A Great Time with Sadie and Kristen

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Grad school was kicking my ass. I knew that school was difficult but this was the next level. I was constantly playing catchup as I tried to juggle a full-time job and going to school full time.

I would find myself doing homework at my office job. I was a copywriter for an advertising agency. The job was dull but it paid the bills. I was going to grad school for Psychology which had always been my passion.

There was a ray of light during these hard times as I was in several classes with the hottest girls in my program. Sadie and Kristen were both fascinated with psychology as much as I was. Sadie was a brunette who wore vintage eyeglasses and had a curvy figure that made my mouth water. Her ass was nice and plump and I found myself getting hard as she walked around. Kristen was a blonde with a petite frame but with a nice firm ass that I would glance at whenever we are on break during our classes. They were both very pretty.

They had clicked on the first day of school and spent their breaks hanging out with each other. I would glance over at them from time to time. My eyes would roam over their bodies and my cock would stiffen in my pants. Many times I would find myself daydreaming about the things I would do to them. I wanted to have Sadie’s pussy in my mouth and Kristen riding my cock. I wanted to run my hands all over their bodies.

Sometimes, they would catch me looking at them and they would give me a small smile. I would smile back and try not to stare at them again. I did not want to come off as a creep. We got to know each other as the professor would put us into groups and we discovered that we had a lot in common. They were also working full-time and had similar musical tastes as I did.

We would talk about the classes and how much work we had to do. I was surprised to discover that they were also having a hard time with the workload. We decided to form a group outside of class so that we could help each other out.

Our first meeting was at Sadie’s home. She lived with her parents in a two-story home that had an immaculate lawn. When I stepped inside, I was amazed at the amount Bursa Escort of artwork that covered the walls. There were paintings everywhere.

We sat down in the living room and took out our books and began to work. We had decided to tackle as much of the work as we could so that we could be ahead of the class. I was excited to do this because I felt like I was always playing catchup with the workload.

We spent that first hour working furiously and I was amazed at how hardworking they both were. They dived into the material and their focus did not waver at all. I, on the other hand, would look at them intermittently as we worked. I couldn’t help myself.

They were close to me on the couch and I could feel myself getting turned on by their closeness. Sadie was wearing a blue blouse that seemed to strain against her breasts. I could see how hard her nipples were through her shirt. She also had on tight denim jeans that made her wonderful ass look even bigger. Kristen was wearing leggings that clung to her asscheeks which made my mouth water with hunger.

After some time, we decided to take a quick break. Kristen and I had brought some snacks and we dived into the food. Sadie grabbed some beers from the fridge and we drank as we ate. We started talking about random things and all of sudden our conversation led to sex. Sadie talked about how many of the guys she had been with didn’t last long in bed. I listened intently as she talked about the guys cumming too quickly. She said that she wanted someone who had stamina. Kristen talked about how she loved to have guys eat her ass. I was astonished by this revelation. She liked how a tongue felt on her asshole and it made her wet.

They then decided to ask me probing questions about my sex life. I told them what I liked including giving and receiving head and how my favorite position was doggy style. I was hard from our conversation and I tried to hide my boner. I saw that Kristen noticed that I was hard and she smiled at me.

We were all close to each other on the couch and my erection would not go down. Kristen placed her hand Bursa Escort Bayan on my thigh and began to massage it. Sadie leaned in closer to me and began to play with my hair. Kristen asked me why I had my hands in my lap and I told her with a laugh that I was having troubles down there. Sadie told me to remove my hand. I did so and they looked at my bulge with smiles on their faces.

Sadie touched my bulge and began to massage it. My cock twitched in my pants. Kristen leaned in close to me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back eagerly and her tongue darted into my mouth. Her hands went to my shirt and it quickly came off. She touched my chest as we kissed.

Sadie had unzipped my pants and my cock was loose from my underwear. She was stroking it as I kissed Kristen. I moaned into Kristen’s mouth and she giggled. I watched as Kristen went down to the floor and took my cock into her mouth. I gasped from the pleasure. Her lips wrapped around my cock and took me deep.

Sadie took off her top and I saw she was not wearing a bra. Her large breasts dangled in front of my face and my mouth hungrily went to her pink nipples. I sucked on each one as she moaned.

Kristen was bobbing rapidly on my aching cock. The pleasure was amazing and loud moans uttered from between my lips. Sadie got up and took off her jeans. She wore light blue panties that she quickly took off. My eyes went to her pink pussy lips that dangled from between her legs. She got down on her knees and took my cock out of Kristen’s mouth and put it in hers. Kristen smiled as she got up and took off her clothes. My cock twitched in Sadie’s mouth as I looked at Kristen’s amazing body.

Her tits were perky and her nipples were already hard. Her snatch was shaved and made my desire for her grow. She stepped onto the couch and straddled my face. She placed her pussy onto my mouth and I started to go to work on it with my tongue. She grasped the back of the couch as I ate her out. Her moans turned me on.

Sadie’s mouth was phenomenal on my throbbing cock. There was so much pressure on my cock head that I was Escort Bursa afraid that I might blow too quickly. She would deepthroat my cock and I would feel the wonders of the back of her throat.

Kristen’s pussy was delicious in my mouth and I lapped up all of her juices that dribbled out onto my tongue. Suddenly, she turned around and spread her asscheeks in front of me. My tongue darted to that pink asshole and I began to lick it. My tongue moved all over it as she moaned.

Sadie took my cock out of her mouth and I let out a deep moan as I felt my cock enter her wet pussy. She began to ride me in reverse cowgirl with Kristen’s hands on her shoulders. I ran my tongue all over Kristen’s sweet asshole as she let out her own soft moans.

Sadie’s ass bounced on my cock rapidly and the pleasure was incredible. Her pussy was so slick and tight. I was afraid I was going to cum soon. I wanted this to last!

Kristen told Sadie that she wanted to ride me so Sadie slowly got up and they changed positions. Sadie had her pussy on my mouth while Kristen rode me. I moved my tongue all over Sadie’s labia and tasted her wetness. My mouth and cheeks were covered in her juices. Kristen moaned as she bounced on my throbbing cock.

Sadie looked down at me and gasped as I ate her pussy. I worked her tasty clit in my mouth as she moaned. I took my time on her clit and tried to keep my mind off the pleasure I was getting from Kristen’s pussy. Sadie began to moan loudly as I ate her out.

Suddenly, she cried out and her entire body shook against me. I kept going on that clit as she came. Her body rocked constantly and she seemed to be gasping for air.

Kristen bounced faster on my cock and I could no longer keep my own orgasm at bay. I cried out into Sadie’s pussy as I came. My cock twitched in Kristen’s pussy as my load spurted out. She kept riding me as my cock emptied itself. She let out her own cry as she came on my cock. I felt her body tremble on me as she rode the throes of her orgasm. Sadie was still softly moaning as I licked her pussy.

When I was completely drained, Kristen got up and sat down next to me, and wrapped my arm around her. Sadie sat down on the opposite side of me and placed her head on my chest. We were all breathing heavily. There was a large grin on my face and I was astonished at what we had done. I hoped we would do this again.

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