A conversation with Dee Ch. 10

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(After a six months silence, I assumed I would never hear from Dee again. Then, one morning I opened my mail box and found this! I couldn’t believe my eyes!)


I read many of your stories this week, alone in my hotel room during a training course.

I had been so proud of myself, I managed to stop the most amazing sexy time I’d ever had, my career was in real danger, and I’d put it back on track. Then I lay in bed on Monday night and you came into my mind.

I know it will be hard for you to forgive me but please know I will always love you.

Kisses Dee xxxxx

Darling Dee.

What a wonderful surprise. I have read your email several times just to be sure it’s real! And I thought about you in bed this am, with the inevitable result. I went back to your very first email to me – and to our first online sex with our double orgasm! Your very first – and second, as you said!

Well as you know, I was rather upset and bewildered by the suddenness of your leaving me in the air in New York! But, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that we couldn’t just carry on as we were. I could see from our later exchanges that your work must be suffering. And it must have been a really difficult effort on your part to put an end to our affair – our constant meeting on line – thinking about you all the time.

I was very close to coming to yours for a weekend, but knew that if I did, I might want never to come back. So, you were quite right to draw a line. I have never loved anyone the way I was smitten by you Dee. Still am!! I have never chatted on line since, by the way. I think about you very often, even after these six months.

I could never stop loving you Dee. You are special.

Sarah xxxx Just a quick feel between your thighs though? Nice and wet!!

Oh my darling Sarah,

How wonderful to read, and re read your response. I was so afraid I would have hurt you and you wouldn’t be able to reply to my note. You are so right, if you came to mine I would have made you cum so hard and often, I know we wouldn’t want to part.

I’ve come to bed after I read your note. I am so horny, and wet, I wanted you so badly, make me cum again darling.

I hope we can email each other, and one day, if we’re both agreeable, to chat, but I can’t get obsessed as I did before. Please lick me … Love you so much darling, as you said, this is the most intense feeling I’ve ever had.

Lots of love

Dee x x x

Kiss me Dee.

Long and passionately. I wasn’t hurt really, because I knew you would never do that. But I was worried, not having had a word, to say you were ok. But of course, I knew you had a good reason, and I just kept faith! So now, though it’s almost time to prepare dinner, I’m going to celebrate by caressing your lovely boobs and stroking your gorgeous thighs. The ones I remember so well, with juice dribbling down them. That tender clit, throbbing with excitement – waiting for my tongue to touch it. And when I get my face against that unbelievable pussy, with its special scent, I shall pucker my lips against it, and feel your body lurch at the touch. Hear you gasp. Feel your thighs tremble and your belly flutter. Slip my tongue deep into your vagina and my middle finger rimming your bum.

Cum for me darling. Finger sliding into your bum, tongue playing havoc with your pussy and clit. It’s been soooo long darling. I want to hear your heavy breathing – your cries of lust and feel your body heave and roll as you start to cum for Sarah.

Ooooooo Dee. YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS I can feel you cumming for me. Me too. Coming together again. We were meant never to be apart darling. OMG OMG OMG. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaatrrrrrrrrrrgh. More later!! Many more later, All for you darling. Let me feel your gorgeous body once again. I LOVE you!!


Smiling darling,

Shaking here, just back from running lol. Thinking of you, rubbing my hands over your erect nipples, I’m off to have a bath now, care to join me …


Dee xxxxxxxxxx

Mmmmm Dee.

We were in each others arms all night darling. Just being together was so soothing. We played of course… it was so comforting.

Love you xxxxxx Sarah.

Good morning darling Sarah,

I had a most amazing sleep, now o can’t wait to make love to you.

Last night as I lay I the bath, I looked up as you came into the bath room. You looked so hot in that sheer dressing gown, your nipples so erect and your pussy so inviting. You passed me the glass of wine and sat on the edge of the tub. As you opened your gown and began playing with yourself, my hand slipped below the water to my excited pussy. I watch as you stood up, let the gown fall to the floor and then began masturbating. “Omg Sarah, get into the bath with me,” I cried. You smiled and stepped into the tub, facing me your toes touching my clit.

I bursa escort leaned forward to touch you but you ordered me to lay back. I obeyed and felt your toes enter my waiting cunt. I began to cum immediately. “Oh yes Sarah fuck me, I’m yours darling. Aggggghhhhh.” I lay back, my legs on the edges of the tub as you made love to me. I came so hard, so quickly, then, getting onto my knees, I moved towards you. Our mouths met as we kissed passionately and my fingers found your clit, stroking it gently. I felt your desire rise as your tongue eagerly fucked my mouth. Three fingers inside you, I felt your muscles grab them. Pumping my fingers faster and faster, I feel you cum, your groans are held by our mouths. “Cum for me darling, yes baby cum.”

