A Surprise in the Bathroom

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It all happened on a brisk September Friday that I at first thought was going to be another day in my anorexic solitude. But I guess even in the Finnish autumn weather, pessimism reaches sometimes its limits.

It was the third day of my liquid fast, and I had felt somehow a bit dizzy right from the morning. Anyhow, I also knew that I had lost weight. After drinking a cup of green tea I rushed to make weigh myself and do the morning measuring. The scale wasn’t really a friend of mine, but I had to do it while I still were the only one awake.

I took off my silky gown and fiddled my ribs nervously. I counted them carefully, feeling a little proud about how they’d sharpened. When I dared to step on the scale, it stopped at 75lbs. I sighed out of relief and slumped onto the floor trying to hold myself. Even if I was a bit fat-legged for being 5 foot 5, for a while I felt that I wasn’t an utterly hopeless whale. All that fasting, sit-ups in the night and diet pills worked.

I held my hipbones like strongly protruding handles. I stroked their hard, edgy shape and took my hand to my empty, grumbling stomach. I wanted to lead my fingers under my ribcage, to the hole, to feel the fat-free hollowness. Anyway I still needed my measuring tape. Bust: 72cm(28 in), almost only nipples rised upon my xylophone-like chest bones. Waist: 50cm (20 in), Hips: 75cm.(29,5in) Love those even numbers. I wondered when Inka would finally accept me.

I had lost 5 lbs since my latest weighing and my BMI was for the first time below 13. My goal weight was only 5 pounds away. My new diet had worked, I had decided to live on supplements, liquids, fruit and meal replacements. By Saturday morning my whole week’s calorie intake was around one thousand. I pulled on my new Hello Kitty- underwear that I had had to but from the children’s department, because my old clothes didn’t stay on me any longer. I loved it how they tensed on my hipbones, leaving a gap through which I could slip my hand inside my pants and touch my shaved pussy. I wore my jogging trousers and three layers of shirts not to freeze to death. I had also started to get nasty looks ’cause of my thinness.

At first I had intended to skip the running, because pro ana-sites had advised me not to exercise too much during fasting to avoid fainting. Anyhow the scale had encouraged me to run two miles before the streets would fill up with people.

I sneaked out carefully not to wake Inka. She’s already suspecting that I have an eating disorder, and I’m afraid she’d force me to become a disgusting fatty when she would be sure. There were many positive sides in Inka too.

During my run I thought about how lucky I had actually been when I couldn’t get that studio, which I had so much looked forward to, beginning my university freshman year. I had wanted to lock myself away from the evil world, doing my arts and fasting, and to get rid of my weight.

Surprisingly, Inka was probably the best roommate I could have ever had. She was such a lovely cutie. When I were healthy, I had always longed for a girlfriend like her. She was intelligent, kind and cheery, and even a magnificent thinspiration. She had that big sister-type of feeling to her, probably because she was slightly older than I, 22-23 years old I’d guess, I hadn’t really ever asked.

Inka’s body was as well-proportioned as so-called normal people can have. She was a bit shorter than I, slim and petite. She had a cute thigh gap and visible collar bones, even when she wasn’t anorexic as far as I knew. She was however vegan and she danced and did yoga, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that with her metabolism she probably weighed just a bit over a hundred pounds. There were moments when I could see from my room the tight, small frame exercising, wearing revealing anal seks hikayeleri sports bra and tight leggings that adored her firm but healthy butt. I wonder if she had anorexia too. No, she was way too joyous and self-confident to be anorexic. She didn’t even wear the same, baggy kind of clothes I did. Her thick, braided hair was way different from my blonde, shoulder-length wisps. Her mouth was full and sensual, and her cheeks weren’t sunken like mine.

I had tried to hide her that I had lost some 15lbs since I had moved in. I made fake sandwiches, exercised when she was away and used thick layers and oversized clothes.

Still, on a few occasions she had implied something about my weight, or drinking her protein shake saying: “You must be quite hungry?”

And she never left me any food. It was almost as if she was giving hints, trying to wrap me around her thumb. She had sure succeeded in it. At the times when I didn’t hate the whole world, Inka was one of the few things that made me happy and occasionally even aroused. She agreed to turn the heaters on whenever I felt cold and she often jogged and studied with me, motivating me. She was, in a way, mentally thinner than I, more free and more happy. When I understood that I am just a nervous bag of bones weeping on the floors, way below her league and that I didn’t even know yet whether she was lesbian, it made me exercise even harder. Luckily, I had gotten rid of cutting myself some time ago though, I believed it was thanks to my nutrients and Omega 3:s that I had a gentle grip of my mind even while my body was fading away.

