pussy, her juices covering them more with each repetition. In and out, faster and faster, she fuck herself with her fingers. Dan groans at the sight of Christine’s teasing display. Her fingers return to her clit, grazing it lightly, exposing the soft, swollen flesh. Her fingers rub and circle around her clit, unable to control herself. Christine’s breath quickens, and her moans start slow, but soon they are continuous and deep. As Christine gets closer, she slides back a little further, wanting Balıkesir Escort Bayan Dan’s tongue to finish the job. Dan buries his face as far as he can, licking and sucking on her clit furiously. Her sweet nectar tastes as intoxicating as her scent to him.

Christine pinches and pulls on her nipples as his tongue works rapidly on her clit. The heat and moisture from her cunt are never-ending. She tries to get up, but Dan’s mouth sucks her labia in, holding Christine in place. Dan’s tongue is working magic, and she abandons the idea of stopping him. Suddenly Christine’s thighs tighten around his head, and the overpowering waves of orgasm begin to shudder throughout her body. She collapses with exhaustion on top of his body, the remnants of her climax subsiding. She looks back at Dan and can’t help but chuckle when she sees his Cheshire cat grin.

Christine’s hand slowly moves to free Dan’s cock, her breath hot against it. She can hear him catch his breath as she slowly takes his cock into her soft, inviting mouth. Dan’s cock is hard and thick, its veins visibly pulsing with lust, streaking through just below the flesh. Her lips engulf it, the warmth of her mouth surrounding every inch of him. She withdraws its length from her mouth, then, with her tongue, traces circles on the underside of its mushroom head, causing sensations to shoot throughout Dan’s body. Dan whimpers as Christine’s mouth starts moving frantically, her tongue moving with its own desire. She sucks his cock into her mouth with enthusiasm, bobbing her head at a near-dizzying pace. The slurping sounds of her hot mouth echo in the room. Dan begins to breathe harder, and his whimpers turn to moans; his moans get louder, and Christine quickens her pace. Then she stops…removing his cock from her mouth; she looks back at him with a devious smile. Dan’s eyes are pleading with her as Christine teases the tip of his shaft with her tongue. Dan looks desperate to her, so Christine sucks his cock into her mouth deep to its base. She sucks his full length hard and fast, with a steady rhythm pounding his cock deep into her throat. Dan tenses and explodes, his cum shooting deep into Christine’s hungry throat. His cock throbs and pulses as he moans loudly until his orgasm subsides. Christine continues suckling on him lightly as Dan comes down from his climax, his cock twitching in her mouth. She gives his cock one last peck, then gets up from the bed.

“Wait! Don’t forget to untie me! Where are you going?” Dan asks as she proceeds to exit the room. Without a word, Christine disappears. Dan looks at his bindings and knows that if he really wants to, he can free himself. However, Christine has put much into planning this, so he’s willing to play along.

After a few moments, Christine returns to the room, sipping from a water bottle. Sitting on the bed, she lifts Dan’s head to let him drink from the bottle.

“You got me flowers,” Christine says with a soft smile.

“I did. For Valentine’s Day. I also have another gift for you.” Dan replied between sips Escort Balıkesir of the water. “Why don’t you untie me so I can get it?”

“It can wait. I’m not finished with you yet. Had enough water?” she asks.

“Yes, thank you,” he replied.

Christine places the bottle on the nightstand, then climbs onto the bed between Dan’s legs, her head at his crotch. She takes his limp cock into her hand and starts teasing it with her fingers and tongue.

“I love you so much, Dan,” Christine says, looking up at him. “And I love this cock. I need to feel you inside of me. Do you think you can get hard for me again?”

“If you keep doing that, I will,” Dan whimpers.

“Oh, I intend to,” she says, her tongue licking softly at his frenulum. “Your cock is so amazing. I love to feel it on my tongue,” she says between licks. “Feel it on my lips,” as she rubs Dan’s now semi-hard cock against her lips. “Feel it in my mouth,” and engulfs his cock in her mouth. Christine continues this method of licking Dan’s shaft, from base to tip, then taking him in her mouth until he is rigid once more. She strokes her thumb against the head of his cock as she buries her face into his balls.

“Oh, baby,” Dan whimpers as he feels Christine’s tongue lick from his perineum, then suck in each of his testicles lightly, all while her thumb is stimulating the most sensitive part of his cock.

“Mhm,” Christine moans into Dan’s scrotum, “I love to see you like this. So hard. Wanting.” she teases. “Mhm, yes. I think you’re ready,” she said before climbing further up the bed till she straddled Dan’s waist. Reaching down between her legs, she guides his hard cock to her opening. Slowly, she lowers herself onto him, feeling the pressure as his shaft penetrates her, filling her with incredible warmth. “Oh, how I love your cock, babe. I love how you make me feel so…full.”

Christine keeps a slow, steady pace as she rides Dan’s cock. It has felt like forever since she’s had his cock inside of her. Filling her and stretching her from within, inch by inch. She wants to linger in this feeling. She feels her cunt getting increasingly wet as she rides his cock at a painstakingly slow pace. “Oh, Dan. You…feel so good… I’m so wet for you. I want to feel this forever,” she moans.

Hearing Christine talk in her low, sultry voice causes Dan’s cock to throb and pulse even more. “Your pussy feels so good, baby. I’ve missed you so much,” Dan whispers, watching her hips grind and shift against his pelvis.

Christine can feel each sweet spasm of his stiff shaft rising through her with warm, tingling, expansive sensations. A feeling like his cock was always meant to be there. Then she feels the rolling boil of an orgasm starts to build within her.

“I’m going to cum,” she moans in anticipation of the impending release. Then it hits her. Hard. She starts shaking and digs her hands into Dan’s chest. Her heart is racing as this explosion shoots throughout her body, her thighs shaking uncontrollably. She feels weightless and numb, yet so alive.

Christine collapses on top of Dan’s chest, sighing and laughing as her orgasm subsides. She shivers slightly, then feels Dan’s arms wrap around her, pulling her into him tight.

“How did you…” she queries Dan.

“You never did learn to tie knots very well, baby,” Dan whispers as he kisses her head.

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