Agggghhhh I’m cumming Sarah, yesssssssss oh please aaaggghhhhhhh

Omg you are so hot, I want you.

Yours always

Dee xxxxxxxx

Dee Darling!

It is just so wonderful getting your emails again. I imagined every touch of your fingers, every flicker of your eyes, every moan, and enjoyed the sweet aroma of your body. I spent a good half-hour reading and re-reading your message, acting out every phrase, loving you and fucking that superb vagina – licking that swollen clit, kissing those lips and feeling the weight of those heavy breasts. I came four times for you darling. I told Heather about it as well – soooo – wait til tomorrow at coffee. Think about us at 10.30 in the morning.

I’ve still got those two pix of you as well – makes me wet through just gazing at them.

Oooo Dee – come and fuck me NOW!

Love as ever and ever.



I am at work today, and fairly busy too, but I couldn’t wait to see if you had sent me an email this morning. I’m sat at my desk now, and I’m so horny. I want you so badly, I want to chat with you so much, but I know I can’t go down that road as often as we used too. I’m working from home tomorrow afternoon, so if you’re free, maybe we could chat a little? I hope you and Heather have fun, I know she’ll look after you, please give her a huge kiss (everywhere) from me. I want to be between your legs now, open them wider for me, omg that scent, and that wonderful pussy, I want you so much darling.

Love you always.

Dee xxxxxxx

Mmmm Dee.

You sound like the Dee of old! So sexy and ready for sex with your bedewed pussy. I can squat under the desk and slide my hands up your warm thighs, stroking them with a feather touch, feeling the muscles rippling with excitement. My head goes between them to taste the delicious dampness of your knickers. I can pull the crotch to one side so that my tongue can explore every little crease of your vulva, and drink in the fantastic juices. Mmmm. Your belly is shuddering – your thighs shaking. I do believe you’re about to have a quick orgasm darling. You can’t resist it! YEEESSS! There you cum … mmmmmmmmmmmm that is sooo beautiful. To feel my lover in the throes of a blissful climax.

You can have my pussy right now Dee. I have my legs wide open. No knickers. Drooling for your lips. Cum Dee – fuck me hard and long. Wowwwww! You are so very gorgeous and horny. Make me cum …tongue fuck my and slip your finger in my bum … OMG OMG …. Oooooooo … AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!

Phew! You haven’t lost your touch. Do you still have sex with your girlfriend??

Sarah xxx

Oh Sarah,

You are so naughty, but I need you, I want you. I’m in my meeting, so very short email, but omg I’m so horny.

Love you

Dee xxxxxx


Phew, I’m back in my office now, grabbing a bite to eat. I know you know what I would rather be eating now. Yes, I still see my gf, but not on a regular basis, I feel my sex drive was lowered after you and I stopped, but wow – has it started again. This weekend was a blur, I couldn’t stop thinking of you, clothes on, clothes off so many times, wish you were there to help, and see.

Love you lots

Dee xxxxx

PS. Please email me if you get chance, I love reading and imagining … I’m so naughty, please spank me.

Hey Dee!

Time for a quickie only! I might have to take your knickers down and spank your bottom before slipping my hand between the crack of your bum and pressing three fingers in the wetness I can feel there. Bending you over the desk and thrusting four fingers inside you. Fucking you hard and deep – I can hear you crying out with lust and pain! My other hand is groping your tits – squeezing ther nipples. Twisting them OMG Dee, yo are soaking wet – I shall take your knickers off and wear them myself for the rest of the day, feeling the warmth of your pussy against mine. I shall have lots and lots of little orgasms as I think of it. Mmmmmmm

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya Sexy Sarah,

Omg, it was so lucky you weren’t online, bursa escort bayan my boss walked in just after we logged off, I would have been caught, knickers down around my ankles and my pussy so so wet.

Oh please make love to me, come to my bed now, yesssss, kiss me darling, feeling your erect nipples, running my hand to your bottom, so smooth, omg Sarah, I love your bottom, running my hands over your cheeks, kneeling on you, your laying face down, I kiss your neck as my hand fondles your bum, oh so soft, you open your legs and my fingers find your waiting clit, oh baby, it’s so big, so wet, gently rubbing it, I move down and place my tongue on your growing bud, my fingers slowly entering your cunt, I lick your clit, feeling you shudder, my tongue enters you, in I feel your grab my tongue, deeper, my fingers rubbing your ashore, I hear you moan as I tongue fuck you, my finger going deeper into your ass, you kneel up so I can eat your cunt and fuck your asshole. Cum baby, cum for me, I feel you starting to cum, pushing your ass onto my finger, my tongue deep inside your cunt. Cum baby, yesssssssss aaaggghhhhhh … omg I’m cuming baby … yessssssssss.

