A New Encounter

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Abella Anderson

Maggie walked through the busy mall, one hand on the purse strap at her shoulder, the other jammed in the pocket of her brown suede jacket. She kept her steps slow, refusing to hurry. If she hurried, she’d probably turn around and run. This was not something she had really planned on. It had just happened.

As she neared the restaurant at the end of the mall, Maggie slowed her steps to a crawl. She and James had once had a professional relationship, but it had recently turned into just a bit more than friends. They had e-mailed, IMd, and texted one another daily. She had listened to him whisper erotic things to her as they both stroked themselves to orgasm nearly every day for the last two months. Now, she was going to see him for the first time in two years. And her husband knew nothing about it.

She loved her husband. Theirs was a deeply committed relationship, full of love and understanding. Their sex life was hot, their respect and admiration for one another so vast, their friends were in awe of it. Still, her husband traveled quite a bit for work, sometimes gone for entire months, and Maggie needed to be touched by someone other than herself for a change.

It was on this chilly winter’s day she arranged a meeting with James. He, too, was married, but he and his wife had hit a rocky patch in their marriage. He wouldn’t leave her, it could be worked out, but, like Maggie, James needed someone to share his sexual passion with. So they had agreed to meet.

He was waiting for her just outside the restaurant. He looked just as he had when he taught her class those years ago. She saw him first, for he was turned and looking out the main doors waiting for her. She had a moment to drink the sight of his profile in. He was a good fifteen years older than she, putting him in his early 50’s. He was tall, at least six feet, with an average build. His dark hair was shot with grey throughout, and he wore his glasses on this day, plain wire rims that made him all the more attractive. He was wearing jeans, a button down shirt that was untucked, and a leather jacket. On his feet was the rattiest pair of loafers Maggie could ever remember seeing. The sight made her grin and, at that moment, James looked in her direction. She was only a few feet away, but his gaze stopped her in her tracks. She immediately went weak at the knees and she could feel her panties dampen at the thought of what would occur that afternoon.

“Maggie ….” James said, walking toward her. He gathered her into his arms, hugged her tightly and then kissed her lips. It was a soft kiss, one of greeting, but it held promise. “It’s so good to see you again. You look well.” He squeezed her close again then, taking her hand, led her into the restaurant.

“Are you hungry?” James asked as they were seated in a quiet booth. The lunch crowd was beginning to thin out so they would have some privacy.

“Oh gosh, no. Not a bit.” Maggie said, feeling her body begin to tremble. James didn’t release her hand until they were seated across from each other and then, he only dropped it long enough for them to remove their jackets.

“Neither am I, really. How about just a drink then?” James said, looking into her eyes as she nodded her answer to his question. “Wow. It is really good to finally see you in person.” His hazel eyes looked into her green eyes and she immediately blushed and looked down at their linked fingers.

Just then, the waitress arrived. She was young and pleasantly asked if they would like anything. James looked to Maggie and she looked to the waitress and said, “Coffee, please. And could you bring extra cream, too?” The waitress smiled and nodded.

“I’ll have the same.” James said, quickly returning his attention to Maggie. “So …”

“So …” Maggie mimicked. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been alright. Nervous, though. You?” James gently rubbed the palms of Maggie’s hands with his thumbs.

Maggie melted at his touch. If he could do this to her with an innocent hand holding, good grief, what would he do when she was in his bed? “You have no idea how nervous I’ve been.” She laughed, relaxing a bit. The waitress brought their coffees and smiled at them before leaving.

The conversation paused while each of them added cream and sugar to their coffees. “Odd, isn’t it? I can be on the phone with you and talk for hours but the minute I come face to face with you I can’t think of a word to say.” Maggie said before taking a sip of the steaming liquid.

James chuckled softly. “I know. My trouble is keeping myself from taking you into the men’s room, locking the stall door, and having my way with you then and there.”

Maggie grinned, relaxing all the more and took another sip. “So, tell me then, how do we get the end result but yet bypassing Zonguldak Escort the bathroom?”

