A Premature End

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I don’t know why I kept talking. There was a very slim chance of backing it all up. ‘That’s right sexy. The kind of fuck you dream about,’ I said, spilling over with confidence.

She lapped it up. Fawning over me. Bumping her smoking hot body up against my chest and purring for more. ‘OMG,’ she mewled. ‘You’re making me so freaking hot!’

I was hoping the few drinks in me would have some kind of numbing effect. The signs were all wrong though. She was fucking gorgeous. Tight, fit and petite. I was bulging in my jeans noticeably, and I felt that faint buzz starting to work its way around my package.

Not that it was a problem, for the time being. She was loving it. Her high perky tits pushed up against my chest and dark chestnut eyes blinked up at me while she slid both hands down to cup that thick bulge. She whispered up in delight, ‘That feels big. Oh wow. God. That’s so hot!’

She gave just a gentle, almost adoring squeeze, but it set things off way too quickly. Why do I do it to myself? It was typical. Holding back, week after week. Constantly edging and building up that load until it was nearly leaking out for lack of room. Just about full, on the very same night I meet a hottie that is so into me, it would be an injustice not to fuck her.

I tried not to fidget. Standing my ground as I felt the weight of my packed out balls in her cute little grope, and the resulting butterfly effect it had right to end of my half hard cock. Damn it. I knew that must have made me leak, but things were tight down there in those jeans. I couldn’t quite tell.

I should have stopped. I could have kissed her goodnight, played it cool as fuck and left her wet and pinning for more.

Did I though?

I just ran both hands up the sides of her thighs, slowly sounding out the contours of her hips before gripping firmly at her waist. She drew in a sexy gasp. Pressing her lithe little body up against my bulging package and rubbing on it from side to side with her flat tummy.

Leaning down slowly as I replied, ‘Let’s see how hot it is in that gorgeous little thing,’ giving a little indication to her mouth with the tip of my nose before kissing down on the very same place. She opened up with a melting sigh and sank into it like she was made of butter.

Damn, I can be a stud sometimes. It was almost a load blowing French kiss. She broke away like it was the only way to stay alive. A cute mischievous little smile crept around her pretty lips.

‘God, here? You can’t be serious?!’ She was delighted.

She aksaray seks hikayeleri stood back a little. Her hands still cupping that phat bulge as she looked from side to side in a conspiratorial manner. We were under the glare of the security light over the front porch. There was just night around that spotlight.

Her fingers slipped over the waistband of my jeans and she tugged teasingly as if in indecision. ‘What if someone sees us?’ she giggled. The tips of those fingers on my skin sent my whole package buzzing into overdrive. I kept my cool though. On the outside anyway. I was a nervous premature ejaculating wreck inside.

‘What if someone sees the hottest blowjob in the world?’ I shrugged, ‘Well lucky them,’ I answered with a smirk, stroking a hand onto the top of her silky dark locks. Grinning a gorgeous stud smile with a tilt of my head and helping the cutie down to her knees with the faintest of pressure. Her eyes thanking me all the way down.

Bouncing and giggling, she tugged at my button down jeans to keep her balance as she knelt. Obviously thrilled by the size of that package, she squeaked silent little screams of excitement every time a button was freed. Each time one popped open my package swelled out a little more. It was like a fatal countdown. I could almost feel the sick glug from my cum stuffed balls as the gradual release of tension gave them room to move.

I was at a point of no return. I really didn’t want to. It would ruin everything, but my whole crotch and belly were buzzing with that deep fuzz of anticipation. My cock had taken over and it knew exactly what crime it wanted to commit. That long backed up cumgasm was already oozing out. I knew it. I must be leaking like fuck by now.

I helped her with the last few buttons as they grew harder to loosen. Standing tall, still acting the confident hung stud that’s going to fuck her pretty little brains out. The front of my jeans were folded open, hardly tugged down at all and showing a clear thick length of dick bulged white briefs. The shaft to the side, laying wrapped across my upper thigh, ready to swing out perfectly if my briefs were to come down.

Maybe not so perfect. I could feel myself oozing. However long I was to hold out from here on, the end of my dick was already thick with mess. It had started. The delayed familiar buzz came a second later. It was a second too late.

She pressed the flat of her palm against the bulging shape. She loved it already, and made a little gasp in sync with the pressure of her hand. ‘Fuck’. Was all she said before dashing a quick look up to me and pulling the front of my briefs down excitedly by the elastic around my waist.

