A Tale of Gassy Lesbians Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Amy, ex-bitchy prep and current Slave-Slut of the Mistress Veronica, suddenly woke up in the backseat of a car. She could just barely hear a song she had never heard before playing on the car’s radio (“Demon of Love” by The Sharp Things)

“Mistress?” Amy asked uncertainly.

A voice came back, “Yes.”

“What’s going on?” The cheerleader asked.

The teacher responded, “It’s around 2 A.M, I’m taking you home.”

It took Amy a moment to realize Veronica was taking her back to her family’s house. With that realization came a sense of renewed worry: she and her Mistress would be parted. Then Amy realized her clothes had been changed.

“I’m in my old clothing, before I became Slave-Slut. Before I became complete. So strange to be wearing these clothes again.” Amy said in a soft voice.

“Don’t concern yourself; the outfit you made yesterday is still intact. I intend to keep it that way for quite a long time. Today, you and I have an afterschool appointment with one of your fellow cheerleaders…Ashley. She has had her way for far too long, she’s far worse right now than you ever were.” said Veronica.

“The school frowns on student-teacher relationships, Mistress. I assume you want me to pretend that I am still the old Amy, that nothing has happened between us, and that nothing has changed.”

The song on the radio changed to a Phil Collins song whose name Amy didn’t know but had heard before, something about “your true colors shining”. Her thoughts about it were interrupted by Veronica’s next statement:

“Think you can do it?”

“Although I am not the old Amy, I still have her memories. I remember how she was…how I was. It’s still hard to believe that technically I am the same person as her. Your Slave-Slut can do this, and she will.” Amy said.

“One more thing, Slave-Slut Amy. You will be going without my gas for quite some time; you’ll have to secretly inhale the farts of other women to sate your need until your last class…with me. The spell only works with female gas, as it was conceived by a lesbian to ensnare other women. Whenever you get a chance, take in as much as you can as discreetly as possible. Here’s the plan: about a minute before your class with me ends, be your old bitchy self. Act the part of the haughty spoiled prep, and do it convincingly. I’ll pretend to get angry at you, and tell you to come to my office right now. Since this is nothing new, no one will suspect a thing. And in my office, I will feed you my farts at point-blank range.” Veronica said, calm and reassuring.

Amy shuddered with sudden excitement. “All of that gas!” she thought.

“And, you nasty girl, I’ll give you farts with your mouth on my asshole. Isn’t that want you want, you naughty slut? To have your lips closed over my ass when it goes off…again, and again, and again?” Veronica didn’t even bother to hide her lust.

Amy’s law had dropped, her eyes wide with lust, her voice a lewd whisper: “To feed directly from the source….yeeeesssss. That is what I want, Mistress. Your nasty Slave-Slut wants her Mistress to fart into her mouth…with her lips over her Mistress’s butt. There will be nowhere for the gas to go but down my throat.”

“After you are replenished, we will go to your friend Ashley and tell she is in trouble for several school disruptions. That is technically true…Ashley has been busy disrupting her classes, and she has hardly been punished at all for it. If I know her, and I do, Ashley will be busy getting ready for cheerleading practice in the girl’s locker room. She’s always last to finish, she’s quite consistent on that. I’ll just say the words, let loose a few innocent farts, and Ashley will soon be calling me Mistress.”

“For she will be Slave-Slut then, just as I am Slave-Slut now. I assume you want me to help her adjust.”

“Correct, as I have to go to a meeting. Give her some advice, and let her go to cheerleading practice. When Ashley is done with practice, arrange a sleepover with her tonight. You and Ashley did a lot of sleepovers, right?”

“We did, Mistress. It won’t be suspicious.” said Amy.

“Ashley will be needing plenty of gas, be sure to give her more than enough. Also, she will probably be extremely horny, so you and she will most likely have an interesting time together. As speaking of gas, in about an hour we’ll be at your house. I’ll feed you before you get out of the car.”

At that moment, Veronica unleashed a massive amount of extremely loud, very potent farts into the car. Then blast after blast came out of Veronica’s butt for what seemed like forever. Amy was beyond ecstasy, the wonderful smell was back in her lungs again. There was so much gas in the car that Amy couldn’t smell anything else at all.

“I don’t want to leave Mistress! It’s so nice in here! Why can’t I stay for a couple of hours? Why can these moments last forever?” Amy moaned wistfully, completely lost in Veronica’s midst of dense, erotic vapor.

