A Small Matter of Incest

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When I was nineteen and in my second year of college, I made an unexpected trip home. I was shocked and stunned to walk in on my mother and Mrs. Wilkens performing cunnilingus on each other. They were in the classic 69 position lapping each-others cunt.

I stood mute as my cock grew to full mast. A cock that my mother knew well. She had been sucking me for over a year, but drew the line at fucking. As much as I wanted to fuck her, she would not let it happen.

With mom on top, and her head between Mrs. Wilkens legs, and her ass in the air, I saw an opportunity I could not pass up. Her puckered asshole was there for the taking. Something that I had dreamed of while stroking my cock to orgasm.

I spit on my cock to gain some lubricant and presented my cock to mom’s hole. As I started entry, mom moaned, and asked, “Why James, what are you doing home? You know how much I love you fucking my ass while Helen eats me.”

My Dad is James and his best friend is Keith Wilkens. I assumed dad must be fucking Mrs. Wilkens and Keith fucking mom. Little did I know, that Keith

Wilkens was my dad’s personal cocksucker.

I rammed my cock balls to the wall, as mom shrieked, “You’re not James, who the fuck are you?”

It’s your baby boy, don’t you recognize my cock, mother dear?

She tied to throw me off, but my cock was locked deep in her bowels. Her shrieks turned to moans, Girne Escort as I began plowing her often fucked ass.

Who would have thought, the first time I fucked my mom, it would be in the ass and not her tight wet cunt.

As my cock thrust in and out, I felt Mrs. Wilken’s tongue licking my cock.

Then I heard a voice saying, “Well, well, well Constance June, you and Helen have added a third, and that third is not me.” I recognized my dad’s voice.

Here I was caught fucking my own mother in the ass, as she was eating Helen Wilken’s pussy. Caught by my own father.

“Nice family I have,” He laughingly said.

“You can’t make this stuff up. Two best friends performing cunnilingus on each other, as the son of one of them, is plowing his own mother in the ass,” dad said.

During this surreal scene, I had not missed a beat, I continued to plow my mom’s juicy ass.

Then I felt a cock being rubbed between my ass cheeks. I felt a deep searing pain as it entered my ass. Holy crap my own dad was now fucking me in the ass. As his cock reached my prostate, the pain eased, as a deep warm feeling overtook me.

Mother and son were linked in a train, both being fucked in the ass.

It took a short while, but my dad and I synced up, and continued to fuck away. Only Helen Wilkens and my dad did not have a cock in their ass. Magosa Escort Mother and son were both being ass fucked.

Normally when I write these stories, I just sit down at the computer and the stories flow from my fingers on the keyboard to the page. But for some reason, at this point, I lost inspiration in writing this story. I will put it aside and come back to it later.

Let us see if I have enough inspiration juices flowing to restart this story.

Th warm feeling deep in my ass was spreading fast and my entire core felt the effects.

Mother was wiggling her ass, all around, as my cock was working its magic. Orgasms were building for those with cocks in their asses. I had never heard of an anal orgasm, but was about to experience one.

My orgasm was set off when my father blew his load in my bowels causing a chain reaction. I blew my load in my mother’s bowels. If I had not experienced it, I would never have believed it.

We collapsed in a heap. After a short respite, Hellen Wilken’s said, “Walter it’s time for me to suck your cock back to full mast, so you can fuck me. I have yet to be serviced, and it is damn time.”

Climbing off the stack, my dad (Walter), presented his limp cock to Helen’s lips and she quickly engulfed it. The same cock that had just been deep in my ass.

I decided to have mom suck my cock, Kıbrıs Escort something I loved.

Now father and son were both being sucked.

I was content to just let mom suck me off, but she had other ideas. She said, “Don’t you dare cum Tommy, I’ve decided its time for you to fuck mommy.”

I had dreamed of fucking her for so long, but even though she would suck me off, fucking her had been off limits. Off limits, till now. That caused my cock to harden very quickly. There were no preliminaries, I soon plunged my cock in my mother’s wet hot cunt. Something I had dreamed of while masturbating.

I was fucking away when I heard Helen loudly moan, and say, “Oh yes, Walter, fuck me.”

Father and son were both fucking away. Dad was fucking Helen for the umpteenth time, and I was fucking mom for the first time. Little did I know, Keith Wilkens had entered the room, and was sitting in the corner stroking his cock.

Keith was literally drooling at the sight of both mine and dad’s cock. I would later find out Keith was a world class cocksucker, and loved eating cum. The sight of our cocks plunging in and out of pussies was driving Keith crazy with desire to suck those same cocks.

Almost on cue dad and I filled two well fucked pussies with our cum. What came next almost blew my mind. Keith Wilkens licked the cum form my mom’s pussy and then from his wife Helen. Dad and I were spent and could only watch.

Dad said, “I’m spent. Two loads, is about my limit. How about you Tommy? Do you think Keith could suck you hard again?”

“I’m done too dad,” I responded.

From that day on, we became an incest family, with many sexual exploits to cum.


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