A Cold and Rainy Night

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Title: A Cold and Rainy Night

Description: She wants to warm her heart

Tags: Friends, romance, cunnilingus, movies, first time, watching

Characters: Cindy, Mike

Begin Story:

“It’s a cold, rainy night. Tomorrow’s supposed to be so much nicer. I could stay in and watch a movie if there’s something decent. What d’ya got?”

That was my good friend Cindy from college. We still visited each other over a weekend every so often. I had made her dinner, and we were figuring out the rest of the evening.

“The best, of course,” I fired back.

“The best for what? I’m a woman, and what’s best depends on my mood.”

“Okay, so what’s your mood?”

“Something romantic-maybe a little bit frisky. It’s cold-I need to warm my heart.”

“You win. I don’t have anything. I’ll loan you a sweater.”

“You’re lying. I know you too well.”

“Okay, you’re right. I’ve got 9 1/2 Weeks.”

“Great movie. I’ve seen it a thousand times. We’ve even watched it together. Give me something fresh, and even hotter. It’s cold.”

“Hotter than 9 1/2 Weeks? That’s pretty tough.”

“I thought you had high standards.”

“I do, but you’ve got to go beyond mainstream films to get much hotter.”

“Oh, you do, huh?”

Damn! I had slipped up, and revealed more than I wanted to. Of course, Cindy picked up on it.

“And that’s about as far as I go with that conversation.”

“And you were just starting to get me interested. Come on, Mike. How does it get hotter?”

“You know how it gets hotter.”

“You’re talking porn movies? Most are too mechanical for me. No passion.”

“No, I didn’t mean porn movies exactly. And I agree with you on the passion part.”

“Well you can’t just leave it there. Spill.”

“Jeez, Cindy, you’ve never looked yourself? You can find some pretty good stuff online if you search around.”

“Now how would a nice girl like me know where to look? That’s what I’ve got a dirty guy friend for.”

“Look, most guys with working plumbing have some sort of secret stash. For me, I kind of get into the stuff where both the guy and the girl are having a good time.”

“So are you going to show me an example? I mean, how am I going to know if it’s any good?”

“Cindy, that’s kind of embarrassing. I could just give you some places to look and you could see what you like when you get home.”

“Where’s the fun in that? It seems a lot more spirited if you pick something you think I would like.”

“That seems like a really bad idea, Cindy.”

“It seems like a great idea to me. I’ve got you on the spot. Too tame and I’ll think you’re boring. Too wild and I’ll think you’re…”

“You’ll think I’m…?”

She just smiled and looked at me. I kind of caught a feeling that it would have to be really wild to shock her, but it was hard to tell. Aren’t women always hard to read that way?

“Let me get my laptop.”

Cindy smiled, pleased to have won. She also looked a bit excited to see what I was talking about. Maybe this wouldn’t be too embarrassing after all.

I sat back down with the laptop and got it going. She snuggled in beside me. I navigated to my private stash.

“Wow, looks like you’ve got quite a bit to watch.”

“Behave yourself or I’m stopping. This is embarrassing enough as it is.”

“I’ll be good.”

“Yeah, right. Here, let’s try this one.”

The title credits rolled and stated that this was a real girlfriend/boyfriend pair.

“And you believe that?” she giggled.

“Tell me what you think at the end.”

The scene opened in what looked like an attic apartment. The girlfriend sat in a chair beside the bed while the boyfriend reclined, watching her. She sensuously applied lip gloss, and then slowly pulled up her feet to remove her sandals, running her fingers over her legs in the process. While she seduced him, she seduced us. I felt Cindy shift in her seat. This was probably different than what she expected.

The girlfriend eventually stood up and towered over the bed while she slowly removed her robe. The boyfriend watched intently, and you could see the signals flash between them. They anticipation of making love on camera sharpened all of their actions. She sensually lowered herself beside him, and they kissed and explored with the deep familiarity of experienced lovers.

While the action on the screen was hot, the real heat was next to me. Cindy shifted and squirmed in her seat, and her breathing changed like her chest had tightened. My cock hardened in my jeans — how could it not with a horny girl beside me? If she chose to look, she would easily notice.

The couple both wore sexy silk underwear, and we got to watch them tease each other and eventually take off their tops. He worked his way down to her breasts and lavished attention on them. Her nipples jutted out diamond hard.