I returned home by 9 AM. I was sweaty and dirty, certainly in need of a shower. A very hot, long shower that could ease my shivering feet and drop me into a calm, protecting abyss. I slipped away my clothes with ease, though I faltered a little. I thought I’d probably need another glass of water or juice to stay on my feet. I grabbed my bathrobe and sneaked into the kitchen. On the table layed a multivitamin drink and a glass of apple juice. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a small notice next to the bottle:

“For my little jogger :), Inka.”

My eyes wandered around the room nervously, hoping she wouldn’t be there looking at me at my worst, with my stick-like legs shaking under the robe. She wasn’t there, so I drank the vitamin-drink with gratitude. I decided to skip the sugary apple juice though and went quickly to the bathroom considering Inka must have left for some lecture. I threw the robe on the edge of the sink and went on stretching. I like to stretch before and during shower to feel active. I lifted my leg on the sink and bent my self towards it. I took my left hand off the sink to feel my protruding spine.

I thought I should photograph myself again to know whether all my progress is just a foolish imagination. I grabbed the sponge and saw the mirror cabinet being all steamy. I realised the sauna was being heated. I almost ran to the sauna door, anxious to see if anyone’s there. Inka looked at me with a shiny smile.

“You’re very flexible, you know that?”

“I- I… “I went completely frozen and pale. I had exposed myself, and I was still not really registering all that was happening around me.

“I, I, I’m sorry!” I mumbled. “I guess I’ll come back later…” I was desperately trying to reach my towel without completely running away from her. I didn’t almost realise how beautiful her wet, silky body seemed in the delicate, natural light of the sauna.

“Oh, now, Anni, don’t be so silly. We are both girls aren’t we? Besides, I’d like to really know you better. You know, without too much respecting and barriers.” She stood up from the sauna bench and descended towards me.

I felt a warm breeze from the sauna embracing me. My heart had decided to give up its usual, apathetic and weak beat, and it pounded like crazy. Fasting makes me more sensitive to everything, like I couldn’t control my senses. Not just pain, but everything I guess. The warm air, the soft sound of Inka’s feet on the wet floor. The little drops of water falling from her pink, luscious nipples. I thought what would happen if I stayed. She made a small, inviting gesture, looking at my malnourished body and tired eyes. She doesn’t judge me does she? She told I’m flexible… Or is this some devious irony?

She walked past me, preening her long, chestnut-coloured hair to the back. She didn’t have to hide anything.

“I do hope you’re not working so hard on your body to please the guys, are you?” she said, turning to me from the behind.

“They don’t often tend to respect this kinda things.”

I blushed, with all my blood running wild in front of this confusion. I hadn’t actually been thinking about guys in ages. All my curiosity was focused on thin, elegant female bodies.

“It’s my body anyway.. And I must control it”, I said with a weak voice.

“That’s the attitude, sis!” she slapped my butt and put her hands on my hips.

“These hipbones have required some effort.. Very nice,” she said and smoothly brought her small, fair-skinned hands on my buttocks.

“Yes..Inka, em, I- was about to shower..” She was so near, so confident and so arrogant. I pulled the towel tighter to my chest and stood there, thinking whether to let in to something secret, that I just couldn’t have let even near me without that surprise.

“You- you think I’m thin?” I asked the life or death- question.

“Yess.. veery thin dear.” She put her hands together, locking me into her bosom and nibbled my ear.

I wavered and looked at her over my shoulder. Were we alike after all?

She looked deep into my eyes and whispered: “My lips are calorie free.” Then I shared the first girl to girl kiss in my whole 20-year long life and my first kiss in three years. It was passionate, it was delicate but rough, new and dangerous but somehow secure and protecting. My muscles went numb and in the weirdest ecstasy of my life, I collapsed into her arms. She held me gently, lifted me like a twig and carried to the shower. Soon we were covered in the hot mist, the shower caressing our bodies like a waterfall. She held my butt with one hand, taking my hand in the other. She lead it to the soap, rubbing it all over our bodies. Starting with the chestbones and tits, moving on to my stomach and arms.

