A Precious Gift

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She had broken all the rules; knew that her affair with Jon would destroy ‘important’ others in their lives, but she had been persuaded to love with him and not resort to a faceless and nameless donor. The father of her child, if her husband failed in the making of it, would be known to her and a family likeness would be there for all to see.

Oh, how she knew that everything she had done was wrong that first time, but he had loved all of those concerns away.

The days, since Jon had first taken her to bed, could not be allowed to pass in a blur; nor could she spend time daydreaming about all that had been shared, and discovered, with Jon. She fretted about how to arrange seeing him again, but he took the lead; seemed to read her mind and called her when it was prudent to do so. He also wanted her, and she had soon learned to deny him nothing in his ways of loving her. She had gloried in the man and what he brought, the illicit nature of their loving an unquenchable aphrodisiac. Jon’s ways had soon eased away any lingering restraint that she may have clung to.

If he was to truly find her she had to let go; to have him coax her into abandoning what she soon realised had held her back with her husband Frank. She wanted kids; her man was only too indifferent of it happened or not.


And here Jon was again, offering a teasing smile even as he took in her appearance and pouted a kiss; a sign that he approved of how she looked, her cerise tank-top worn with a pair of jeans that she had fastened with a wide, brown leather belt. Her hair hung free and she gave him a wondering smile. She knew that her top flattered her fulsome figure. She craved that look upon her almost as much as his touch.

‘Hi…’ she murmured as Jon brushed past her.

‘Hi…I couldn’t stay away from you. Sorry for my appearance.’

‘None of that matters!’ she called out to him as Jon ambled into the kitchen, whistling softly. Lou shut the door quickly and rushed in her bare feet to be with him. The man was in a short-sleeved denim shirt and jeans, his feet thrust into some battered canvas deck-shoes. He was unshaven and his silken greying hair finger combed. He looked captivatingly dishevelled.

‘You’re here again with me!’

‘Yes…how Nişantaşı Escort could I stay away?’ Lou gripped fiercely the hand that he held out to her and was soon drawn into his tightening embrace.

‘You’re all man to me…that’s all that matters right now!’

They kissed fiercely before she clung to him; trembled as he bent his face to press his lips to the swell of her breasts, shaped so wonderfully by her top. Lou felt the heat of his breaths on her skin and shuddered on feeling the hard press of Jon’s prick against her. His lust for her seemed to be insatiable; his energy defied Jon’s age. She would again know of all that he brought in his loving; his urgency dismaying her.

‘There’s time…not so fast Jon, please!’ she cried out and ran from him and took to the stairs. ‘Be with me…now!’

Her man had already taken off his shirt as they met on the landing. She gloried in the sight of him. She unfastened her belt and unbuttoned her jeans; watched as he undressed before her. Lou gasped on seeing his state of arousal; how Jon’s erect penis had sprung free of any restraint.

‘You can’t help it now!’ she marvelled, her fingers tentatively stroking over his prick and cupping the weighty swell of his sac. ‘You…you bring so much…so much to me.’

‘I want you…and I want to help you in what you want from this. Forgive me….please?’

‘Jon….Jon, darling…I have done that already,’ she whispered over trembling lips.

He embraced her and lifted Lou up against him. They stumbled against the wall, so hard, that she felt her breath expelled on a sharp gasp. She fumbled for him and was encouraged to rise up; to wrap her legs about his waist and gasped as his fingers parted moist flesh before Jon entered her body; his movements sinuous as he slowly found and stretched her.

‘So strong! So strong in me!’ she yelped, consumed by her lust and in response to his animalistic hungering for her.

His cock was all she felt as she rose and fell on him as best as she could; his hands gripped her buttocks and he kept her on him; their snorted breaths of effort echoing on the narrow landing. ‘In the bedroom…I can’t do anything for you!’

‘Ina moment! Pendik Escort Right now I want you and in this way!’

She rose and fell; felt him plunge deep into her and she threw back her head in pleasure and felt his hot breaths on her skin. She loved to hear how their bodies crashed against the wall in the frenetic rush of what they now pursued and wanted to share.

Lou heard him groan in his efforts.

She paid no heed to the pain of his taking of her; how he stretched and caressed her in his strong swaying movements. Her mind and body were intent on the feeling of him sliding in and out of her receptive body. She clenched and shook on him; her nails clawing at him as she sought to keep up with his unrelenting rhythm.

‘The bed…on the bed now,’ he groaned, ‘I want to take you to bed!’

‘Yes…go on…on the bed…I can’t bear to wait!’

He soon resumed in relentlessly driving his cock almost painfully deep into her body; the crash of their hips against each other; the coverlet rough against her skin. His lips clamped on her breasts through the fabric of her thin bra. He thrust into her; ground his hips against her as Lou sought to share in the frenzy of this rut and feel his cockhead pressing firmly against her cervix.

‘You wonder, Lou…shall I?’

‘Yes…all of it…bring it all in me…again…and again!’

‘Yes…oh yes…you wonder!’ he called out, his voice booming in her ears.

Lou knew that he meant it; gloried in his ways with her and sought to respond as passionately as her failing strength allowed.

Jon delighted in her breasts; clamped them fiercely and drew his open mouth over them before pressing his lips to her hard nipples; kissed the clammy skin beneath them; licked and tugged more urgently on her nipples, urged on as he heard Lou cry out to him.

Lou shuddered. He wanted to love her in all the ways that experience had taught him. He was lustfully driven on by his aching denial of her.

‘Stay there…so deep!’ she gasped on shudders of release, feeling his hips grind against her. They shared in snatched kisses as his weight bore down on her. She wrapped her arms and legs about him lifted her body against him Rus Escort and dragged on his plumbing prick. She was sharing in a union with this man like no other.

The sensations were too much, and she squealed out in her long-awaited orgasm. Lou stifled her failing cries against his chest; felt the brush of his hair as she kissed his skin; felt Jon breathe harshly against her throat and face before he kissed her.

‘Yes, you’ve found me again. I forgive you and your ways…it will happen for me. You found a way through…’

Lou met his wondering look as he left her and stood at the foot of the bed. The man was so vigorous; so magnificent in his ways; so beguiling in spite of these destructive times that he pursued with her and that she had willingly conceded to.

Lou wondered on how she was to let him go from her; the void in her life when these passionate, purposeful, trysts were finally ended; their purpose achieved; the union of two bodies that had her fearful of the emotional consequences. The man who had loved her so passionately now confounded all that she had thought to feel. A purposeful act should not be allowed to change into deeper feelings of belonging; emotions excusing what they had embarked upon.

She had wanted him as a donor; he had wanted her as a lover should. It would be difficult for her to distinguish between the two the longer they were able to meet and to love.


The frenzy of the past days had lessened.

She had soon realised that she could never become accustomed to watching Jon go.

Lou knew that he had ‘found’ her; the certainty of that knowledge, and what her body had begun to inform her, arriving at the same time as the excuses for him being in her house had been drawn to a conclusion. The man so adept at undertaking manual tasks had loved her, as she had asked of him at the very beginning, until there was no doubt.

‘Purpose had given way to pleasure for its own sake,’ she had said before he had left her side and she had closed the door. Lou had skipped to the living room window to watch him walk to his car, Jon’s slow wave and un-mistakable pout of his lips, enough to soften the rush of hurt that she felt. ‘I have to live it out, and differently….with Jamie.’

Jon had reached out to touch her face; to offer a last caress to the skin of her throat.

‘We knew it would have to be this way,’ he consoled, ‘but I won’t forget. I’ll remember every moment I’ve had with you…’

She might give way to her tears after he had gone from her, for she knew it to be only too true.


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