A Japanese Adventure Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Changes

I was beyond excited. I couldn’t believe I was staying in Kyoto. I was staying! So long to the good ole USA and everything I owned there. That would be a project for another time. But for now, at least, I was going to stay with the beautiful Meiko! (pronounced Meeko) As we walked through the maze of halls on our way out of the airport, I couldn’t believe she wanted me! She wanted me, a 40 something-year-old American who didn’t speak a lick of Japanese and who knew nothing of Japanese culture.

We had known one another for all of about six hours. The decision to not get on my flight was indeed ludicrous but isn’t that what love does? Or what lust does? I was definitely in lust. Meiko was spectacularly attractive and so much fun to be with. All that mattered to me was knowing we would now be together.

We walked hand-in-hand through the glass doors that lead to the busy street. Meiko flagged a taxi. After opening her door and Getting her comfortable, I came around to the other side. As soon as I pulled the door closed Meiko pointed to the floor. I sat staring with incomprehension. Meiko grabbed my shirt and roughly pushed me down. I looked at her quizzically before realizing what she wanted.

“What the,” I said aghast.

Meiko responded with equal emotion. Her smile left. Concern and frustration reared. It all happened so fast. Not knowing what to do I took the path of least resistance and situated myself in the cramped quarters of the tiny foreign vehicle’s floorboard.

Meiko patted my head approvingly. Her smile returned in an instant. It was as if what just happened never took place. I was dumbstruck. What the hell just happened? During the half-hour to her place, all I could see were her legs and feet. I wanted to get up and wrap my arms around her but that wasn’t an option. Still, I wanted to be near. I felt so much emotion – so much excitement – at the prospect of going home with her!

I didn’t know why she didn’t want me to see where we were going. I wasn’t even sure if that was even the reason I was down here. All I knew was I was stuck down by her feet. All I could see were the fine lines and curves of her face and figure while she looked out the window. My cock became hard as a rock. I had fallen head over heels for this woman and still felt that way. On an impulse, I lifted the hem of her uniform pants and started kissing her lower leg.

Meiko looked down. “Hai!” She said in Japanese and ruffled my hair. I had done right.

It didn’t take long for me to work her shoe off and spend the better part of our drive with her toes nestled in my warm mouth. There was something about Meiko’s dainty feet and toes that turned me on. Her foot had to be a size 5 or smaller. I loved their smallness. I loved the daintiness of each painted toe. I loved the curve of her arch I was even coming to enjoy the smell of her feet after a long day at work. I only had the chance to adequately worship one foot before the cab came to a halt and the door opened.

Meiko began jabbering with another woman. The two girls bantered back-and-forth. I could tell I was the subject of their conversation. A few seconds later the dark-haired girl slid in where I would have been sitting and planted her feet on my ribs. The new lady didn’t even look at me but rather acted as if I wasn’t even in the car with them.

The car accelerated. I felt Meiko’s foot press into my face.

“Eat,” she said in Japanese. It was one of only a few words I knew.

While the girls jabbered on, I spent the remainder of the drive slipping and sliding my tongue in around every toe. I felt so excited. My cock pulsed behind zippered jeans. I couldn’t wait to get home and do more.

When we arrived, the girls made their way up to the third-floor flat. I waited for the cabbie to give me Meiko’s travel bag and hustled up after them. As soon as I got inside, Meiko grabbed my shirt and my pants and pointed. There was no mistaking what she wanted.

I undressed down to my underwear. The girls watched in silence. I looked at Meiko with that, “Is this good enough” look.

The hands-on-her-hips and disapproving frown told me it wasn’t.

“Off?” I said and pointed as she had done a moment before.

“Hai!” The smaller girl answered.

My cock sprang with the force of a catapult firing when the elastic band of my briefs cleared my penis. Both girls giggled. The smaller one put her hands to her mouth in an expression of amazement.

I wondered if she had never seen a cock this big.

Meiko said something to her friend. The girl pulled me into the bathroom shower. Meiko followed but only went as far as the threshold.

The smaller one wet my body and then rubbed lotion all over me. Every part of my body was covered except for my face. Why she wore rubber gloves while doing so, I wasn’t sure. It only took a minute to complete her task.

She said something and pointed to the wall opposite the shower and then left. I interpreted her word to mean stay and so I did.