“It’s a shame we’re washing ourselves. I love the scent of hunger on you.”

I wrapped my arms around her, leaning my head on her shoulder, feeling like I would never ever let go again. We continued kissing, as our lubricated, elastic bodies rubbed each other. My nipples got hard, I felt them touching her breasts, and I pressed my body tighter. Finding my bottled-up courage, I kissed her neck and clavicles, sucking the water off them, licking the very essence of her femininity. She made a nervous, moaning sound and we sat down on the floor, her lifting me on top of her thighs.

The streaming water washed her high, rosy cheeks, and as my thin, golden hair fell on my face, covering my sight, I left myself to be dominated. She played with my ribs while kissing my face. I just breathed heavily, letting my hands explore her waist and smooth, flat stomach.

Then she firmly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back without me being able to resist. She patted my breasts, stretching and fondling my nipples. As the soap flushed down my body, leaving the flavours of ginger and coconut, she put me sitting against the wall and started moving down my body with her lips. I felt her tongue moving fiercely around my chest area, with her hands holding mine. Even my chestbones were a treat to her; a sign of my will to be accepted and noticed, a field she had just conquered. She moved to my concave stomach, purring and rubbing her cheek to it like a happy cat. Inka’s emerald eyes were glowing, she knew exactly how to treat me, how to use my anorexic pride and at the same time stimulate my body in a way that showed she wasn’t just abusing me, or at least I thought so. I tried to prepare myself for the inevitable now, my virginity was going to be taken.

Inka released my hands, moving on to caressing my thighs as her head descended to my groin. She furiously thrusted her tongue into my pink vagina, with her nose stroking and smelling my clitoris. She rubbed it and sucked it, finding my g-spot amazingly fast. I crumbled in lust and rolled over lying on the floor. I felt I could still get wet, even while everything felt someway rougher than before. I moaned like a hunted mouse as I was twirling around, feeling her hot breath inside me, with her hands massaging my thighs that were sore from training. The warm water flowed under me, the shower was now just touching my feet, adding the nice little tickle to the overwhelming emotions.

I realised that any moment Inka was going to notice my scars, which were previously covered by the towel. I thought if I should get up, but as she penetrated me with her fingers, I could only respond with a weak sigh, trying to reach my hands to her head. She put two more fingers inside me, and my tight vagina was at its limits. If she were to fist it, I’d just shatter on the floor, dying as a happy girl.

I felt her hand in mine, both hands on my thigh, exploring my scarred thighs. She had eased on rampaging me, stroking my labia as if I were little kitten. She looked at my pale face and big, restless eyes. She could see the agony in the midst of all my pleasure. Leading me into an orgasm now, after I was emotionally inside out, would be psychological raping, even when on certain level I never wanted her to stop.

“You got some stripes, don’cha tiger?” She could’ve hardly resisted teasing me. She put her fingers back inside me, increasing her pace and strength. I cramped and twisted, closing my eyes. She held both of my hands in her left hand, letting the right one be the mistress of the house. She threw me into a new world, to the very edge of a blasting orgasm. I squeaked, frightened how I had left the control of my body, given it to someone else. Oh god, I was coming!

On the moment when the world trembled, she pulled her wet hand out of me and pulled me into her arms, hugging me tightly.

“You don’t have to be afraid dear,” she whispered into my ear, spreading my pussy fluids on her cheeks and lips. I cried, out of shock and sheer joy. Sobbing, I knew I had no way to return, she had taken my soul and body, embracing it’s darkest places. She kissed my tears away, and I squeezed her even tighter, her waist, her hips, her thighs.

I felt our bodies melting into being a single entity, stuttering:” Don’t you too dare abandon me.”

“Never,” she answered, “you can escape food, but you can’t escape love.”

She wiped my hair off my face and looked me deep in to the eye.

“I’ll teach you to love that little body of yours, you beautiful.”

I took my hand to her pussy, feeling it dripping something else than water. I kissed her, entwined my body around her like a skinny cobra, and then, from an unexpectedly gentle and delicate touch, I came.

Nearly fainting, I thanked heaven of this morning I had thought would never come to me. She stood up, lifting me like a princess and carried me in the sauna.

There we were, in the hot, steamy wooden room, the morning sun on our faces, and I, completely exhausted and tranquil, spent a moment resting on her body, with my head on the breasts of my new queen.

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