A Birthday Surprise

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Julie Parks tired pulling on her arms but found herself too tightly bound to move them more than a couple of inches. She couldn’t help but think just a several hours ago her world had been totally different but here she was nude, kneeling on a couch, her ass sticking up in the air, her arms pulled tightly out to the sides, with her chin resting just over the back of the couch, leaving her feeling helpless and exposed.

The biggest thing though was she’d never been more turned on in her life. She dropped her head forward, spilling her long red hair over the couch as she wiggled and squirmed, unable to keep still.

She could feel the juices running out of her inflamed pussy and down her legs leaving hot trails of slick wetness, another thing she’d never experienced before.

She wished she could see what was going on but the damn blindfold covered her startling sapphire blue eyes preventing that and she was panting and breathing so hard it was difficult for her to hear anything around her.

She gasped as she felt something hard brush against her swollen labia and she wiggled her hips.

“Please,” she moaned softly.

“Please what?” she heard the low husky voice behind her ask as two hands gripped her hips and the hard thing teased a little deeper into the entrance of her aching pussy.

Julie felt her face flush all the way down onto her chest. She’d never been so embarrassed or felt so humiliated. She was being asked to say things that she’d never thought she would say, using words that she had never uttered before.

“Oh God, please just fuck me,” she begged, her mind going wild with lust.

“There, that wasn’t so hard, now was it,” she heard as her one ass cheek received another sharp blow, sending more waves of pain/pleasure down into her core, adding even more juices to those all ready flowing out of her.

A small part of her mind couldn’t help but think this had been a night and morning of many firsts and she was now about to experience another. She was about to be fucked for the first time and lose her virginity.

Something she didn’t think she’d do until she was married and certainly not to the person she was going to.

Then all thought was driven from her mind as she felt the person behind her thrust forward, breaking through that little piece of flesh that had signified her purity and her eyes widened in surprise/shock.

It hurt more than she expected, but then the pain began to subside as the hard member was worked deeper inside of her until she felt the hips of the person fucking her come to rest against her ass.

“Fuck Lisa,” she cried out as her lover began to slowly thrust in and out, giving her such exquisite pleasure, she found it hard to comprehend.

“Jeez Jules, you are so fucking tight,” her girlfriend and new lover, Lisa said softly as she pistoned in and out of Julie’s cunt.

“Uh,” the young redhead grunted, too overcome by what she was feeling to say anything articulate.

Lisa began to speed up slightly as she felt her ‘victim’ begin to loosen up and accept the large dildo she was wearing.

“Oh fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck . . .” Julie cried softly, with each thrust into her.

“I told you you’d enjoy this,” Lisa remarked smugly, “And it’s only going to get better.”

The young redhead was already experiencing the most intense pleasure she’d ever experienced. Coming from a rather strict family, she’d only attempted to masturbate a few times and because she’d been afraid of being overheard or caught, she had never managed to make herself have an orgasm.

She could feel her vaginal muscles throbbing and pulsing, driving a growing pressure deep inside of her that was making her frantic with desire.

She grunted out in surprise when Lisa slapped her once again.

“God I love your ass,” the young blonde sighed, watching Julie’s ass turn an even deeper pink.

Grinning devilishly, she reached down and coated her fingers with Julie’s sweet, hot, slippery nectar and began to run them around the tight little rosebud she saw staring up at her.

“Lisssssaaaa,” Julie hissed as she felt a thrill run through her as her lover touched her where no one had ever done before. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, adding to the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

Lisa wasn’t done and with her grin growing, she pressed her index finger into the tight little rear opening.

“Ahhhh, Fuck, Fuck,” Julie screamed as she felt her rear orifice being invaded for the very first time.

The fire and pressure inside her grew exponentially and she thought she was going to pass out from the intensity of it all.

Feeling the redhead’s frantic motions, Lisa began to pound into her lover’s pussy as hard as she could, matching each thrust with the movement of her finger in her ass.

With each thrust she was receiving, Julie could feel her breasts and nipples rubbing forcefully against the fabric of the couch, adding to the fantastic feelings that were racing through her body.

“Oh . . . https://www.escorthun.com oh . . . OH . . . Ahhhhhhhh!” Julie screamed as her orgasm tore through her, sending her to heights she hadn’t dreamed possible let alone experienced in her nineteen years.