“Soon my darling Amy, you have someone who shares your lust for my farts. You won’t Anadolu Yakası Escort have to hide your lesbian butt gas lust from her.” Veronica smiled, her voice soft.

For about an hour, Veronica let Amy relax in the thick, fragrant, gassy atmosphere of the car. Amy’s eyes had rolled back in her head, her mouth hung open lazily, and her nose and lungs were going into overdrive inhaling Veronica’s hot air. All the while, Veronica had been chain-farting into the car as much possible.

“I’m in heaven! I love the smell of your hot sexy farts, there is nothing better than being in their midst!” Amy’s loud moaning voice was incoherent and crazed with lust. Amy had been wantonly masturbating the entire time, frantically caressing both her breasts and pussy, and had explosively orgasmed so many times she had lost count of them all.

Finally, they arrived at Amy’s house.

“It’s been an hour, we can’t wait any longer.” said Veronica.

Amy groaned in extreme disappointment as Veronica opened the car doors one at a time. The unbelievable amount of gas that had been trapped in Veronica’s car, now all too quickly left for Amy and soon dissipated.

Veronica gestured for Amy to get out of the car, and she did so. Veronica embraced her student tightly and warmly.

“It’s only going to be a couple of hours. Hold out. You can do this, Amy. Your Mistress believes in you.” Veronica said in her most affectionate voice.

“Your Slave-Slut is honored by her Mistress’s confidence in her. I shall try not to disappoint you, Veronica. Goodbye.” Amy said softly.

As Veronica drove off, Amy smiled and then walked up to her house. She had a key, and when she got in she went to bed almost immediately. However, before she did so, she stopped by her sister’s bedroom.

Her sister Becky, who was very much like her old self, was sleeping soundly under her covers. Amy could make out the outline of her Becky’s form.

She was about to leave when Becky suddenly farted in her sleep. Although Amy couldn’t smell the perfume very well, enough of the gas wafted over to her to make her sign.

But it wasn’t nearly enough, compared to Veronica’s gas; Becky’s gas was nowhere near adequate. Amy quietly inhaled her sister’s farts as covertly as possible, whispered “goodnight, Sis”, and went to her own bed to sleep.

At about 7 P.M, her mother Evelyn woke Amy up. Amy had been having the most wonderful dreams, invariably about women wantonly farting around her, so naturally she wasn’t happy to be woken up. Her mother Evelyn was a divorced single mother who had instilled the values that both Amy (until recently) and Becky had lived by most of the lives.

Evelyn was a powerful, successful, and ruthless businesswoman, she ruled over her domain with an iron hand. Evelyn had never seen a need for social graces; she preferred to bully people into getting her way.

She was extremely influential and carried a great deal of clout in the community, one of the reasons why the cheerleading squad got away with everything is because of the combined power of their parents.

A great many teachers had had their futures almost completely ruined by defying them; many of those teachers were close friends of Veronica. Naturally Veronica hated the cheerleading squad’s parents for that.

Amy had a strange morning indeed. She was definitely missing the smell of Veronica’s farts in her lungs, so she had to be secretive. Several times she managed to temporarily sate her need.

When Amy was brushing her teeth in the bathroom, Becky came in. Amy kept her eyes on the task at hand, as Becky started to pull down her pants. Amy had no interest in seeing her sister naked and squatting on the toilet, so she did her best not to look in Becky’s direction.

Amy realized the towels near Becky hadn’t been folded properly, so Amy went over to sort them out. Becky, from the sounds she was making, was constipated. Amy was still struggling with the towels (she had always been lousy at chores) when Becky suddenly let a loud one rip.

Amy was somewhat embarrassed as she quietly inhaled her own sister’s fart, but she needed the gas and she needed it now.

“Sorry sis.” said Becky in embarrassment, the smell of her fart flooding the room.

“If only she knew…..” Amy thought. “Think nothing of it, Becky, we’re sisters. There are no secrets between us.” said Amy pleasantly. Almost as soon as she said the last sentence she was worried she had given something away.

Becky, however, was too busy straining to notice. She was unsuccessfully trying to overcome her constipation. Soon Becky farted again. And again. And again. The aroma of the potent gas flooded the restroom, Amy discreetly drawing them into her lungs.

“I’m inhaling my own sister’s farts! And worse, I’m enjoying it!” Amy was mortified, but thankful for her sister’s wind. Amy was half-tempted to thank Becky, but she stopped herself.