Fifteen minutes later İstanbul Escort Bayan the girl returned. My body felt like it was on fire. That lotion had irritated my skin but the blast of cold water soothed the burning sensation. The girl drenched me in freezing water and had me wash my hair and lather my body with soap.

I saw Meiko giggling just outside the stall. She pointed to the drain and that’s when I saw it. The floor of the shower was covered in hair!

I looked in amazement at the girl. “Why did you do that?”

I was greeted with a knee to my balls that doubled me over. She stared stone-faced until I looked away. Throwing me a towel pointed to the living room where Meiko stood leaning against the front door.

“Kneel!” The girl said in perfect English.

I drop to my knees instinctively. I didn’t want to feel her knee for a second time. I could see Meiko smile approvingly. The girls exchanged a few more words before Meiko left. I was alone with the petite Japanese girl I had already come to dislike.

I started to speak but the girl slapped me across the face.

“You don’t speak! You only speak when I tell you too,” she said in English.

Sorry,” I answered. My apology was greeted with another slap to the face.

“I said, no speaking!”

This time I nodded vigorously. Her slaps didn’t hurt. They seemed more intended to get my attention than anything else.

“I am here to teach you Japanese words. You must earn these words if you are to serve Meiko properly. Do you understand? “

“I do.”

The girl introduced herself as Rio and told me she was a friend of Meiko. Like Meiko, she was quite pretty. But unlike Meiko, everything about Rio was proportionately smaller. I figured Rio was maybe five feet and probably only a 100 pounds soaking wet. She also seemed more business-like than the playful Meiko I had come to know.

Rio began our session by giving me five words to repeat. She explained their English meaning and then said the work in Japanese. If I mispronounced a word, she corrected me and had me say it until I got it right. Again and again, she drilled me.

I repeated the words while trying to commit them to memory. Rio explained it wasn’t my responsibility to speak words but rather to understand them.

Inwardly I chuckled at my vocabulary list as it had a definite theme: pussy, ass, asshole, Feet, leg, higher, lower, breast, axilla, arm, face, eat, drink, swallow, open, close, kneel, stand, sit, lie, worship, and so on.

When Meiko finally returned she brought with her a bag of food. She left and returned dragging in a huge box.

“Can I help?” I asked Rio.

“No, this more important,” and went on peppering me with words.

When Meiko rejoined us, she sat quietly listening. I could tell she was pleased with my progress in a relatively short amount of time. She laughed when hearing Rio’s stomach growl.

“Meiko say she wants you to serve us dinner.”

“Yes, Rio.” Folding my hands, I bowed as Rio had taught me to do an hour earlier. My cock riveted to attention making Rio and Meiko grin in pleasure.

Rio affirmed my response but heeded a warning. “Good slave. Big cock. Tom, no-touch cock.”

I bowed again in understanding.

After portioning out food for each, I promptly struggled with chopsticks for the next fifteen minutes. Most fell on my plate. While the girls had a great time mocking my clumsiness, I struggled to fill my hungry belly.

“Enough eating. Time for you to work. Maybe next time you do better with chopsticks. Dumb American,” Rio derided.

While the girls finished, Rio told me to say my words and mimic their meaning. She wanted me to demonstrate my comprehension. For example, when I said the word ‘open’, I opened my mouth. After saying the word ‘foot’ I touched my feet. It became a kind of a game but unfortunately for me, I made so many mistakes. But Rio was patient. She corrected every error and pressed me to go faster. This went on for at least another hour after dinner.

Meiko finally brought our session to an end. After a short discussion, of which I understood nothing, I was told to worship. Kneeling with my head to the floor and arms extended, I bowed before the attractive women. This was another one of those mannerisms Rio taught me earlier.

“Good boy,” I heard Meiko say. “Good slave.”

Hearing Meiko referring to me as a slave for a second time shocked me. Slave was one of those words Rio had me learn. When I asked why that word, she told me it was a word Meiko wished to call me. Hearing Meiko referred to me as a slave brought a new sense of reality. She appeared to be serious about this slave stuff. There were too many hints to ignore: our first encounter two weeks ago, the ride home in the car, the way Rio treated me when she got in the car, the fact that I had to strip when entering her flat, Meiko telling Rio to remove my body hair without ever asking, as well as several other examples. They all pointed to the fact she was committed to this deviant lifestyle. İstanbul Escort I don’t know why it took that specific remark to get my attention but I realized then and there what this woman wanted of me.