After a long session with her chest, the boyfriend moved further down. Cindy’s breath caught at the realization that the girlfriend was going to get some on-camera pussy worship.

He teased şişli escort bayan around her silk bottoms then tugged them off. Her flushed sex opened to our gaze as she got herself into position.

“He’s sure taking his time,” Cindy muttered. The boyfriend nuzzled and teased along her thighs.

“This isn’t porn,” I answered back. “They’ve got all the time in the world.”

Finally, he circled around to her pussy. She groaned when he licked along her lower lips. Several minutes passed while he worked her into a frenzy, then he finally moved higher.

“I wondered if he was ever going to get there,” Cindy whispered. She was hooked, totally caught up in the action between the lovers.

The girlfriend was deep into lust, her eyes hooded with desire. Her hands moved up to fasten on her nipples, and she twisted them hard while her boyfriend lashed her clit. A heated flush appeared on her face and then moved down to her neck.

The girlfriend arched her back as she neared release, and the boyfriend latched on, holding his breath as he sucked her clit into his mouth. She twitched under him, moaning continuously.

I realized that I was holding my breath, and my cock jolted to know that I was mirroring Cindy beside me.

With a cry, the girlfriend erupted. She jammed her pussy into his face and used that as an anchor to spasm all over the bed. Her body jerked and twitched while waves of pleasure crashed through her.

“Oh my God!” Cindy whispered.

The girlfriend eventually stopped twitching and sank gratefully to the bed. Her boyfriend stayed with her, gently soothing her abused pussy with his tongue.

When she recovered, she pulled at his shoulders and he moved up over her. They shared another long make out session, then her hand moved down to his silk boxers. He moved beside her, and she eased them over his rampant erection. She got them off then pulled him over her again. Her hand snaked down to position him.

“What, no blowjob?” Cindy muttered, incredulous. “There’s always a blowjob.”

“There’s no script or formula for this,” I answered back, pleased for a distraction from the horny woman beside me.

The boyfriend sank down, and they both sighed in pleasure. Their lips found each other, and they shared deep kisses as they slowly rocked together.

Cindy squirmed again. Watching a couple actually make love was getting to other parts of her mind, fusing romance with the horniness already there. We were getting a far more intimate experience than she expected.

My skin prickled with the waves coming from Cindy. I could tell we were feeding off each other, and I wondered at this new aspect of my friend. She must be great in bed.

While we radiated passion back and forth, the couple had been working up some heat of their own. They moved faster and harder together, and then one of her hands slid between them to play with herself.

The boyfriend adjusted to give her room, then he thrust hard into her.

“Yes!” she hissed, and they both pushed and arched to drive pleasure into the other. The girlfriend started gentle, but soon her forearm jerked with the frigging she was giving her clit. She tensed up impossibly hard, then she cried into his mouth as she thrashed under him. That set him off, and he slammed down and quivered as he shot into her.

I could sense Cindy holding her breath through their climax. My cock throbbed with need — I wondered what was going on with her. The couple sensuously twined together through the afterglow, never stopping their deep kisses. Eventually, he slid out of her and lowered himself to the bed, turning over to relax. The girlfriend turned into him, resting her head on his chest as she lightly stroked his cock, still shiny from their combined juices. Finally, the video faded out.

It took us both a few seconds to pull back from the intimacy of what we had done together. Cindy spoke first.

“Wow. You picked well. I thought that was really hot. Are they all that good?”

“Pretty much. I have high standards.”

She snorted, apparently glad to release some tension. “OK, I’ll agree that they looked like a real couple who knew each other pretty well. It was a good example of a ‘couples’ film that you hear about but never really see. But I know you don’t have a girlfriend to hot up with this stuff. You watch this alone?”

“You really have to ask?”

I finally got her to blush. “Dumb question, huh?”

We both laughed.

“Why don’t you pick another one?”

“Another one? I’m batting 1000. I could blow it.”

“No guts, no glory,” Cindy shot back. “And besides, you haven’t even got to first base.”

“Uh, huh.” I just looked at her. She stuck her tongue out.

I clicked on another video. I figured she would like another girlfriend/boyfriend pair, but this one was a little more athletic. This time, the couple started on the bed, making out and slowly undressing each other.

“So is it a coincidence that this woman has the same general body type as the one before?”

“Good question. Now that you mention it, I kind of fındıkzade eskort like that type. Long brunette hair, athletic body, natural breasts, hard nipples, loves sex.”

