A Night at the Laundromat

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“Oh quit yer bitchin’ … you know you like doing the laundry with me!” my Dear One teased, holding the door to our neighborhood laundromat open for me.

“Hey-ee!” I jumped, nearly dropping the laundry basket when she goosed me on my way past her. “Careful Hon, I’m commando now!”

(She must like touching my butt. I remember that time when I was making strawberry shortcake… ahhhh… She just never ceases to amaze me!)

“Mmmm, yes, I know!” she grinned, gently groping my crotch then rubbing me there for just a second. “Ooo! What’s this? A rise in the Levi’s?”

“I’ll give you a rise alright,” I grumbled, setting the basket on the floor to pick up the bottle of Clorox that fell onto the floor.

“What’s that? You were mumbling again!”

“I said,” said I, “you are such a delight!”

Laundry has never been one of my favorite things to do either… like shopping. And, although I had gotten a little better at tolerating shopping since I started shopping more with her (too bad the Giant Eagle doesn’t have dressing rooms!), laundry still isn’t one of those weekly events I look forward to. It’s boring. The magazines are all that girlie stuff… (what, they don’t think men come to laundromats? Jeeze! A Field & Stream once in awhile would be nice! Playboy might be better… nah… too many ads… not like the good ol’ days!) And forget t.v.! I don’t really want to watch those talk shows, and ya think they’d keep the remote handy? Oh, hell no! Customer Service? yeah, right. Yep… laundry ain’t high on my list of favorite things!

Well, this won’t be so bad, I considered. It’s a 24/7 kind of place, and because we were, uh, pre-occupied earlier, we didn’t get a chance to get here in the afternoon like we usually do. It was way past midnight, and there was nothing but infomercials on the t.v., muted, which was nice. (Hate those things… infomercials. What a waste of good airspace!) The owners of the place (friends of mine, and cheapskates) apparently don’t see a need to pay someone to baby-sit a bunch of coin-operated machines overnight, which was also nice… since Dear One was starting to get that cute Eskişehir Escort little twinkle in her eyes. She had caught my trance-like stare out of the corner of her eye, I suppose, when she started loading one of the washers with her dainty things.

“Hand me the Woolite,” she said, wiggling her butt while she dug in the back pocket of her skirt for some quarters.

“Yes Dear.”

“Huh? You say something?”

“uh, Here!”

(Busted being a smart-ass again!)

She finished loading the other washers (nice being the only ones in a laundromat with 30 washing machines, huh?), dancing a little in place listening to her tunes on her walkman, and I just tried to look busy not being bored. (Shit! Still no Field that stuff is usually good for killing time. (Figures, no used paperbacks in the “Customer Book Box”.)

“You want something from 7-Eleven?” I finally asked.

I’m not one for standing around with nothing to do. Figured I could get a magazine there, maybe a newspaper… yeah, a newspaper… cheaper than a magazine that I’d probably just leave on the bench with all the other magazines that probably a lot of other bored guy customers have bought at 7-Eleven.

“No, Hon… I’m fine!” she called from the far corner of the room.

“Yes you are! Mighty fine!”

~waiting for her Super Hearing to kick in… 3, 2, 1… wondering why she picked those machines all the way over there when all these by the windows were open~

Ah-Ha! There is a range to her auditory agility!

“I think you’re mighty fine, too!” she called again as I stepped through the door.

~shaking head, smiling… Amazing!~

I like surprising her with little things when I go to a store for stuff; I never was a fan of those impulse racks, but well, what the hell… I guess that’s why they’re called impulse racks! I picked up a “Christmas Edition Hershey’s Bar” (grumbled again about Christmas merchandise on display before Thanksgiving) for her, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Damn! Steelers beat the Saints on Sunday!) and moseyed on over to the coffee bar. (Shit! burnt coffee in the carafe! Eskişehir Escort Bayan This would’ve never happened in my Uni-Mart, that’s for dang sure!) Finally, I settled on a 20oz bottle of Pepsi, got my change back from a five-dollar bill and went back to the laundromat. Well, that killed five minutes… only 1 hour and 35 minutes to go!

“Hey Sweetheart!” I called out. “Brought you a surprise!”

“I got a surprise for you, too” she cooed.

“Oh, Hiya Hot Stuff! Uh, Sweetie… what are you doing?”


Well, this little walk down memory lane is starting to get me woozy (again!), so if you don’t mind, I’ll let her tell the rest, okay?

Go ahead, Honey… you’re turn!

** Oh, thank you kind sir! What’s your password again?


He had his back up against the door by that time, because I pushed him there! I could tell he was a little nervous, being in public like this, but after I kissed him, he mellowed out then picked me up and carried me (like Richard Gere did at the end of that movie, Officer and a Gentleman) and laid me on the upholstered bench inside the door. We laid like that for awhile like teenagers in the back seat of a big car, and in just a few minutes we were already too worked up to just pet. I had already had his jeans around his ankles, and he really didn’t get hurt when he tripped and fell on the floor. He picked me up and sat down and placed me on his cock, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, and my arms circled his neck. He bounced me up and down like that for several moments, my clit rubbing him hard, his rock hard cock holding me up, so virile and strong…both of us panting.

Suddenly there was a small push at the door. I scrambled to get to my feet as I pulled my skirt back into shape, and he tripped again but didn’t fall down entirely as he pulled his jeans up and tried to zip and hide his erection. It was a little old lady who pushed her way in behind a buggy loaded with baskets. She looked at us with a peculiar grin, then she giggled a little squeak and went about her business. Escort Eskişehir Todd and I giggled too, then walked quickly back to our machines… in the other part of the Laundromat…. the part that’s separated from the main room by a row of double-stacked dryers.

As soon as we were safely hidden, we were pawing at each other again… tongues probing each other. He pulled my skirt up and gently caressed my milky white thighs as I tackled getting his pants lowered again. This time, he lifted me up on a washer… which was in a spin cycle by now. He jacked his cock just a bit as I spread my legs wide open, and at last, the moment I had been waiting for like all those other moments I wait for… he lined up the bulbous red head and entered me swiftly. My soaked pussy accommodated him quickly as he began to thrust. The door could have opened at any minute as I sort of watched over his shoulder, but soon I didn’t care as he filled me with his beautiful cock again. Todd slamming into me like that as the washer changed cycles, I felt an orgasm start in my toes and move all the way up my body. He pumped harder as I felt myself squirt on his pubic area; I could imagine my warm juice running down onto his balls, and felt the wetness flood the crack of my ass.

I knew he was getting close, but all of a sudden, he pulled out and lifted me back to a standing position, then motioned for me to turn around. Leaning on the washer then, the vibrations numbing my hard nipples, I yanked my skirt up, and he thrust his hard meat into my tight pussy again. We picked up the rapid pace immediately and soon he was slapping against my ass… groaning… moaning. He collapsed across my back, his heart beat pounding against me as his hard-on pounded again and again inside me. And then, with a gasp, and a sudden stiffening of his body, he shot his hot load inside me… deep inside me… all the way deep inside me…


** Well! Okay then! That pretty much the way you remember it, Todd?

~smiling, dazed look, smiling some more~

Uh, yeah! Yep! Hmmm… uh, thanks for helping me out with this Honey!

** No problem! Now finish this up so we can get back to bidness!


Ah! Well… All-rightey then! Didn’t I tell you she’s amazing?!? Whew! Well, okay then… I guess we’re done here! Uh, you do know, don’t you? that this story is like all my others… fiction based on pure fantasy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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