A kaleidoscope of colors exploded behind her tightly closed eyes and her lower body collapsed as her legs straightened, the muscles in them spasming, forcing the artificial cock in her pussy to slip out, leaving it feeling suddenly empty.

Only the finger in her ass kept adding to the unbelievable pleasure she was feeling.

Lisa slowly withdrew her finger and she looked down on her lover’s sweaty, quivering body with a smug smile. Happy birthday,” she breathed lowly.

“Umm,” Julie replied, too overcome for the moment to speak, the echoes of her orgasm still ricocheting around inside of her.

Lisa began to tenderly rub her hand over Julie’s ass and back, taking great satisfaction that she had been able to give the redhead such a wonderful orgasm.

It wasn’t until she reached down to remove her strap on that she noticed the traces of blood on the dildo that she realized she’d just taken her friend’s virginity.

She stood there stunned for a moment but then a smile crept onto her face. She knew she’d given Julie the best possible experience at losing her virginity, knowing that none of the guys their age would have been able to come anywhere close in pleasuring the redhead as she’d been able to do.

Slipping her harness off she went and untied the ropes that bound the redhead’s hands and arms. Once she had that accomplished, she returned to the front of the couch, sat down and drew Julie’s limp body into hers.

She removed the blindfold and gave her lover a tender gentle kiss and she smiled when she felt herself being kissed in return.

Julie’s eyes fluttered open and she sighed contentedly. She couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt in the afterglow of the experience she had just under gone.

She glanced up into Lisa’s eyes, and sighed deeply at the look of love she was receiving. She let her eyes drift shut once again, snuggling her head into the blonde’s chest, pillowed between her luscious breasts and let her thoughts drift back to the previous evening.

She arrived at Lisa Turner’s house, her best friend, for her birthday party. She was exceedingly excited because she was going to be spending the night, something her parent’s hadn’t allowed since she was thirteen and it was only because Lisa had sworn to them that there would only be other girls attending.

She had looked at Lisa in surprise when she entered the family room and saw several guys among the people there.

Lisa had just shrugged, explaining, “Several of the girls invited their boyfriends, but don’t worry, they’re not staying that late.”

Julie had relaxed, figuring what her parents didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

She had made the rounds, accepting hugs, kisses on the cheek and “Happy Birthdays, from all her girl friends and just verbal greetings from their boyfriends.

Lisa had thrust a glass of punch into her hand. She thought it tasted a little strange but shrugged it off, though different she found she liked the punch and drank it down quickly.

Lisa had refilled it immediately with a big smile and if her eyes had a brightness to them, she figured it was because they were having such a great time.

There was music playing and since all the guys were with their girlfriends, she didn’t find anything wrong with dancing with the girls and so what if it seemed that Lisa was her dance partner most often, they were best friends after all.

She didn’t think anything of it when she started to feel a bit giddy, she was having so much fun. It wasn’t until much later when she began to feel a little dizzy that she realized there must be ‘something’ in the punch.

When she asked Lisa about it, her friend had rolled her eyes, say “You’re freaking nineteen Jules, it’s about time you let loose a little.”

She found herself giggling, realizing her best friend was right, and besides, her parents would never know. Lisa’s parents were out for the evening and none of her friends would tattle.

She smiled at Lisa and accepted another glass of punch and let herself be led back out for another dance.

It barely registered that the dance was a slow one and that Lisa seemed to be holding her rather close. She just sighed and thought it felt really wonderful the way the blonde’s body snuggled close into hers and she found herself a little disappointed when the dance came to an end.

The next thing she knew she was sitting on the couch and she realized that everyone had left, well except for Lisa, who had just returned from seeing the last of the others out the door.

Lisa had come in and sat down close to her and began playing with her hair. Julie found she liked it and smiled at her friend.

The next thing she knew Lisa’s hand had trailed down onto her cheek in a tender caress and she found herself staring into her beautiful blue-gray eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” Lisa whispered right before she leaned in and began kissing her.

Part of her foggy brain had protested that she was kissing a girl, but it was Lisa, her best friend and it felt so wonderful. She sighed and as her lips parted the blonde’s tongue took the opportunity and gently entered her mouth.