“Well I guess I score five for five then,” she teased, tossing her long, brunette hair.

“Yeah, you sure as hell do,” I muttered under my breath. I turned to the screen and ignored anything more from Cindy, not caring if she heard. But I felt her lean into me a little more.

This couple took their time to warm each other up, then the girlfriend hopped up on all fours and beckoned him inside. After he eased into her, she balanced on one forearm while her hand snaked back between her legs.

“This one plays with herself too, huh?”

“I like women who know what they want and aren’t embarrassed to get it. She knows that her boyfriend can’t last forever with her hot ass pushing into him, so she’s moving herself along at the same pace.”

“You don’t just get off on women masturbating?”

I laughed. “That doesn’t hurt either.”

“I bet.” Cindy returned her gaze to the screen.

The girlfriend got herself going and then urged her boyfriend to go harder. He grabbed her hips and powered into her, his hips slapping into her ass. She worked her pussy hard, then arched her back and shrieked as she came all over his cock. She threw her head back and writhed her entire body, her flushed face a window into the forces whirling inside her.

“Oh, my God,” I heard under Cindy’s breath. She squirmed beside me.

The girlfriend’s orgasm fueled her partner’s, and he pulled her hips back deep into his groin as he squeezed his eyes shut and came hard, jolting with each spasm of release. He collapsed over her back as he settled down from his orgasm, and they rubbed sensuously together, prolonging the afterglow. My cock throbbed again. What the hell was I going to do to get relief?

“What, no cumshot? There wasn’t one in the last video either.” Cindy was trying to be nonchalant, but I could hear the strain in her voice.

“If I had my cock in one of those girls, I wouldn’t be pulling out either. Infinitely better than cumming in my hand. I do that enough already.”

“Oh you do, do you?”

“You’re not going to embarrass me. Any guy with no girlfriend and a working dick does the same.”

“So that’s what’s going to happen in your room when you go to bed tonight?”

“I’ll let you figure that one out yourself. What are you going to do, meditate or something?”

“Or something.” Suddenly, I felt the heat on my face, and I could sense it in Cindy. We both looked down to let the flush pass.

“So why haven’t you asked me out?”

“What?!” Cindy had thrown a curve, big time. My eyes jerked up to hers. They looked steadily back at me, challenging.

“You heard me.”

“Where did that come from?”

“Are you going to answer my question, or keep asking dumb questions of your own?”

“I…” I stopped because I didn’t have anything to say. She kept her gaze on me, waiting me out. I looked down to get my brain into gear, then looked back up.

“Look, Cindy, we’ve been friends since being study partners freshman year in college. I didn’t want to hit on my study partner, and then we became best friends, helping each other through relationships and breakups. I never got a vibe that you wanted me to ask you out.”

“Boy, are you dumb!”

“Anyway, it would have been awkward. I mean, how do you ask a friend out? What happens if she says no? Do you go on like nothing happened?”

“Well that’s the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard for not asking for what you want. Didn’t you say that you like girls that know what they want and get it?”

“That’s different.”

“It is?”


“They’re both not taking a little risk? Maybe the girl worries that she’ll be labeled a slut if the boy isn’t cool?”

“I guess you’re right, Cindy. I hadn’t thought of that.”

“That’s one of the things I like about you, Mike. You respect my words and my feelings, and you admit when you should change. Now, back to the original question. Why haven’t you asked me out? What’s wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you! Didn’t I already answer your question?”

Her gaze softened a bit. “Mike, you told me about the risks and hesitations. You didn’t mention the other side of the scale.”

“Jeez, Cindy. Of course you have a lot going for you. I love being around you or I wouldn’t have been your friend for so long. As you mentioned earlier, you fit what I like in women: long brunette hair, athletic body, nice chest. I don’t know exactly about the ‘loves sex’ part, but after feeling the vibe coming from you during these videos, I’m guessing that’s the case. You’re fun and playful, and I admire your intelligence and your character. You’ve got a lot of guys who hit on you-that’s why we pretend to be a couple when we go out. If we weren’t in the friend zone, it would be an easy decision.”

Her face lit up. “Thank you for the heartfelt validation. A girl needs to hear that now and then.” Then her eyes narrowed besiktas escort again. “But we women are different. We take some risks and send some signals, and we get tired of waiting when the boy doesn’t take some risks himself.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how far her challenge went, but I didn’t want to find out what she meant by ‘getting tired.'” I knew I didn’t want to lose her. And it hit me in a rush; she had been sending a lot of signals tonight. I looked up, and she looked back calmly, waiting. But there was a lot of anticipation in her eyes.