Finally Becky gave up.

“There’s some stuff for that in the Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan kitchen cabinet. It should help.” Amy said, still not looking in her sister’s direction.

As soon as Becky left, Amy inhaled the rest of her sister’s gas freely.

“Thank you Sis.” Amy said quietly when she was done.

Amy had another opportunity to get relief: she would be alone in the bathtub washing herself. Amy couldn’t help but find the sensation strange: she was chain-farting freely in the water, causing large bubbles to shoot out from her bubble-butt and pop on the surface.

The smell of her gas, combined with the soap and shampoo scent already in the air, made for a very strange aroma. The fusion of the smells helped to mask the smell of her farts, while the water dampened the noise.

Thus she was able to fart (and masturbate) shamelessly without fear of discovery. Finally she was finished. She also inhaled her own farts again, when she briefly used the toilet, before she finally left the bathroom.

Amy got one more good opportunity: breakfast. Three women (not including herself) were seated there: her mother, her sister, and her mother’s best friend Bertha.

During the course of that morning meal, she managed to get a handful of farts into her system: a few small(with the exception of a single loud one) ones and silent blasts from Becky, some louder and longer ones from Bertha, and her mother let a few good(and fairly loud) explosions rip that managed to sate her need. Amy’s own real regret was not being able to properly inhale all that wonderful gas.

When her mother drove her and Becky to school, there were a few small farts but nothing substantial. At school, Amy managed to get a little relief. In class, there were a few silent but strong blasts that she secretly drew in.

Even one of her teachers let off a good one by accident (unfortunately Amy was fairly far away when it happened). The hallways, hardly satisfaction awaited Amy there, for what few farts went off were broken up by the rapid movement of the people passing through on the way to class.

Unsurprisingly, the real delight for Amy was in the girl’s restroom. Here there was a virtual stream of girls letting loose bombs of incredible potency and noise, and she covertly inhaled it all.

Of course, she was able to add her old distinct smells and sounds to the cacophony of womanly explosions. Amy heard and smelled them all: near-silent hisses, loud blasts, chain-farts, all served to satisfy her desire.

“It seems only in the restroom are women allowed, correction…allow themselves, to express that part of who they are.” Amy thought regretfully. Amy couldn’t understand why her fellow women seemed so ashamed of something all of them had to do, not when the actual act was so harmless in her eyes.

Of course, Amy didn’t understand because she just didn’t see it the way her fellow women did anymore. Her perspective had just become too different from theirs. Amy caught herself, “I don’t have all the answers, so how can I jump to conclusions on this matter? I just don’t have enough information to generalize like this. Who does have the answer to this matter, I wonder?”

Amy managed to temporarily sate her hunger throughout the day. But none of these farts could satisfy her for long, only one woman’s gas could: the farts of her Mistress. Amy was so excited when she finally encountered her teacher.

For the longest time class proceeded normally, but then came the last minute of class. Amy knew what she had to, she had summon the attitude and mannerisms of who she used to be.

“You know what, Miss Veronica, I think you are a joke! Your class like totally sucks, and I hate you. You’re not a teacher, you’re a hack! A loser, a nobody! That entire lecture you gave was completely lame and like total dullsville! And you couldn’t lose weight if you tried!” Amy said angrily, doing her best to be convincing.

The words felt like acid in Amy’s throat, she regretted every word as soon as it left her mouth. But she hide her regret as best as she could.

“Young lady! I have had enough of your childish behavior! You are going to my office, right now! This instant! I am going to see to it that you are severely punished for disrupting my class! Come on! By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll regret this day for sure!” Veronica almost shouted, her words punctuated by grabbing Amy’s wrist and leading her to the door.

For a second, Amy was really worried that Veronica had taken her words seriously. That her Mistress was going to leave her for good. Then Veronica turned around, and said with her eyes ablaze, “You need some serious discipline, young lady!” But underneath the mask of anger was something else entirely, for Veronica quickly winked once at her as soon as she said “discipline.”

So Veronica and Amy kept up the pretext of angry teacher and insolent student, when they were secretly Mistress and Slave-Slut. Only when they arrived at Veronica’s Escort Anadolu Yakası fairly large office (and locked the door behind them), did Veronica whisper to her: “BRILLANT. Whisper when you want to say the truth.” A country music song, “The Way You Love Me”(the electronic version of the original by the same singer) was softly playing in the background. In a much louder voice, “You are a disgrace to this high school and everything that it stands for!”