Sarah, I love you

Dee xxxxx

(That afternoon I logged on and found Dee ‘available’ in messenger.)

‘Hey Sarah darling!!’

‘Are you at home Dee?’

‘Yes this afternoon.’

‘Mmmm …. Well Hubby is out at the moment.’

‘So I have you all to myself.’

‘Yes … ready to be reunited.’

‘Mmmmmmm I’m all yours darling.

Gosh Dee – such a long time since we chatted … you were in NY … ‘

‘I know, I never thought it would happen ever again.’

‘And I haven’t chatted to anyone else since!!



I haven’t either Sarah. Just waiting for us to get together again.

In this warm sunshine, I’m wearing a loose top and open knickers! Just for you Dee. How about a long kiss??

Sarah? Pleaseeeeeee. Omg … I’ve missed you … mmmm lips together again – thought I would never kiss you more.

I love the taste of your lipstick. Holding you close – hands on your bum. Sucking your tongue ,

squeezing your bum as my tongue pushes into your mouth. Biting your lips. Feeling your bum

Yes baby …

Kissing your ears and neck. Squeezing you so tight, murmuring into your ear Dee darling I love you.

Oh yes Sarah. Kiss me. Mmmmmmmm. I love you Sarah . Holding you so tight tits squashed. Yessssss.

Let me slip a hand down your bra … I need to feel the weight of your breast … to hold them. ‘

‘All yours Sarah.

‘OMG Dee … I remember them darling … such hard large nipples.’

‘They love you. Suck them darling.’

Unclasping your bra, slipping the straps over your shoulders.

Yesssss quickly. I’m actually in my robe.

Yessss take it off … I’m dying to see them hang free.

Free my tits for you. Do you like?

OMG Dee, they look GORGEOUS.

Feel them … suckle and finger them. Yesssssss.

I have missed them darling … they are great – OMG I never expected to feel them again.

They’ve missed you too darling. Take my bra off. I never thought they’d feel your mouth on them. Stroke and caress me. Bite them. Mmmmmm. I’m unbuttoning your top Sarah. I’m unhooking your bra.

Biting your hard nipples, hands sneaking down past your waist.


I can feel the top of your hairy groin.

Taking the bra off your shoulders. OMG Sarah.Looking at your tits. I love your tits Hard nipples.

Hand now exploring down your pubic hair.’

‘Oooooooooooooooooo … Yessssss

Legs open … fingers feeling for the top of your vulva, sucking and biting your nipples, Oooo YEEESSSS I have your clit , throbbing and erect.

Unzip your skirt, Sarah. Yessssss

Yes darling. I’ve stepped out of it now.

I pull down your panties. Looking at you. Sarah you are beautiful

I’m all open for you to do what you will with me. My fingers are stroking the inside of your thighs Dee, so warm and smooth. So wet.

I touch your breasts – I run my fingers over your nipples.

Your labia are beautiful and wet and hot.

Stroking your tummy. Circles around your tummy. Moving down … my hands now running all over your inner thighs and bottom and pussy. Running my hand over your pubic hair. I can’t believe I’m feeling them again.

So soft … so much joy they give me. So wonderful.

All yours Dee. Anything you want.

Let me kneel between your thighs. I want to slip my nose between your legs and inhale the sexy scent of my darling Dee …

Yessssssss. Yesss please!

Mmmmm and the taste – so fucking sexy … and GLORIOUS. My tongue needs to explore your pussy and fingers circle your bum.

Fuck me darling … fuck me. Make me cum. Do it. bursa sınırsız escort Do me.

Pulling your labia apart, pushing my stiffened tongue into your vagina … (Oh Sarah) … deeper and deeper … (Omg) … a finger tip in your bum.

So long since I’ve felt you there.

Fingers squeezing your nipples … (Yesssss.) … opening wider … nose rubbing your clit’

Squeeze them. Harder. Harder. Harder. Such a fantastic feeling … Yesssss.

I can feel your belly shuddering … thighs trembling (Omg I’m cumminnngggggggg. Yesssssssssssss.) … pushing finger deep into your bum as you cum.’