I swallowed hard and wondered what she was thinking by calling me this. I knew what slavery meant and figured she must know as well. Maybe she was doing nothing more than playing as she had done that first night after tying me down and taking control.

I wasn’t so certain now that she was playing. She seemed serious. I didn’t want to think of myself as a slave. I didn’t think I could go there. But it was fun to play along as if I was her slave and do whatever they wanted. I had never role-played with my wife so this was a refreshing change. I felt an overwhelming sense of erotic excitement at the thought of serving. Blood pumped into my cock. I felt it expand to its absolute eight-inch limit. There was no denying I was excited and I knew Meiko and Rio had taken notice of my erection, which had been pretty much there since first being told to undress. That had been hours ago!

“What message had I unknowingly conveyed to them?” I asked myself. Here I was with a hardon and obeying every word the girls said. No wonder Meiko felt free to call me a slave. I conveyed my willingness to submit not only by my compliance but because of what my body was revealing. The thought of being her slave had sexually aroused me. Still, I wondered where this was all going – not that I had a way out. That option had come and gone when I left the airport. In truth, home held nothing of interest to me. I was interested in exploring where Meiko and I might go as a couple. I just wasn’t so sure I wanted to be owned.

In the past hours, I had become more vulnerable than I ever imagined I could. The fact that I now owned nothing compounded that vulnerability. I was starting anew. Everything of significance was back in the States. The little I brought with me was on a flight home. I had but one set of clothes and didn’t know if Meiko still had them or if they had been tossed.

My world had become significantly simpler. I had no money, no wallet, no identity, no sense of where I was, no phone – no nothing. All I had was this beautiful woman who I barely knew. She had taken advantage of me sexually two-weeks ago and though we both had a great time, that’s all the connection we had.

My decision to stay had opened a new chapter for us. However, this second chapter was playing out dramatically different than the first. We were kind of having fun but the overarching theme to this one was ‘Tom the slave’ rather than ‘Tom the fun American’ who I tied down so I could do with you what I want.

My vocabulary lesson was evidence enough. Meiko wanted me to learn a few Japanese words. I understood why. We needed to be able to communicate. But why limit my vocabulary to words having to do with sex and obedience? Why not learn how to say ‘Hi, how are you?’ and other common phrases?

My hope hung on what we had when first meeting. My reservations rose whenever the word ‘slave’ entered our conversation. Surely, she wasn’t serious.

My reverie came to an abrupt end. “Lick feet,” Rio commanded. Opening my eyes, I saw her feet and naked shins. Gone were the skinny jeans she had been wearing.

“Slave… lick toes. Lick foot. Lick ankle.” Meiko giggled when hearing Rio make her commands.

“Good slave,” Meiko added. “Slave belong to Meiko.”

I was surprised at the familiarity of formerly foreign sounds. I began my task all while Rio and Meiko sat on the sofa talking. Now and again Rio provided me with basic instructions. “Lick higher, Suck toes. Lick leg. Good, slave,” and so it went.

At first, I enjoyed this kind of play. And why not? Rio’s skin was just as creamy white and silky smoothe as Meiko’s. I counted it a treat and a privilege to have access to her body – even if it was just her foot and leg.

I kept at it, licking up one side and working my way around to the other. Rio giggled whenever straightening her leg and making me lick her calves. I had to twist this way and that to get my head around behind and lap at her small but toned muscles. In time, my knees began aching and my tongue tired. But Rio remained steadfast. She wanted more. Once, I stopped to look up with pleading eyes but she would not have it.

“Bad slave. Slave lick. Slave obey,” she admonished.

I wanted something different. Why all the licking? Why not kiss? Why couldn’t I kiss her instead? After all, I wanted to convey my appreciation for being able to kiss her sexy body. I started kissing her feet. I was greeted with Rio’s foot slamming into my face to bring my behavior to a halt.

“Rio say lick. Rio not say kiss.”

“Bull shit,” I said to myself. I kissed her foot again.

She grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked my head back. “You lick. No kiss. Slaves lick. Lovers kiss,” she said in English.

“What, but why?”

“You stupid?” she answered in English. “I just told you why. You aren’t my lover. Escort İstanbul You are Meiko’s slave. Slaves don’t kiss. Do what I want and shut the fuck up!”