James swallowed his drink, and looked down into his cup. “Ahhhh …” he sighed. “I have the house to myself until nine tonight. She’s tied up in meetings until then. There’s no chance of surprise visits either. My daughter is safely tucked away at school in the city and my son is staying with a friend.”

Maggie looked at the man across the table from her. Summoning courage she didn’t realize she had she said, “He’s out of town until next week. My kids are with their grandparents for the weekend. I’ve the whole house to myself and a bed with clean sheets in the guest room.”

There they were. Two offers out in the open with one more appealing than the other. A moment of silence hung between them, coffee was sipped, eyes were locked, and then James replied, “Come with me. I’ll need to pack a few things for the night.”

He hurriedly paid the check, left a hefty tip for the waitress, and they were on their way. In his car, a roomy sedan that expressed the comfortable living he earned, they held hands but didn’t speak. They pulled into the driveway of his home, and he shut the engine off before lowering the door to the garage. Once it was closed, James turned to face her. “Stay here. If you come inside with me, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.” With a kiss, he was gone.

He was back in five minutes, and he flung a bag into the backseat. He kissed her again, starting the engine and driving back to the mall for her car. Another kiss and she was in her car and he was following her through the streets of several small towns before arriving at her home. They both pulled into the double car garage and, as at his house, waiting until the door went down before exiting their vehicles.

She led him to the door that connected the house and garage and, with trembling hands, unlocked it. They stepped into the tiny kitchen, and she closed and locked the door behind them. James looked at her, Maggie looked at him and all she said was yes in a whisper barely audible over the hum of the refrigerator.

He took her face in his hands and lowered his mouth to hers. It was as soft as the first kiss he’d given her, but this time his tongue gently pushed its way into her mouth. Finding hers, it twisted and turned, discovering the warm depths of her mouth, teasing and tempting as it did so.

Maggie groaned. It had been exactly three and a half weeks since she’d been kissed like this and even then that was only one night. Before then it had been two months.

For James, the sweet sip of Maggie’s lips was like water to a parched man. It had been much too long for him, and he felt his body quickly respond to her soft curves and juicy mouth. His hands dug into the hair at the base of her head, pulling her closer to him, deepening the kiss all the more. He finished this kiss and pulled away from her, breathless. He looked at her for a long moment before brushed a lock of auburn hair from her face. Her lips were swollen from the kiss, her eyes glassy with lust. “Unless you want to be taken here on the linoleum, you’d better show me to a bed.” James whispered his voice husky with passion.

“This way.” Maggie said, taking his hand and leading him down the carpeted steps. She opened the door to the basement and James was shocked to find the space furnished as a suite in a hotel. There was a sofa, coffee table, chair, and television in one corner. The bed sat along the wall with two night stands with lamps, and a separate room was off to the side. “That’s the bathroom. We had this done when my parents came to live with us for awhile. Now it makes it easy for overnight guest when they come.” Maggie looked at James then and smiled. She dropped his hand and slowly lifted her sweater over her head. “No more waiting, James. I’m tired of waiting.” With that, she turned and headed toward the bed, kicking off her shoes as she did. Her bra was next, her jeans, the pink bikini panties she wore and, finally, her socks. She did this all while James watched, his mouth watering at the sight of her naked body.

Her auburn locks fell just to her shoulders in kinked curls, her green eyes looking directly at him. She wasn’t self conscious of her nudity, in fact, she seemed to enjoy it. Her skin was creamy white, her body was soft and plump. She was sexy as hell, too, standing there, waiting for him because she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. She looked like a perfectly ripe apple ready to be eaten. His thoughts must have registered in his expression for she crooked her finger at him and said, “Hungry, James? Come eat ….” With that, she pulled the covers back and crawled into the bed.