‘Agghhhhhhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhhh

It’s been such a long time I shared such an orgasm.

Omg Sarah. I’ve got my toy here.

OMG Dee … just fuck me with it, fast and hard.

Did you cum too? I wanted to do it together …

Cumming now Dee. Kneel in front of me … ‘

‘Touching your clit with my toy. Entering you ‘

‘YESSS. … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrr. YEEEssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Harder… thrashing limbs. OMG

Deeper … fucking you fast and deep … in and out (FANTASTIC) Deeper … cum baby, Cum for me.’

(After a few seconds pause.)

‘Phewwwwwwwwwww … panting hard … how was it for you darling?’

‘Silly question. Fantastic. So fast though. Next one will be better’

‘I can kiss your pussy again with loving lips.’


‘Ooooo yeeeees … definitiely.’

‘You on top Sarah? Are you naked?’

‘Yes I have my hips straddling your face … (mmmmm) absolutely naked for my lover’

‘I look up at your pussy, gently blowing on your clit.’

‘And I can examine the most beautiful sight in the world Dee darling … your amazing vulva. My tongue traces around your lips (Mmmmm) fingering all the little crevices, kissing the clit.’

‘Feeling your clit jump out, I love your clit Sarah, slipping two fingers inside your delicate vagina. Sucking it, feeling it grow … Like a little cock, feeling your juices on my mouth … I’m so horny.’

‘Adding a third finger. Licking the pussy. My tongue touches your bum hole and loving licking your pussy and grinding my vulva against your face.’

‘My fingers inside your cunt … I’m very very horny darling. Fuck my face. Fingers going into your asshole. Tongue inside you.’

‘I can see you juices pouring out Dee. I’m licking them up scooping them into my mouth (mmm OMG) Nibbling your clit … Eating it … Sucking it. So big.’

‘Dee darling!!!!! fuck me hard. ‘

‘Yes darling … I have four fingers deep into your vagina … Fucking you deep and fast. Fingers inside your ass hole (OMG I’m cumming again) Three inside your vagina … In and out.’

‘Deeper. Faster. Yesssss … trembling and shaking. Deeper. Faster.’

‘Cum Sarah.’

‘Cum with me Dee.’

‘Rubbing my pussy against your nose. Yesssssssssssssssss. Omg. OMG I’m nearly there … Aggggggghhhhhhhhhh … Cummmmming.’


‘Cum baby.’

‘Yessss. Cumingggggg yes yes yes … Agghhhhhhhhhh.’


(A few seconds of silence.)

Sarah darling. That was out of this world. Oooooooooo . Phew.’

‘It was. I’m panting hard and I’m all wet. Sweating. ‘

‘Me too.’

‘Hold me. I’m resting my body on yours Kiss me … mmmm kisses all over – bum, pussy, belly, tits, mouth … I love you Dee.’

‘Laying back. Watching … I love you Sarah. Mmmmm … stroking your body all over. It’s so good to have you back.’

‘Omg that feels sooooo good Dee. I can’t believe we’re back Perfect Rubbing your back yes – I’ll just keep away from you at work Dee. Feeling your bum gently. I don’t want to interfere with your career again!!’

‘I know, home is good. I try at least one day per week. I’m just lying here letting you possess my body. Thanks for being perfect Sarah.’

‘I thought of you masturbating with me in bed this morning I lay on top of you. Kissing you. My pussy rubbing against yours … feeling your heavy breasts.

Did you really. Good, was I good? ‘

‘Of course. Not a mind blowing orgasm – more of a loving one.’

‘How was Heather?’

‘Sweet as ever … she was lovely – greeted the news with a smile and a kiss.’

‘Tell me what she did.’

‘Made me so warm and loving … lovely strong orgasms – two each!! One before and one after coffee Good, she’s wonderful. She carefully undressed me, then put me on the settee opened my legs and made love to my pussy.’

‘Was she naked?’

‘Not yet.’

‘Omg I’m so happy for you. ‘

‘She just wanted me to be pampered and given a long slow orgasm. Perfect lover. ‘

‘Was your pussy glad to feel her?’

‘It was … then I rolled onto her and took her clothes off, kissing her gorgeous tits and nipples. We’d fuck so hard and fast. (Mmmmmm.) She does have nice tits. I got between her hairy thighs and sucked the life out of her. (Love yours though) chewing her clit.’

‘Omg Sarah. Mmmmmm. Eat her baby. Perfect – not too big or too small dark nipples dark chunky nipples.’

(That’s when hubby came home and we had to break off!)

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