My head started leaning toward hers before I really knew what was happening, but I abandoned restraint and just went with it. If my lips touched hers, I knew a lot of things would change forever, but at some level, I wanted that.

Cindy eyes locked on mine as I closed in, searching for my thoughts. Then they lost focus, and all that mattered was our touch.

The first brush of our lips shot fire through my body. Freed from the restraints of being friends, long-suppressed feelings flooded out. Finally, you have a chance of bedding this girl you’ve wanted for so long.

Or maybe it was finally, this girl who’s wanted you for so long is getting a chance to bed you. Either way, it didn’t matter.

I could feel the vibe pouring off her — she was heating up just like I was. Our kiss deepened, and she moaned into my mouth. Our arms encircled each other, and I stroked her hair, feeling her body almost purr in my arms.

Everything was going great, but I didn’t want to push this too far. Cindy and I had been friends for too long. I pulled back to a moan of disappointment.

“Would you like to take this back to my bedroom?” I asked.

“I’ll go wherever if you would just shut up and go with the vibe. You’ve got a horny girl who wants to screw your brains out. What is wrong with-”

I crushed my lips to hers before she could continue. She was going to have to push me off if she wanted to stop now.

“Yes!” she moaned into my mouth as I palmed a breast. She pushed her chest into my hands, twisting under me to wring the most pleasure out of my caresses. Cindy sure knew how to work her body.

I let her heat up for a bit, then I stood up and pulled her with me. I turned her around and leaned in, kissing her as I slowly advanced toward my bedroom. Hands roamed and bodies coiled about each other with every step.

When we reached my bed, we briefly separated so I could pull the covers back, then I gently laid her down beneath me on the sheets. It felt like she wanted me to lead her, so I hovered over her, capturing her lips in mine and then ranging into the hollow of her neck. She sighed, and her body squirmed under me, attesting to her need. I let my hand find her breast again.

“Ohhhh, yeah,” she breathed.

My hands dropped to the hem of her shirt. I toyed with it, and she raised up to help me get it off. As I pulled it over her outstretched arms, I looked down to see her breasts encased in a sheer pink bra. Her nipples surged against the fabric. Lowering myself to her lips, I saw a knowing smile on her face.

“Like what you see?”

“I like,” I replied, kissing her again.

My lips moved all around her neck and shoulders, caressing the expanse of exposed skin. A continuous stream of sighs told me that she was loving this.

When I finally grazed the top of her bra with my lips, she squirmed with need. Suddenly, she raised herself up. I did the same to give her room, and she reached behind to unfasten her bra. With one motion, she tossed the garment aside.

“Wow, Cindy, you are beautiful,” I breathed. Her firm breasts heaved up, with stiff nipples demanding attention.

“Thank you,” she answered, lying back down and pulling me with her. I fastened my lips to hers and then nuzzled down her neck again, with no fabric in the way this time.

I explored her neck and chest, finding the spots that led to a twitch or a small gasp. I filed those away for future reference, then approached the swell of her breast. Her breath caught when my lips touched the pebbled skin, and she moaned when I kissed around the circumference. I thrilled to find her breasts so sensitive-exactly what I loved in a woman.

I gave her entire breast attention, feeling it tighten even further. Then I grazed the nipple.

“Oh, God. Finally!”

I laughed and then captured her nipple in my lips, exploring and pleasuring the stiff nub with both lips and tongue. Cindy pushed her breast into my mouth, breathing “Yes!” when I sucked at the nipple. On a hunch, I let my teeth scrape the nipple just the tiniest amount, feeling her arch her chest and push her hips into mine. After a long session of pleasuring, I moved over to the other stiff nipple and did the same, using my fingers to keep the first nipple from feeling left out.

She was now openly humping my leg and moaning continuously — she was right where I wanted her. Time to explore the rest of her fantastic body. I journeyed lower, kissing down her abdomen and finding a few more secret spots. When I grazed the waist of her jeans, she reached down to undo the button herself. I lowered the zipper, and she raised her hips so I could slide them off. As the jeans eased down her legs, a heady scent of hot pussy hit me, and I saw that her panties were soaked. I got the jeans off, then reached for her panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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