Amy shouted back, “I hate you, you bitch!”

Amy went back to whispering, “I’m so sorry Mistress! I didn’t mean any of the things I said! It’s just…it was what you and I….”

Veronica whispered back, calmly, “I perfectly understand. Everything is going according to plan. You did well. Now play along, just in case anyone is passing by.”

Veronica started to remove her pants, “Young lady, in my years as a teacher, students were actively disciplined by their teachers. This high school stood for something, it still stands for something.”

Veronica had removed all of her lower clothing, leaving her ass exposed. Veronica now was kneeling on the floor, her big meaty ass held high in the air.

“We never lowered ourselves to your level, young lady. We were always in charge of the students, never the other way around.” Veronica continued sternly, but she was having trouble not laughing out loud due to the situation’s circumstances.

Amy knelt before Veronica’s big butt, and signed at its beauty. Then suddenly she said hatefully, “You think you can control me? Huh? I will not be a brick in the wall; I don’t need any so-called education!”

Amy then whispered lewdly, “But I do love have the way you control me, my very thoughts no less.” Amy spread Veronica’s ass cheeks with her hands and latched her mouth onto her Mistress’s asshole.

Veronica suppressed a moan, and whispered, “Bathe my ass, Slave-Slut! Then tongue your Mistress’s butt, you nasty girl! Only after that will I give the farts you desire!”

Veronica thundered, “This school will not tolerate ass-kissers, but it most certainly will not tolerate ill-behaved malcontents like you. You young women need to learn to submit to authority!”

Amy briefly removed her lips from Veronica’s anus and smiled, “I have already have submitted Mistress. To you, and I love it! And your slave-slut is more than willing to do so much more than just kiss your ass.” Then Amy’s tongue began to coat Veronica’s tight rectal muscles with layer after layer of wet saliva, loosing it up.

Then her tongue formed its way into Veronica’s pink anus, which slowly gave way under her assault on it. “I knew you were a dirty anal lesbian butt slut! You can’t get enough of my ass can you?” Veronica moaned softly.

Amy responded by driving her tongue as deep as she could into her Mistress’s big, plump, round ass, and then she started to rapidly sucking on Veronica’s asshole with her mouth as a vacuum seal. For several minutes Amy pleasured Veronica’s vulnerable interior while fisting her Mistress’s pussy.

Finally Veronica came in both holes at about the same time. First Veronica’s pussy exploded, absolutely soaking Amy’s hand with her pussy fluids. Almost immediately Veronica came anally….her ass blasting fart after fart down Amy’s throat. It was difficult, but Amy managed to swallow them all.

Veronica, for her part, had a very hard time suppressing her cries of ecstasy. To Amy’s surprise the last fart actually came back, after she had already swallowed it, in a loud burp.

Essentially Amy had farted out of her mouth, releasing the same gas but from a different place.

Amy quickly said, “Excuse me Mistress.”

Veronica laughed and whispered in amusement, “You just swallowed all of those farts, and you are apologizing for just that one? Have you no shame? Well then, here is what you were promised….you shameless minx.”

Amy’s mouth closed as tightly as possible over her Mistress’s asshole. Then Veronica unleashed all of the gas that had been accumulating over a couple of hours. An absolutely explosive series of long, potent, and loud chain-farts were blasted into Amy’s waiting mouth, causing her cheeks to puff out each time with the force of her Mistress’s bombs.

Amy frequently almost had her mouth’s hold on her Mistress’s anus knocked off, the farts were quite powerful. The effect on Amy was heavenly, as the gas was now trapped (somewhat) within her.

Amy moaned shamelessly with each blast, she felt fully restored by her Mistress’s gas. Eventually though, Veronica ran out of gas. Amy removed her lips from Veronica’s butt, and belched quite loudly as the excess air was released from her system.

Of course, that didn’t stop Amy from inhaling the expelled gas right back into her lungs.

Veronica started to getting dressed, “Luckily, few people come by this area at this time of day. How do you feel?”

Amy smiled, her tongue and breath still smelling like Veronica’s ass, her hand still smelling like Veronica’s pussy, “Completed, for now, Mistress. Let’s go find Ashley.”

Veronica smiled and whispered back, “Good. I have a item to show her. Don’t forget to clean your mouth and hand before we go, that’s what the toothbrush and toothpaste are for. I figured you would need them; the mirror and the sink are over there. And the paper towels are there.”

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