James dropped his bag onto the floor and began undressing as Zonguldak Escort Bayan he crossed the room. Maggie enjoyed watching him strip, revealing crisp dark hair over his chest that curled into a soft line that disappeared into the waist band of his jeans. She giggled a little when he lost his balance and almost fell trying to get his shoes off while standing. He looked at her and laughed too. He unbuttoned the fly to his jeans, pausing only for a moment to ask, “Are you certain? Once these come off, there’s no going back.” The care and concern in his eyes caused Maggie’s heart to squeeze. “I’m sure.” She replied, her eyes widening as he pulled the denim from his legs and was left only in his boxers. Those were quickly removed and placed in the heap on the floor.

His cock was already stiffening, but not fully erect. Maggie couldn’t tear her eyes from him, her nipples tightening, her pussy wet and waiting for him. At long last James slid into the bed beside her and he kissed her deeply. She curled into his embrace, her arms wrapping around his body and pulling him closer. His hands trailed from her face to her breasts, teasing and tempting each nipple into harder, silkier peaks, causing Maggie to moan softly into his mouth.

Those first moments were filled with discovery. Kisses burned across mouths as hands trailed over each and every body part. James cupped her ass in his hands, pulling her closer, then moved back to her hair, brushing it from her shoulder to kiss there, to nibble a little, causing her to gasp sweetly and him to grin.

Maggie’s hands traveled over his chest, plucking at his nipples with nimble fingers, scooting down to lick at each one, making James gasp, his hand holding her head there while she licked him, tasting him, pleasing him. Her hand trailed down between his legs, grasping his swollen cock, rubbing over the satin tip, now sticky with precum.

“No, Maggie … please. It’s been so long, I won’t last … please.” James said, his hips bucking and then moving so he could position himself next to her. “Let me feel you. I want to feel you cum for me first.” With that, his mouth was on hers and his hand was between her thighs, stroking and caressing the soft folds and hard little bud. She was silky smooth and so very wet. James slid one finger inside and was surprised to find it incredibly tight. “Maggie, you never told me you were this tight.” He whispered to her before his mouth overcame hers again. Beneath him, she was moaning, purring, sighing, with her hips bucking in time to his strokes over her clit and into her drenched little box.

Maggie gave herself to him, moaning loudly, crying out his name as his tongue lashed over her nipples and his fingers coaxed her release. She rode the wave, clutching at him, and allowed herself to drown in each beautiful pulse as she came, collapsing in his arms as her body spasmed around his long fingers.

A moment passed, the only sound in the room their breathing as James held her close. He kissed her temple, her cheek, and then took her mouth again as he slid his hand from her sticky wet folds. She whimpered at the loss of his touch from her sensitive flesh, but she cradled his face in her hands as they kissed slowly.

James shifted his body and Maggie could feel his cock hard against her thigh. She wanted him inside of her, wanted to be part of him, to make him feel what she had just felt. She opened her thighs, allowing him full access to her body. “Yes.” He whispered and then plunged into her slick depths. She was wrapped around him tightly, so tight he could barely move. She was slick and soft and melting around him, crying out beneath him, her body shuddering as he pulled back slightly and bore himself deeper. His own breath caught as his cock stretched her folds open further and he nestled in, wanting to feel every inch buried in her soft warmth.

Maggie moaned and clutched at James as he settled himself inside of her and claimed her body at last. The tender violence of the moment was surprising to both of them. James knew he wouldn’t last long as it had been six months since he’d bedded a woman. Maggie’s tight little pussy was not going to let his cock forget that. Yet, he tried to keep from cumming too soon.

Maggie could feel him holding back but she wanted him to let go, to take her completely and leave her body limp and unable to take any more. It had been too long for both of them, the months of teasing and flirting had been enough foreplay for now. She needed him to take her. To ravish her body in a way only he could.

“Please, James …” she whispered urgently, her legs wrapped around his hips, her lips against his ear.

“No …. No, Maggie.” He grunted, knowing what she wanted, and refusing to give it to her. Escort Zonguldak “It’s been too long. You feel too good.” He was unable to stop it, though, and he began to thrust faster, his own climax building, losing himself in the slick heat of her body.