My cock moved with the briefs. The waistband catching on the thick lump and dragging it down my thigh forcing tension on its base. It was all the friction I didn’t need. That fatal tug too far. Set off by my own briefs, my dick just fucking gushed.

As the elastic was pulled down it sprung away, leaving that thick engorged cum bloated cock to swing out as predicted. In full release.

A great arch of thick and heavy pre-load splurged out in mid swing. The huge extending rope of cum curled around, slapping her up the side of the cheek before draping itself over the bridge of her nose all the way to the other side of her face. It was so big, we heard it stick with a gooey splat.

‘Fuck!’ I nearly doubled over.

I had never seen so much pre-cum. Maybe it was the perspective of seeing it splashed against a real face. Whatever its size, it was enough to shock anyone.

It took her a split second to realise what was going on. My thick heavy cock had fallen out straight, and the awful giant cum rope lay across her face still connected by a long looping cum string bridge right to the tip of the bobbing dick.

The pre-load seemed to erupt in slow motion and I witnessed every detail like an outside observer. The subsequent orgasm however, was lost in a blissed out haze.

She gave a little gasp of shock, ‘Oh!’ and let the waistband of my briefs go with a snap. They were pulled low enough for the elastic to catch me behind that oversized set of cum stuffed balls, and bunch the whole package up obscenely. It acted like a piping bag full of frosting squeezed from the base. Everything swelled up and it was all that was needed to set my hung dick off for real.

I made a deep long grunt as I burst. The big piece twitching with a bobbing spasm each time it launched a length full of heavy gunk at the shocked girl. There wasn’t even any contact as such. Her hands had fallen by now, but the size of the cum wads that were pumping out of me just caused the thick spurts to travel in long stuttering pressurized arcs, splattering heavily over that pretty dumbstruck face.

I don’t know how many times that backed-up, month-old load chugged out of me, but it must have taken several seconds. When I blinked back into focus from my fuzzed out state, I saw finger thick streaks of oozing white cum laying across the poor kneeling girl. Her head, face and shoulders all carried a crisscross of cum shots. Her mouth was open in a cartoonish look of horror that had been frozen on her face since she was slapped across the cheek with the pre-load.

But now there were at least three thick gooey ropes bridging those sexy pink glossed lips. Her pretty nose was caked. Her eyes stayed open and unaffected. She blinked up at me like I was a mad man. The oozing thick mess on her face had started to flow in an almost glacial way. Heavy white goopy ropes were melting into an oozing cum mask.

She held the back of her hands up towards me. ‘What the fuck!?’ she said.

Well, that’s what I thought she said. Words sound slightly different with a thick smear of cum under your lip and your mouth gunked out with a monster premo-load.

The ‘Fuck’ part of her little cum startled statement turned into an ever so slight gag, which led on to her spitting out an unbelievably huge mouthful. It didn’t even seem possible that so much cum could fit in there.

It slowly oozed down her chin, and hung persistently there for a long moment. There was a desperately awkward silence of eye contact that was only broken by the heavy wet splat of the mouthful landing across her bare knees.

‘Oh…shit,’ was all I could muster, but despite her horrified look, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and my dick didn’t let up. It just carried on oozing. Chugging out unexpected burps of cum every now and again like a failing water pump. Splurging out in drools more then spurts, but still managing to cling onto some part of her cute outfit like glue.

I backed away. The peak of the sensation having subsided, I was faced with the cold realization of what just happened. She didn’t know where to put her hands. She just flapped them in an ‘OMG,’ type way.

I had backed away a couple of paces, but there was still thick gooey cum ropes attaching the end of my cock to various parts of her. The more I moved the more they stretched and sagged lower to the floor, but they did not break. I was speechless. It was so fucking hot I felt like I was going to cum again. I wanted to say something.

She got up. She couldn’t look at me. She just kept flapping her hands and spitting out cum from her mouth awkwardly as the mess on her face rolled down to keep topping it up. She made a muffled sound of disgust. That’s all it can be described as. She opened the door, dashed inside and slammed it without looking back.

The cum ropes broke as the door shut and swung back to hang limply from my bunched up cum shocked cock.

I should have just kissed her goodnight, played it cool as fuck, and left her wet and pinning for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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