Begrudgingly I returned to my task. I had only started when Rio stood and went into the kitchen. When I didn’t move, Rio stormed back and yelled in my ear. “I told you to lick. You lick me no matter where I go,” she said in English. Switching to Japanese she added, “Come slave. Follow …” She said something I didn’t catch.

After crawling to the kitchen, Rio squatted. “New word you learn: Mistress.” She spoke the word a second time but in her native tongue. “Heel! Follow Mistress!”

I dawdled behind like a dog while she pranced around the flat. Meiko cheered and giggled as I did my best to keep in step with Rio’s movements. Eventually, we ended where we had started. I resumed sweeping my tongue over her shins and calves while she attended to something at the kitchen counter. Later when she went to the toilet, I was required to grovel behind and lick her feet and ankles until she finished.

It had been hours since first setting my tongue to her foot. I ached to stop. My tongue felt like lead and more than once knotted into a painful cramp. Added to that was the growing pain on the underside of my tongue. That thin strand that that limited how far I could extend it felt raw.

Whenever my lapping waned, Rio kicked, demanding I pick-up my pace.

“Lick me like you mean it,” she’d say mockingly. When the night had grown late, she lifted my chin. “You tired? Tongue sore?”

I responded with an exhaustive nod.

Meiko said something to her and giggled.

“You want to go back to the United States? You no like licking my leg? Meiko wants your answer.”

“Is this all she wants from me?” I asked.

The two girls laughed when Meiko heard my question.

“What she wants isn’t important. Meiko wants to know if you want to go home?”

Her question was a simple one but it was so profound given all that had happened today. Had she asked me eight hours ago, I would have screamed ‘No!’. Now I wasn’t so sure. I wondered if I had made the right decision. The excitement with which my day began had long since vanished. I was exhausted but my exhaustion wasn’t because I felt physically tired. Rather, it was the mental fatigue that had drained me. I had spent hours on my knees licking Rio from toes to knees. If I licked her once I must have done so 10,000 times. My tongue was beyond tired. My mouth was parched. I was hungry. My knees and ankles throbbed.

I had labored at this woman’s feet while they ate dinner, watched TV, surfed the web, chatted, and drank wine. My day had begun with joy untold. The anticipation of a future with Meiko was beyond exciting but the day had disintegrated into an ordeal of wills and one Rio had won. All I wanted to do was to go to sleep.

I no longer enjoyed playing. Don’t get me wrong, I liked being semi-intimate with a pretty young woman. I also fancied being with two hotties. But to do this – to lick her feet and leg for so many hours – that had gotten old fast.

When I didn’t answer her question, she leaned forward and pointed to her friend. “You don’t think she is beautiful enough? You don’t answer because you don’t like doing this? Would you rather lick the floor?” She pointed to the bamboo hardwood on which a small throw rug lay.

I shook my head adamantly. “No! No!” I answered with resolve.

“Then tell me, Do you want to go home?”

“No! Tom stay. I want to be with Meiko,” I said resolutely.

“If Tom stay, then Tom stay forever. You must obey Meiko. Meiko say she not give you another chance.”

I looked at Rio. Then I looked into the almond eyes of Meiko. I seriously considered my options. Should I leave and return to what was familiar or stay and face the unknown? My mind went back to my life at home. The reason I came here initially, was because I no longer looked forward to living there. Home held so many sad memories. No, I didn’t want to go back. Besides, things here had to get better. There was no way Meiko was going to play this game forever. Even if I had to do whatever she said for a few days, I’d get through this. In truth, what they wanted wasn’t bad, they just made me do it for too long a time. How many men my age wouldn’t pay to be where I was? I could think of many. My decision had been made, I was staying.

I blew Meiko a kiss and made the symbol of a heart with my fingers. “Tom stay.”

Rio translated our brief conversation. Meiko listened intently. The worrisome expression changed in an instant when hearing my answer. Meiko patted her lap. “Slave, come. Slave lay.”

I scooted over to where she sat and looked up. Meiko pulled my head to her thighs and stroked my face. With my head resting on her lap I let her touch soothe my weary soul. Meiko held me while conversing with Rio. The gentle touch of her fingers fondling my face felt so nice. I needed this. I needed some personal time with her. I needed to once more be an adult, a peer, and not some freaking slave!

In time Meiko pushed me away and left to use the bathroom. Just before closing the door, she shouted something to Rio. Rio jumped to her feet and ran to the kitchen. She was back in a flash. “Open mouth, slave. Close eyes.”

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