Maggie’s fingers climbed their way up his spine, over his ribs, and to his nipples. As she plucked at them deftly, James felt his cock begin to twitch, his release closer than he ever could have expected. Beneath him, Maggie whimpered and squirmed as her second release built and overtook her. He was lost forever in the sight of her open to him, her breasts bouncing with each of his thrusts. James allowed his own climax then, each jet of liquid from his body coating the inside of her, marking her body, finishing what had been started back in the fall.

James collapsed on top of her, his breath coming hard as his cock twitched the last of his pleasure. Damn, but she felt good beneath him. So soft, so sexy, the moment so erotic he could barely believe it was true. James then rolled off her carefully and tucked the covers around them.

Maggie snuggled against him, her fingers twined in his. It had been amazing to give herself so completely to the moment, to this man. She sighed in contentment and wondered if anyone else realized how much better sex was when it was with another person.

James kissed the top of Maggie’s head and held her close. Words seemed useless for the moment and, besides, he wasn’t sure what he would say. He had just bedded a woman who wasn’t his wife. Oddly, he didn’t feel guilt. What he felt was relaxed. Fucking Maggie had been an absolute comfort. He’d wanted her since he’d set eyes on her that day she’d arrived as his student. Back then it had been strictly his dick making the decision. He’d kept professional, though, until she’d graduated and left the school. It wasn’t until she’d contacted him for a letter of recommendation that they had started playfully e-mail flirting which had, in time, turned into more intimate conversations.

James felt his cock begin to stiffen as Maggie turned her body and pressed her full, soft tits to his chest. He bit back a chuckle. He’d been a very young man the last time he’d been ready again so fast. And then Maggie’s hand was curling around him and his breath caught as she caressed his shaft, bringing his erection back stronger than before. James swore softly, his head back on the pillows as Maggie stroked his cock up and down.

“I know what you want, James.” She said, her voice husky and soft. “And sometimes a man needs to take what he wants.”

“Oh, Maggie …” James sighed, his voice breaking as he gave himself over to her caress. It had been too long since a woman touched him like this.

“James …” Maggie began, leaning forward and kissing him, her nipples brushing over the crisp hair of his chest. She kissed along his jaw, down his neck, and then her mouth was on his nipple, her tongue coaxing it as his tongue had coaxed hers before. Her hand continued its easy stroking and James thought he would burst right there.

“I don’t think either of us is quite finished yet.” Maggie looked at him then; her eyes filled with lust, her hair a tangled tumble around her shoulders. That was all it took for him to roll her onto her belly and place himself behind her.

He caressed the milky white curve of her ass cheek and grabbed her hips, spreading her legs apart slightly. With one thrust, he was inside of her, deeper than he’d been before. The thrust caused Maggie’s knees to buckle and she fell to the bed, but James pulled her up by her hips and began to thrust into her deeply.

He wasn’t sure what changed in that moment, but he found he couldn’t control his body from that point on. She was wrapped tighter around him this way, and she could barely move. He felt her melting around him, growing wetter with each stroke of his thickened cock. His hands were in her hair and he fucked her roughly, taking her body in such a way that she would surely be sore after.

James felt her release then, the way her walls contracted, heard her whimpers against the mattress as she gave herself over to him. Somewhere above the lustful fog that surrounded his mind he held on to his control until her orgasm began to subside. Her response to him this way only quickened the push over the edge for James. He came then, longer bursts of fluid filling Maggie’s folds, seeping out as James continued to thrust. He held her hips tightly, and as his own body quieted, he realized his hunger for her body wasn’t satisfied in the least. He would require more and she would feed him willingly.

James eased himself from Maggie’s body and as she crawled into bed, he curled his body around her. She started to say something, but James quieted her, brushed her hair from her face, and kissed her gently. “Let’s get some rest, now, okay? We aren’t finished by a long shot and we need our strength.”

Maggie smiled up at him and accepted the kiss he offered. “Good idea.”

With that, the pair drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.

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