The normal kiss had felt wonderful but the open mouth, with tongue, kiss was a hundred, maybe even a thousand times better and she heard herself moan lowly.

Julie found herself feeling things she’d never felt before. Her breasts and nipples ached and she felt a heat down between her legs, something so foreign to her.

That little part of her brain tried protesting again but it was drowned out when Lisa’s hand drifted down and began to massage the side of her breast and her kisses became more insistent.

Lisa’s mouth left hers, trailing kisses down along her jaw and onto her neck, causing her to turn her head to grant her easier access and she moaned louder, loving what she was feeling.

Julie found herself confused when Lisa whispered into her ear, “It’s time for me to give you your birthday present.”

She was pretty sure her best friend had already given her a gift when she had opened the others, but feeling her hot breath on her ear, followed by her tongue running around it and a gentle nip of her earlobe made her forget all about that.

It wasn’t until she felt the cool air on her chest that she realized Lisa had unbuttoned her blouse. Her brain was trying to figure out whether she should protest or not but then Lisa unclasped the front closure of her bra, exposing her breasts and then capturing one of her nipples with her mouth, that she found herself lost in what she was experiencing.

“Oh Lisa, that feels so good,” she murmured in appreciation.

She sighed and moaned as she began to stroke her one hand down through Lisa’s long blonde hair, loving what her friend was doing to her.

Her moans deepened as she arched her back, thrusting her breast forward into Lisa’s hot mouth as the blonde switched breasts and captured the nipple she had just left with her fingers, rolling the hard nub between them, adding to the wonderful sensations.

Julie leaned forward when she felt Lisa’s other hand begin to tug at her blouse, helping as best she could to get it off.

As much as she was enjoying what Lisa was doing to her breasts, she realized that the heat between her legs was increasing and she could feel a dampness there that she had never experienced before. On top of that she felt her pussy aching and throbbing begging for some attention of its own.

Then as if Lisa had read her mind, she whispered “Patience, my love.”

Julie felt a shiver run through her as she heard Lisa refer to her as her love and she found herself reveling in the thought.

She gasped as the blonde began to kiss her way down onto her abdomen and she felt herself becoming even wetter than before.

She eagerly lifted her hips and buttocks when she felt Lisa tug at her skirt, wanting to get it off as quickly as possible.

She moaned deeply when she felt her panties slide off her along with her skirt as the cool air hit her wet pussy, further inflaming her desire.

She gasped again when she felt Lisa run her fingers through her fiery pubic hair, though she was slightly confused when she heard her murmur, “We’ll have to do something about this.”

That thought flew from her mind as Lisa’s fingers gently rubbed along the outside lips of her slit, making her groan, wanting her to touch her where her pussy was aching and throbbing.

But the young blonde seemed in no hurry and just continued to run her fingers around the outside of her outer lips, driving her crazy and making her wetter and wetter.

“Please . . .” she heard herself beg lowly. She had never felt like she did at the moment but she didn’t care. All she wanted was relief from the deep aching want deep inside of her.

Lisa smiled and began to run her fingers inside of Julies outer labia. It felt wonderful as she fulfilled one of her fantasies.

She gathered some of the slick fluid and spread it up through her slit and around the little nub she found just beginning to peak out of its hood.

Her smile grew when she felt Julie arch her pelvis into her touch as she moaned deeply.

Keeping her finger where it was, she slipped down between the redhead’s legs and after taking a good look at the way her pussy was opening, she couldn’t help but be satisfied with the way things were going.

She found herself staring at Julies slit. The outer labia were now fully engorged as were the inner labia, opening up her slit, exposing the bright pink entrance of her vagina. To her it looked like some exotic flower in bloom, covered with a glisten nectar.

Eager to continue her seduction of her best friend, she lowered her mouth, covering as much of her sex as she could. She moaned almost as much as Julie did, loving the sweet, tangy taste. She began lapping up as much of the sweet nectar as she could, swallowing it as soon as she had a mouthful.

She moaned again, enjoying the way the slick fluid coated the inside of her mouth and tongue. It surpassed anything she had dreamed of and she redoubled her efforts to gather more.

Julie was beyond comprehension, the feeling of Lisa’s mouth on her pussy and her finger playing with her clit was overwhelming her senses.

She felt the pressure building inside of her and she thought she’d die if it wasn’t released soon.

She grabbed her own breasts, pinching the nipples hard, adding to what she was feeling.

Lisa kept up her assault on Julies genitals, licking, sucking and nibbling her labia and the entrance to her pussy, all while keeping her fingers busy on her now engorged clitoris.

She felt the redhead’s muscles begin to tremble and tense, letting her know that Julie was close to cumming.

She lifted her head for a moment and she looked up at Julie’s face that contorted as she neared her release. “Cum for me, Jules,” she breathed huskily before she dove back down and began to lick and suck harder than ever.

As Lisa’s mouth returned to her pussy and she had heard her tell her to cum, that’s all it took to set off Julie’s orgasm.

She felt the ball of pressure deep down in her lower abdomen burst, spreading hot, electrical sensations racing through every part of her body.

“LISAAAAAAA!” she screamed as the ecstasy she was feeling overwhelmed her senses.

Lisa’s head was thrown back as Julie’s back arched, thrusting her hips up hard, lifting her buttocks clear of the couch. She hung there for several long moments as she shuddered and quivered as her orgasm hit her.

Then with a explosive exhale, she collapsed back, her limbs quivering as she came down off the pinnacle of her orgasm.

Lisa quickly climbed up and took her lover in her arms, gently caressing and kissing her.

Slowly Julie’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at her friend. “That was awesome,” she breathed out huskily, barely able to speak as she tried to recover her breath.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Lisa whispered in reply, a smug smile on her face.

She held and comforted Julie until she had recovered and wasn’t breathing so hard any more.

“Come on,” Lisa said as she rose, pulling Julie up after her.

“Where are we going?” Julie asked in confusion.

“To take a shower and then to bed,” the blonde replied with an indulgent smile.

“Oh, okay,” Julie replied, happy to let Lisa take the lead. She still felt a little light headed and she wasn’t sure if it was because of the punch she had drank or if it was from the experience she had just had.

Julie was relaxing in the shower, with Lisa pampering her by washing her body and shampooing her hair when she looked at Lisa in a near panic. “When are your parents due home?”

“Don’t worry, they’re actually away for the weekend,” the blonde reassured her.

“Umm, thank goodness,” Julie sighed as she relaxed once more, causing Lisa to giggle.

After taking care of Julie, Lisa quickly washed herself and shampooed her hair. Shutting off the water, she helped the redhead out of the tub/shower and dried her off.

Julie was surprised when Lisa folded the towel and placed it on the counter next to the sink, patting it, saying “Hop up here.”

Though confused, Julie did as she was told. She looked on in wonder as Lisa opened a drawer and took out a pair of small scissors, a razor and a can of shaving cream.

“What’s that for?” she asked naively.

Lisa just smiled as she made Julie lift her legs and place her feet on the counter.

Julie blushed as she felt very exposed, her legs splayed, leaving herself open to Lisa’s inspection.

Lisa ran her fingers through Julie’s pubic hair. “I said we were going to do something about this,” she replied smugly.

Before she could protest, Lisa had grabbed the scissors and began to trim her pubic hair, cutting it short except for a small tuft on her mons.

Though shocked, Julie found herself smiling and enjoying Lisa’s gentle touch. She watched with a little trepidation as the blonde spread the shaving cream and grabbed the razor.

Lisa felt Julie tense. “Just relax, I’m not going to hurt you,” she murmured reassuringly.

Julie watched in awe as Lisa deftly remove all traces of her hair except for the small tuft, even doing down and around to her tight little rosebud.

She shivered as Lisa wiped away the last traces of the shaving cream, not believing how more sensitive she felt.

She moaned softly when Lisa applied a small amount of moisturizing lotion and she blushed when she saw the way the blonde smiled at her.

Without a word, Lisa held out her hand and helped Julie down and led her into the bedroom.

Before she knew it, they were in bed and she snuggled into Lisa’s side, sighing contentedly she drifted off to sleep.

When Julie woke up it was because she felt someone massaging her breast. She couldn’t help but moan, it just felt so wonderful.

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